The Luminous Sunflower That Grows In Bushwick

Ashley Sadler who is better known in the digital streets as Aza Desi, is a visual artist whose love for sunflowers and the female aura has crafted a path for her in the arts.  Currently residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Ashley spends her days letting her spirit flow into a canvas. Her luminous work, which takes the female body to a rich land of  hues and sunflowers has garnered the attention of art buyers across the U.S. and Latin America.

We first met Ashley during one of our spring Soul Tribe Sessions and have been her fan ever since. Read our short Q&A to get to know Aza Desi.  

When did you first realize that you were a visual artist?

Since I was little, I've always loved art. I never colored outside the lines, I participated in my grade school art fairs, etc. But it wasn't until about 3 years ago, when I created my very first painting on canvas, that I truly began to feel like an artist.


Your artwork continuously depicts women with a sunflower face? Why do you choose sunflowers? What meaning does it hold for you?

I've always adored sunflowers, but it wasn't until that long ago when I really began to resonate with the sunflower itself. It means something to me, I'm honestly not quite sure yet..but it's always there, my happy place. So I'm just enjoying the journey right now.

You also paint women in pop colors. Why?

I feel like women are a driving force in this world, we're just incredible. So I choose to paint my gals in a hue that can represent and unite all of us. We're in this together.

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What do you want people to feel or think when they see your work?

I want everyone to have their own perspective on my pieces, but if anything, I would hope my work has the ability to move and inspire others, in whatever way they feel fit.


 Sum up your work in one sentence.

I feel like I could use so many words, but Powerful definitely was the first to come to mind.


What artists do you admire the most?

I would definitely have to say Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat. I enjoy trying to explore their minds, just as much as I appreciate their work.


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How has living in N.Y.C. influenced or defined your work?

Wow! Moving to N.Y.C. opened up an entire world of ideas and emotions inside of me that I couldn't and still can't wait to transmute onto canvas. There's inspiration everywhere, and I'm so grateful for that.

What do you feel is your soul’s purpose?

I often wonder what my purpose is, being that I feel like I'm changing all the time. But through my evolution, the constant desire to help others in any way I possibly can remains the same.

A photo posted by Ashley Sunflower ( on

A photo posted by Ashley Sunflower ( on

What are you most fearful of?

Complacency. Aside from rodents and small spaces- I'm scared of remaining in the same space for too long. I suppose that's why I'm always striving towards something.

To see more of Ashley's work follow her journey online:
Twitter @azadesi
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