October Tarotscopes Revealed

 October’s Theme: 5 of Pentacles + Page of Wands

The 5 of Pentacles indicates a resort to self, the need to get back into your body and heal. This month is all about recovery and resonance with your higher self. The focus is on zoning in on things that speak and connect with your spirit. This card can communicate a need to recover from the past month and build up on your energy and intimate time spent alone so that you can learn about your self as an energetic being, all over again. The pace is immensely slower compared to last month’s emotional impacts. This time allows you space to meditate on what has transpired. You want to learn about the taste September left in your mouth. This may be a time when you realize the importance of self-care in some form of another; either illness is heightened around you or you receive the inspiration to cut unnecessary dietary and mental habits from your life. The 5 of Pentacles suggests that we gather our resources this months, items and ideas that promote spiritual growth and connection. There may be a new hobby or a commitment that you choose to implement this month that will radically transform your perspectives. Be open to any healing modality that can assist you in becoming whole again and more restful. The Page of Wands delivers an anxious, passionate and eager energy, a bolt of vitality that we may not be able to control or have finally tuned into. We gain immense clarity this month regarding the next direction of our lives, or a particular step that you know you need to embark on. The Page of Wands is a seeker of sorts, and the idea is to map your dreams out like a quest that can be followed. This energy shows me much planning and consideration for your next season or stage in life; you are looking before you leap and acting more strategically and analytically but inspired by your flow of things. There’s a balance to distinguish in October, regarding our well being and work ethics. Strengthen boundaries and commit to the all of you.

Virgo II 8 of Cups + The Magician + 3 of Pentacles

Serene Virgo woman zodiac sign with flower headband

The 8 of Cups almost always illustrates a need to separate yourself from energy(s) that no longer serve your highest good. It shows that energetically you are awakening from illusion and as a result, what is not real is being stripped from your life or you make the conscious decision to detach from that. This road can feel lonesome, frightening and confusing, as many times, one may not know where there are going or how they are to survive when they get there. The focus is on taking the leap of faith and detaching themselves from anything immediately holding them back, hence the red cape on the individual in the card. You are feeling independent, accountable and perhaps crazy for sticking to your gut antics and pursuing an independent route. You will know what you are looking for when you find it. For the time being, focus on your personal frequency instead of immersing yourself with others. The Magician is an extremely powerful card, especially at a time such as now. It communicates the ability to transform our imaginations into reality and truly committing to any thing that lends to that cause. It highlights our power this month to advance through obstacles or any major projects that we’ve been waiting to manifest. There’s a mystic quality to the individual who posses this card, as if their senses were radically activated and perceptive to new experiences that are inexplicable. Receptivity to signs and strange meanings make themselves known to you, but you have the ability to navigate throughout anything placed in your path this month. Utilize this powerful energy to take advantage on your visions. The 3 of Pentacles affirms the work ahead of you, this card communicates the need to huddle and harvest some plans with a group of people. It could indicate you preparing for a release of a project, re-negotiating plans, or signing a new contract. This energy solidifies the future for you in some way, enabling you to feel as if October is a success.

Taurus II 3 of Swords + Ace of Wands + Knight of Wands

taurusThe 3 of Swords reveals a sense of separation from self, perhaps you are experiencing extreme exhaustion and you are depleted from what the prior month has caused. This card inspires you to take proactive measures with your health and mental health as well. It shows that you are more inclined to look for things that can help support your growth and spirit and are more in alignment with your wellbeing. The 3 of Swords can indicate some sadness or sorrow from a grieving period. Change has caused many things to be washed from our lives, like dead leaves in a tree, it is normal to grieve or experience a loss for what was. It’s important to know that you are recovering and healing immensely and may have awakened to some illusions you’ve once held in your mind. The influence of this card leaves you to rely on yourself more than ever and to trust your own instincts and opinions above anyone else. It demonstrates as sense of resilience and warrior spirit that you maintain during the first weeks of October. The Ace of Wands is the motivation you need to kick-start your ideas into action. It seems as if you are awakened from theses past experience that have once drained you and you are ready to move forward with your life. The universe will be presenting  you with many new opportunities that promote advancement (potential promotions, physical growth, more income & passion), you are more awakened to your personal energy and may be feeling very vital and unstoppable. Your enthusiasm for your goals is infectious and you may end up grabbing some leadership positions or a role to play out amongst others. Look into areas that help you develop your vocal expression and communication - you thrive at connecting with others this month. The Knight of Wands presents much clarity in October and a potential move. Either you are moving up the ladders in life, or you may be embarking in much travel that leads to self-exploration and new experiences. I see much interaction around you this month, and you may find yourself in the most opportune and fortunate positions. Everything is in alignment for you now, allow yourself to be carried by the momentum life presents.

Sagittarius II The Devil + 9 of Cups + 4 of Pentacles

487707457The Devil can embody an obstacle that continues to rear its head once we assume that all is taken care of. This is a valuable lesson that you can receive much insight on. Symbolizing temptation and a potential wrong-turn, we are to encounter the devil within ourselves when we have deviated from our natural healing abilities, behavior and expansion. Check to see where expansion and growth is stunted in you this month. October can bring up important realizations that you will need to explore and clear out before entering your next phase in life. The Devil can appear frightening if you give it more power than it deserves. It is important to note that energy is energy in any form, and it’s presence is to shine the light on something you’ve been keeping to yourself or have not found clarity/closure on. Expect October to close the chapter on what’s been holding you back. The 9 of Cups is resonance with your happiness, joy and higher self. It shows satisfaction with many outcomes and a feeling of love and belongingness. This card illustrates a strong connection to yourself and radiant health & vitality. You have shifted immensely from an old way of living, and possibly perceiving the world. There is a strong connection to your friends and family, more than ever before and a strengthening in other relationships as well. Emotionally, you feel more capable of understanding where they stem from and what they are attempting to communicate to you. You can expect many blessings and unexpected surprises to stem from this month, as it holds a special magical quality to you. The 4 of Pentacles shows me that you are making a serious investment, wanting to either save up a large sum of money or perhaps this is symbolic of your energy. You can very much well gain clarity over how you have been spending and investing your energy, making you super aware of your habits and actions on a daily basis. Perhaps it is a good time to scale back on any harmful or taxing activities and beliefs and start healing yourself on a deeper level. You must direct your spirit back into balance this month, but by spending more intimate time with yourself and getting to recognize exactly what YOU need - this won’t be a difficult task at all.

Libra II 6 of Wands + King of Swords + The Tower

487707453An immense release of stress is to be expected this month, you kick into leadership gear with the focus being on how to reach the finish line, yourself. Your main priority and expectation this time is to direct yourself further toward success with no excuses made. You are extremely clear of the path you must take; which toes to step on and which ones you should avoid. Doing things with perfect timing is of utmost importance to you and it is now that you realize the value between strategic planning and execution. The 6 of Wands is a considerable amount of determination, focus and confidence that you exude this month. You will need to tend to many details but perceive this as fun work because ultimately you are directed to shift reality as you see fit. The King of Swords gives me the sense that you have a stronger faith in your purpose and much clarity has presented itself in terms of where you are heading in life. The element of this card may bring the need to strengthen your relationships with males, particularly those that challenge your authority or that you sense present a threat. It’s a month for analyzing our masculine associations and behaviors that we embody in our selves. October is a great time to release tension, strengthen boundaries and gain understanding of how the individuals in our lives add on to our personal story. The King of Swords embodies integrity and sharp truth, he analyzes and mentally observes the transactions between his energy and the external world, considering what he can gain from every interaction. It’s as if you begin to learn how to make life work for you, instead of resisting or exerting much effort. October may present the need to sign a document representing a new commitment, contract, agreement or sorts, it could very well be a month where you establish new goals and agreements with your self. This card recommends that you purge yourself from anything you must say or express - it is a time of complete honesty, in doing so you will feel incredibly lighter. The Tower urges us to assure our foundations: Who are you? Where do your beliefs and faith lie? You may be tested and with that, your personal philosophy and nature will be exposed for you to accept or question. Ensuring that you stay truthful to yourself and your actions follow suit, the Tower very well could be avoided or minimized in impact.

Scorpio II The Magician + 7 of Wands + The Hermit 

487707455The Magician channels up the ability to focus on a singular project that has your dedication and heart. It’s as if you are coming on to yourself and beginning to awaken your powers and talents. The Magician is ruled by the Solar Chakra, it would be excellent to exercise this area to enforce your will power and internal guidance system. The Magician shows that you have internalized many lessons from the past couple of months and are re-emerging as a more awakened and self-actualized individual. A natural leader, you lead by example this month, truly focusing on your betterment and your creations. It may be a time when you will want to embark on more independent pursuits in order to discover how to elevate your potential. This month signifies an important birth, awakening or spark inside of you that you should utilize to your advantage. The 7 of Wands shows resistance and the need to back away from a situation. You may feel attacked or oppressed in some areas of your life, perhaps even fighting sadness & other lower vibes. This could be a result of too much momentum within the past week and not enough reflection or consideration as to how you are projecting your own energy and reserving it as well. This card can also manifest as the feeling of being overwhelmed, if this is the case, strengthen boundaries, get comfortable with saying “no.” It’s important to listen to all sides to a story, this month. Listening is a key preventative toward any misunderstandings or frustrations. When communicating to others, listen to how you feel, listen to how they project, listen to what is actually being exchanged. The Hermit communicates the need to be a bit reclusive, to reconnect with your own energy and meditate on some topics of concern for you. The Hermit carries many deep spiritual revelations, this month can inspire you to do some research of your own regarding different topics of interest that provide wisdom to your soul. I do see the need to write consistently, or jot new ideas down. I would not consider this a melancholy time for yourself, but more of a period where you channel many ideas, make peace with the past and discover depth in side of your self.

Gemini II The World + Queen of Wands + The Star

487707445The World can describe feeling excited at your capability of tackling on different tasks and essentially carving your own direction. You are convinced that you can create anything for yourself and are feeling particularly on course and focused. The World presents a myriad of opportunities for you to follow, many of which will rise up unexpectedly in your life. It is a good time to reflect on what you to hope to ultimately gain or experience, clarity on this will make it easier for you to choose what is best for you. The World is also the realization that you can assume man roles fairly easily, however, you are managing the responsibilities and your priority is self-balance. You are working on giving yourself fairly to those around you but most importantly, yourself. The Queen of Wands describes an excellent time for you during October, you may find yourself feeling very passionate, easily influenced, sensual and with much vitality. It seems where as many other signs are resting and resorting back to themselves, you are shining with playful and invigorating energy. You are pretty influential this month amongst peers and new friends, and this spark of energy is supporting the momentum of your growth. There is much confidence and trust in yourself, you should be having no doubts about your intentions or what you are naturally attracted to. The Star shows that you are extremely dedicated in the pursuit of a dream, the revelation of the Star is that this dream is not too far from actualizing. The Star requires immense balance, focus and faith in self, and your actions have been following suit. This could be an auspicious time where everything lines up for you and you begin receiving more opportunistic moments to take action on. There is a strong connection with your own intuition and learning what personal signs & symbols mean to you. You are beginning to learn the language of the Stars which inspire you to aim higher and pursue a higher knowledge in interests that expand you. Explore your identity and “limits” this month and discover what can happen with the new energy you’ve become.

Leo II 8 of Cups + 6 of Cups + 5 of Cups

Leo woman zodiac sign with tiara and fur mane hair

October is heavily emotional for you; you are navigating new seas and a way of perceiving the world that is different. The 8 of Cups can present a realization that inspires us to leave in pursuit of something that is better fitting for us. This card symbolizes the act of letting go, which is more an art of self-love and care. The Cups carry water, embodying our emotional bodies and the attachment that we often have to the past. Your pride, however, will not allow you to linger on something that you know is not of your level, or resonating well with you. The red cape of independence indicates that this detachment, is your decision to side on empowerment. There are many changes that you have already begun implementing in your life, this is one that has taken its time to execute but you are ready in making this move, in fact, expect to feel much more relieved and lighter as a result. The 6 of Cups shows me that someone from your past may potentially enter your life again. If this is a possibility, then allow this visit to be of peace and closure. There is a mutual attraction that both parties experience, but a calmness and a sense of reciprocated respect from this interaction. A healing transpires from this visit and you feel better about your course of actions in the past. There is also a need for you to be more receptive to warm gestures and love. Increase your love intake this October, in order to be ready to receive larger amount in the future. The 5 of Cups is the temptation to still remain lingering in the past and what could have been. What is not realized, is how close you are to the finish line. Placing all of your focus on things you no longer have control, or emotions that weigh you down, will only stunt your growth. This month is dedicated towards spiritual progress and deeper understandings of your emotional body and reactions. You are more in tune with your behaviors and what it means when you feel a particular way. This is your alignment with your higher self and at times, the reality that we are presented with will be a difficult one to swallow. Your connection is developing stronger and i feel as if you are relying on yourself more than ever. Trust that you can navigate yourself successfully at this time and do not place much emphasis on your emotions. Allow them to float on by and release themselves from you.

Cancer II Knight of Pentacles + King of Cups + The Hierophant

cancerThe Knight of Pentacles heightens your motivation to go above and beyond this month. October will test you to see if you are sticking to your plans and goals and accomplishing all that you’ve set out to accomplish. It shows a steady pursuit and consistency in gaining financial income and perhaps alternative ways to make extra cash. You will find yourself to be more stable than you have in months and with a regulated flow. You are quite aware of what works and what doesn’t and are very strict on yourself with establishing the right amount of balance for yourself. This dedication you contain for wanting to better yourself and growth on profound levels is manifesting many blessings in your life. You may note that things become much more smooth and manageable for you and in many ways your perspective has shifted on how to handle your work more efficiently. The Knight of Pentacles is dedicated to establishing a good foundation for his future and wants to ensure that he is putting in the adequate amount of effort to show for it. You are on the right path and will be very focused this month. The King of Cups illustrates a considerable amount of emotional maturity, as if you have gained an extended and comprehensive understanding over particular situations that once have caused you to struggle. The ability to articulate and address emotional concerns that you once may have stumbled over, is a testament to the healing powers of time. This card can also introduce the influence of a new lover into your life or an enhanced love life that supports you on all levels. Whatever you are experiencing, you do not have to go through it alone. In fact, consulting this sensitive yet perceptive individual can help bring you back into a centered state of mind. It is important to note that you are not the only one having these experiences. The empathic ability that you have naturally will increase for you this month, possibly lending itself to some new psychic experiences. Coupled with the Hierophant, i am gaining the sense that you have great healing powers but are in the process of discovering them or developing them as you go along. Many of your talents and skills will be revealed to you this month as long as you don’t grip on to any expectations or hold rigid attachments towards the direction of your life.

Aquarius II The Lovers + 8 of Cups + 3 of Swords

Aquarius woman zodiac sign with flowers in hair pouring water

The Lovers is a powerful card symbolizing the feelings of harmony, unity, cooperation and pleasurable growth. It seems as if you are learning how to cultivate your own sensuality and sexuality for better results, or you may have an inexplicable interest in surrounding yourself with love vibrations or perhaps wanting to commit to that energy for some time. The Lovers usually denotes a great amount of inner peace and satisfaction with self and the energy does feel playful this month. You could very much be exploring the field, wanting to gain new experiences and just see what’s in store for you. It’s interesting that this is coupled with the 8 of Cups because it does note the need to separate yourself from a harmful or toxic situation, in which you’ve been giving your energy to. The 8 of Cups illustrates independence and righteousness - a rude awakening, perhaps that which you have sought out for, was not such a good fit after all. It is important to note note to be distracted by your inhibitions and weaknesses at this time, this carries a daydream/lucid energetic effect to it and you could be inspired to avoid your problems all together and indulge in toxic habits. Do you know who you are? I get the sense that you have been integrating your energy with many other individuals whom have influenced you in different ways that it can be confusing trying to find your own route. October will be a month of detoxing from that which you don’t need. A chapter is to close so that you can full begin the new year feeling powerfully charged and free from hang ups. A routine is to be changed so that you to can begin to discover the hidden & spontaneous parts of you that are to be a major part of your personality and characteristic next year. Much of the personal work and creative endeavors you focus on this month is in preparation for an afterlife, the beginning of a new way of living that is radically different from that which you have been experiencing. You are accustomed to these rocky roads at this point and the work ahead of you is clear to see. The 3 of Swords speaks of your personal journey in mending these loose fragments in your life that may still haunt you. You are repairing the body, mind and soul and are beginning to acknowledge yourself more as an energetic entity than a physical one. Therefore, you gain much pleasure in pushing your limits and doing things that once you would have held back on. Your dreams are plenty and your soul is eager to tackle them all but know that self-care and recovery are on the first of the to-do list before speeding up ahead.

Pisces II 9 of Cups + 7 of Wands + 5 of Swords 

piscesWe have quite the month for you. Overall you feel ecstatic and relieved at the completion of a major task or transition. Even if you do not know what this is on a logical level, you can feel it energetically, as if you have passed an exam or entered an invisible portal. You have accessed a way of being that makes life much more manageable for you and your emotions are fulfilled and grounded in excitement and happiness. It seems as if you are anticipating some interesting things to happen ahead, and from the 9 of Cups, I can pick up that there will be spontaneous elements entering your life or surprises being dropped off to you that can change your course for the better. The 7 of Wands shows me a bit of difficulty relaxing or being able to be receptive to the things that you do want. Perhaps you feel slightly pessimistic at the reality of needing to compromise on some level, although, this is not entirely false, your need to budge will actually be for your advantage. It is advised not to allow your ego to blow up or get yourself carried away emotionally - in other words, if there is someone provoking you to react in a way that is not organic to your being, do not allow yourself to be influenced by their vibes. Many of the things that you are pressing against, seem to be gathering momentum and strength, perhaps you would benefit from allowing them to transpire and standing back to observe what happens. The 5 of Swords gives me the inclination to believe that you are keeping a lot of your opinions and beliefs to yourself, as if you don’t trust many people with that information. This could also manifest as a detachment from your normal way of living and with those whom you usually interact with. You can feel the need to keep things more to yourself and perhaps a close loved one, in the meantime. This does not necessarily indicate that there are untrustworthy people around you, but keeping information closer to the source will allow you to gain power during the months to come.

Aries II The Hermit + 10 of Cups + The Tower

ariesAt the moment, life is beckoning at you to make some important changes or an agreement with yourself that you’ve been fumbling around on. Should I do this, or not? There seems to be a confusion that you carry within yourself that can be emotionally based, which is preventing you from seeing the best angles of benefit for you. The Hermit advices that you spend time reflecting on what will spark up your own light and happiness and what YOU will be needing to take action on without the consent or expectations of others. You may be waiting on another’s decision before making yours own but it’s important to note that life will be reflecting exactly what YOU expect from it, so take charge now on your desires and what you will need for personal balance. The Hermit also reveals that you will discover many secrets, perhaps amongst your history or family lineage that will support your self-esteem and understanding of your identity. Partaking in intricate research, whether it be regarding your history or in the studies of something that calls to your heart at this time, is extremely therapeutic and life-changing. The 10 of Cups is the profound healing effect that you are experiencing this month as a result of all the personal work that you’ve been executing. It does illustrate a more cal and resolved family life. Perhaps you gain a breakthrough with a condition that you’ve been experiencing for some time that alleviates your heart and makes you feel free. Freedom is the the theme of October, you are liberated to play, explore and challenge the ideas and expectations that you have established for yourself. There are many bonding activities to partake in this year that make you feel as if you have a strong extended family and your ability to connect and relate to others will open up inspiration and possibilities for you to organize healing events or outings. Your connection to the totality of things, strengthens, leaving you feeling more cosmically aligned and in tune with the flow of your life. The Tower will present external elements to challenge your belief and stability. You may encounter situations or circumstances that will provoke you to respond in ways that do not fit your vibe; do not indulge. This is also symbolic of a re-aligning of your home, or where you find shelter. Perhaps you decide to re-decorate, move or re-define what a “home” means to you, building up a new understanding of this concept will make you stronger in the sense that you feel stable as a rock in any circumstance. The months that have passed, provided either own sacred lesson for you to integrate and carry. October will put them all into perspective so you can see the commonality between them all, hence, shattering a karmic pattern or belief that did not serve your solidity/ identity.

Capricorn II 6 of Swords + 3 of Wands + Page of Pentacles

capricornThe 6 of Swords is showing me a separation that has transpired, the need to get away - either move or re-locate to an alternate place, or this can also represent the energetic displacement that has transpired, regarding a particular theme in your life. The detachment that you are in seems to be a healthy one, perhaps your old way of living was conditional, habitual and toxic, that it feels very alleviating to be away from that mental frame. A great deal of importance is to be place on the mind this month. I feel that you have gone through tremendous transformations and steps that allow you to progress, but you are not entirely done. Assuming that you are recovering from the hectic energy these past months have gifted you, you feel inclined to completely remove yourself from all of it and give yourself a cleanse. There’s a sense of proud ambition that i am receiving, as if you are happy for empowering yourself and feel that you have made one of the best decisions in your life. Recovery is a quick one for you and you tend to bounce back very easily from any shifts you experience. The 3 of Wands is forward momentum, much thought and energy is invested into future fruits and pleasures to be gained from your work. You are focused on recognition and establishment in your field, and may be thinking of how you will create your own legacy. What has held you back is liberated from your life and you are free to move forward in any direction that you choose. Perhaps this presents a bit of fear and apprehension in you, this is normal. October will serve as a resting point for you to reflect on what direction you want to take on and what you are planning to create for yourself in the months to come. I see you utilizing all your skill sets and focusing on developing them further. There may be new talents and ways of being that you will have to learn or teach yourself proactively, so that life becomes more efficient. The Page of Pentacles shows a passionate dedication in your endeavors, if there was anything you wanted to make moves on, regarding investments, beginning new projects or possibly international travel - all are advised due to your centered nature. You cannot be stopped in October because your mind is set on the levels you want your life to operate on. Once this is established, it is very easy to distinguish which frequencies you are allowing in and which frequencies you do not need to interact with. Your navigation system is upgraded and life become a fun adventure this month.