[PHOTOS] Rising Tides Art Exhibit


Last week our friends from Eastmen Collective and the Almighty Group held Rising Tides, an art series at northern Manhattan's La Marina. The inaugural exhibit transpired consciousness and enlightenment as the subjects of the paintings and mixed media pieces exemplified cultural substance. Participating artists included Jay West, Brian Kirhagis, Tony Peralta, Dia, Robert Mars and Alice Mizrachi The oasis feel of La Marina and the driftwood behind the artwork allowed the canvas's to pop in a very personal way. The views of the Hudson also added to the  great ambiance of the evening. Take a look at the recap of Rising Tides and stay tuned for Part II.

P.S. catch a glimpse of my hair in the recap video teaser at the end of this post.


Catch a little glimpse of my pineapple hair in the video recap below: