The Different Shades of @WhitneyCoss

Hair is one of the first things that we notice about a person, and one of the ways that we define ourselves. This personal feature is an extension of our spirit and our personalities. The color that you choose to wear your hair, is your prerogative. Hair is also linked to our Crown Chakra, our connection to our higher selves. Whitney Coss is a celebrity make-up artist whose love for color bleeds through her pores and her hair. Over the years, whenever I bump into this curvaceous beauty, I am always stunned by her new hair color. I mean, you have to have hair strong as fuck to withhold the peroxides, bleaches and dye creams that it requires to go from green to purple. I wanted to admire the different hues that Whitney has carried her essence with over the last few years. From the different shades to styles, Whitney's hair game is truly fearless. I can't wait to see what color she decides to go with next.

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