Are You In Your Saturn Return? @TatiannaTarot Explains This Maturity Sprint


Every 27-29 years of your life, the planet Saturn makes a full revolution around the Sun and comes back into the sign it was located when you were born. With every revolution, you experience a maturity sprint, a cosmic rite of passage leaping you into a new stage of adulthood. This process is similar to a spiritual graduation, also known in astrology as your Saturn Return (this happens at approximately ages 28, 56 and 84). Saturn is known to be a great teacher, discipliner and awakener. Most people describe this planet as a fearful one that can be harsh and cruel in getting you to truly handle your life responsibly because at this time, we gain the pressing realization that we are adults and time on Earth is limited. Researching where Saturn lies in your birth chart will give you insight on to the lessons that will be the most challenging (or easeful) for you to integrate into your life. Within this frame, you will be determined in accomplishing important goals that will transition you from your childhood self into an independent entity on this planet; you awaken to the fact that you must take care of yourself because no one else will do it for you. Websites such as and provide free birth charts but you must be proactive in discovering exactly where your Saturn lies at your time of birth and what that position means for you when it returns.

During our Saturn Return, we spend the majority of our energies focusing on our legacy. Statistics show that many people find careers within their Saturn placement of their natal chart. In other words, if your Saturn placement shows that you will either have much ease or challenges in expressing yourself, you may very well find that you are in a career that allows you to do just that. Everyone's Saturn Return lasts for 2.5 - 3 years, when you encounter your own demons and are challenged by life to defeat them. We must be firmly willing to own our mistakes, be accountable for our actions and find solutions to our problems. In other words, no hiding behind other adults; we are forced to think and act for ourselves. What you’ve been repressing and avoiding these past 28 years, tends to rear its head so that you can rectify those “mistakes” and fix your path. Saturn is not aggressive unless you refuse to put in the work to make these changes, you might experience some difficulties in it’s station if you resist. Granted, it could feel as if you are under some scrutinizing pressure to get your act right within those 3 years, but put in the work now and you’ll have your own empire and will be a master of your craft.


Like most astrological information, it is not meant to dictate your life but to empower you to make wiser decisions based on the celestial energies around you at that time. This planet is a prankster and as much as it can pull you from under your ass; if you choose to work with it and grow up, it will treat you like royalty. The harshness from Saturn’s Return is not necessarily from the challenging circumstances you may encounter, but from the pressing awareness of death. It brings many transitions; out with the old and in with the new. If we are unwilling to grow, expand, accept that all things come with a prescribed time and must pass when due, then it can be a rocky moment for us. We are hit with the fact that we are no longer children, we will ultimately die. Welcome to the real world. This is not to depress you but to highlight the fact that entering your 30's is a cycle of autonomy. Your rules, your path, your choices.

The jaunting experience of our 20's is generally promoted by our society as a time to party extensively, engage in foolish decision making and procrastinate on practically all matters, until you reach your Saturn Return, when it all smacks you in the face and you’re expected to have much to show for yourself by 30.

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius (The 9th House from September 17th, 2015 - December 19th, 2017); this does not pertain to whole of this audience (reference your own chart to see where your Saturn lies and when it will return) but it does pertain to the majority of our millennial generation. Saturn in Sagittarius is classified as the “wisdom” years, a period where you know your service in the world must hold a strong purpose and sense of expansion. You may have the inclination to travel and leave any limitations behind. Whether that manifests in relationships, career, finances or self-doubt, it’s a period of radical change and challenging authoritative figures to establish your own route. A nomadic life style is generally the outcome here as you seek to discover new experiences and what fits you. You may feel inspired by various cultures and alternate ways of living + thinking. Education and higher learning is emphasized at this time, anything that can get you to understand your new shift and direction is embraced. Self-validation is the most important lesson of this generation.

If you are currently undergoing a Cosmic Rite of Passage and you need to get your bearings, consider this:

  • Own It: The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly. All those circumstances that are triggering deep and unconscious emotions are bubbling up for a purpose. It’s not the time to play the blame game. Responsible adults take into consideration how they’ve participated in creating the situation (in thought, actions & feelings) and how they can learn and progress from it. You are indeed being forced to grow, but you cannot do that by avoiding the truth, even when it ain’t pretty.
  • Accept Where You Are: This means: no comparisons, no judgements, no victimizations and no whining. Miracles can still happen if you choose. Changes are constant. You are where you need to be and if you were meant to be having someone else’s body, money, love, life, etc… then you would have been born as them, no? "Comparison is an act of violence against the self,” so they say, and this is a time when you blossom into your authentic being, regardless of where you currently stand.
  • Analyze Your Relationship With Your Father: Saturn symbolizes the father figure on a personal and universal scale. It will be an interesting time to consider how we establish our relationships with males (predominantly women) and to the important men in our lives. We may be called to fix whatever has been broken, or come to terms with repressed emotions from our childhood. Why do you attract what you do and what do they all have in common? There is tremendous potential to heal and progress in this area, if you are willing to take an analytical approach to the matter.
  • Take Notes: You’ll be learning extensively about your self, expanding upon old ideas and gaining new ones, perhaps even receiving spiritual and psychic messages. This is a good time to write down your experiences and record your own journey for future reference and internalization. You never know what will spring up and which inspirations you’ll want to take action on. Many of our questions and concerns are answered through our subconscious in the most subtle and peculiar of ways. Welcome the unknown within and track your journey.
  • Let Go and Be Conscious of Your Power: If you don’t feel good, then you’re probably not in your power. Meaning, you’re completely unaware of the fact that you have a choice and your choice makes a huge impact in the course of your life. Anything that is presenting to be a baggage, a burden, a stress, a sadness - let it go. In order to make room for the things we deserve, we need to be willing to accept change and release what no longer serves us. You may be called to be more responsible: accountable of your time, discipline, focus, words, commitments, self-care, etc… all of these factors are imperative to your development. Remember, what you put in, is what you get out. The better you parent your adult self the more balance you attain in the relationship between your maturity and creativity. And here in lies the difference between those whom choose to grow and those whom stay complacent with comfort.

Ultimately your Saturn Return is a blessing in disguise that grants us the opportunity to be great, if we are willing to step up to the challenge and go with the flow.


The Question is: Are you ready for that next step?