A Letter To My Future Bae


In honor of cuffing season, I wrote a letter to my future bae. Only the Almighty knows who that soul may be, but instead of bitching about how single I am, I decided to write a personal letter and hopefully speak their ass into existence. I wish I could order my dream partner as easy as I order take out, but unfortunately the world doesn't work like that. Here goes nothing... To My Future Bae,

     I am done entertaining people that I know are not you.  I don't believe in love at first sight, because our souls have known each other for a while now. Our love at first sight is actually just our souls seeing each other again, and remembering that feeling that we had originally fallen in love with since the beginning of time. I can't wait until we reconnect so that I can feel that feeling once again.'


      Future Bae, where yo ass at? I'm forreal. I know I'm only 21, and I have plenty of years ahead of me. But really where are you? I've been waiting patiently for you for years now. I get that I'm only in the first year of my 20s, but I feel like my soul is old as hell. I feel like I've been waiting an eternity to settle down and have a genuine, long-term relationship with somebody. My last relationship was a few years ago. It was abusive in every way. I was a student in the lesson of love and learned a lot about the woman I am. Since that relationship, I have had my guard up for nearly every single person I have met. I am closed off and once anyone shows me that they care even a little bit, I shut them out. I never let anyone get close to me. It was fear that was blocking my heart. I was scared of having feelings for someone because it meant that there would be a possibility of being heartbroken again.
        I have been working on my spirit and I now understand that I am strong enough to give power to any situation, whether it is a  negative or positive experience. I understand that every situation I go through is necessary. I have taken the responsibility on recovering from my past and using it as the foundation for my future. It has taught me a lot about what I did want out of a partner, and I know that I want you. I promise I love you already, and nothing you do is going to change that. I have unconditional love for you that is enough to last this lifetime and many lifetimes after. I would just like to finally be with you. Why haven't we attracted our relationship? Or have we? Cut the crap, okay? I've been waiting for you. You know I'm demanding.
     There's a few things I feel that I should warn you about; I am always doing the most and it's only right to give you a fair warning. First, let me just get this out the way by saying that I would love if you could cook, because I honestly hate cooking. I'm a healthy eater (for the most part) and a vegetarian soon becoming a vegan. I'm sorry, but I will not be making you any cheese eggs or anything that I myself wouldn't eat. If you're into meat, it's better off that you do the cooking. Hopefully you're as food conscious as I wish and you understand dietary issues such as GMOs, fluoride, factory farming, and artificial sugars; all things that will hurt us in the long run. I want you on this earth as long as I can have you. I try to live a healthy lifestyle as much as I can, and if you're willing to join me in my workouts I am willing to help in the kitchen from time to time.
     Secondly, I hope you will be as open minded as I am, and we can experiment and try new things together. I want to go on trips with you, and I'm not talking about a vacation. We can go on those too, preferably somewhere on a beach. I love to travel and explore the unknown. I like being spending time in nature, especially anywhere with a view of the sky.
     Being a Capricorn woman, I am naturally aggressive. I set goals for myself and do whatever it takes to reach them. When I want something, I get it. Since my personality is so aggressive I want my partner to be just as if not more. I want you to show me with your actions how you feel about me. Please do not do the least amount of effort and expect me to be satisfied. It's not even that hard. I'm not asking you to shower me with presents or spend all of your money on me, but just make the effort to really want to get to know me. If our grandparents made it without the one thousand ways of communication like tweets, texts, snaps, status updates, FaceTime, etc. , it's not going to hurt you to try talking to me on a daily basis. Call me instead of texting (do people still do that in 2015? I hope you do Future Bae), get to know who I truly am, pay attention to the little things, and remind me how much you care. I promise the love I have for you will be reciprocated ten-fold.
     Third, I'm the definition of a sophisticated ratchet.
I like expensive champagne and listen to Frank Sinatra & Louis Armstrong. I can be the most elegant one in the room with stilettos and red lipstick, while knowing every single lyric to Young Dolph's latest mixtape. My style is classy and sexy, and I love wearing heels. You will love the sexy side of me and I look forward to pleasing you with my wardrobe. I like my balance of being glamorous and a lil ratchet at times. The other side of me wears her hair wrapped up and dresses like a tomboy. She's a chill ass woman. She meditates, vibes to SZA & Erkyah Badu, collects crystals, writes, and studies spirituality. If you can handle me at my hippie chic, you deserve me at my diva.
       Fourth, I look forward to all of our conversations about the universe, aliens, dimensions, the Galaxy, God, Gucci Mane, Future's new album, pretty women, art, culture, our struggles, our goals, and our lives together. I can't wait to learn from you and teach you a few things myself. I need you to understand my perspective on things or at least listen to my perspective. I've come across a lot of relationships that don't respect my perspective and would rather demean my vision rather than embrace it. I need to be supported just as much as I am going to support you.
     In the meantime, I want you to know that I'm working on becoming the best version of myself. I understand that I am whole without you, but you will compliment the woman I am in every way. At the moment I've been working diligently on my career. I've got to admit, that it does get lonely. Cuddling with checks instead of cuddling with you is just not the same. I am not one of those emotionless people where money makes them happier than relationships. I am not a "money over hoes" type of person. And money will never sexually satisfy me the way you will. I have a lot of emotions - sexually, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I want to have it all: the career of my dreams with the partner of my dreams living the life of OUR dreams. Every human being deserves the life that they want. 
     I understand if you're still working on you. I don't expect you to be perfect and I accept you for every "flaw" you consider you have. I am here to build and develop with you. Please give me the benefit of the doubt. I am going to make mistakes.  I will never judge you for anything. You know I am not like that. I am one of the most carefree and open minded people. I'm too much of a human being to judge you for anything that you consider a flaw.
     For now, I will embrace the single, young woman I am, until you get here. I can't wait to hear all of your hobbies and interests like what your favorite shows are, where your favorite place to eat is, who inspires you, and your darkest secrets. I always have you in mind and when our souls are ready for each other I know that we're going to have the most satisfying relationship in the world.  I love you and I hope I see you soon.
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