Coming From America


Photo Source: InspireAdventure What does being “fearless” mean to me? It means truth. It means will power. It means that I refuse to let any perception stop me from my journey.

In the current context of my life, being fearless means leaving everything and everyone I knew back home in NYC to come and pursue higher education in Europe. I understood that I would face some obstacles, but I was more than willing to face them if it meant fulfillment. Remember that movie, Coming to America? Well I imagine that’s sort of what Eddy Murphy’s character was getting at when he was so eager to leave home and experience life abroad…


In light of the fact that Coming to America is such a hilarious classic film that takes place in my own hometown and touches on some of the basic cultural boundaries foreigners experience, I’ve taken my own spin on it and created the #ComingFromAmerica series to highlight my journey and personal commitment to living life fearlessly.

Like anything that is worth it, being fearless sounds way easier in theory. It takes hard work, lots of courage, and constant comfort with being uncomfortable. In sharing my experiences of being an American abroad with #ComingFromAmerica, I want to inspire you to never settle, while making you think, laugh, and maybe even start that new thing you’ve been putting off for far too long. Join me in Europe for two years, as I attempt to live “life.. real life.. that thing that we have been denied for way too long".

Every Wednesday, starting next week, you can all come on over to and tune into #ComingFromAmerica for some great original content about self discovery, cultural nuances, and the practicalities of being me, abroad.

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