9 Millennial Women From Cleveland The World Needs to Know


Ambitious,  money making, soul searching women. Women with passion, power, and a purpose. I've found nine millennial girls from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio that each have one thing in common: their passion to live the life of their dreams. In the midst of finding themselves, these women are making a name for their calling. From Cleveland to New York City to Jamaica to South Africa, these ladies are leaving their mark worldwide, and if you haven't heard of them yet, let me get you hip. Fearless Leon was blessed with the opportunity to talk with these moguls in the making and share their wisdom. Every single one of these beautiful women is truly inspiring and the collective consciousness of these ladies is a force to be reckoned with. These gals mean business. The determination and focus that each young woman possesses is full of so much character and love that calling them superwomen would be an understatement.

Click the links below to Meet 9 Millennial Women from Cleveland the World Needs to Know:

Jazmine Woods

Jazmine Woods

Myesha Gardner 


Monique Atreece

Jada Stoudemire

Ricki Simmonds

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Jada Hobson

Kylan Alyce

Valerie Williams

Chelsea Pastel


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