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Chelsea Pastel | Rapper & Producer

When it comes to hip-hop, Ohio has held it's own in establishing talent with names like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Kid Cudi and Machine Gun Kelly. Today, there's a new batch of talent that is emerging. Meet 23-year old rapper and producer Chelsea Pastel. Her sweet street flow give her the "girl next door that you don't want to mess with" vibe. She's original, organic, and just starting to tap into her true potential. Recently signed to independent label, Foredise Records, Chelsea's got a dope career ahead of her and Fearless Leon was lucky enough to catch the calm before the storm.

What inspired you to begin your music career?

Well when I was younger, I had a lot of musical instruments and always played in some kind of band program, camp, etc.  I was kind of a typical band geek and would always try to remake songs that I grew up listening to or make my own songs.   Eventually I got into making beats and I always rapped for fun.I didn't take it seriously until I found myself in a studio for the first time and this guy gave me some super expensive programs to make beats and record with and from that point on, I realized this was what I wanted to do. I will never forget the feeling being around state of the art equipment and the vibe.  It inspired me.

Your original and organic girl next door vibe sets you apart from a lot of female artists. Where do you seek inspiration from? How does Cleveland impact your style? What do you bring to Cleveland?

I seek inspiration from my upbringing.  I grew up being the only child in my home so I've always been individualistic.  A lot of the music I've listened to, shows I've watched, and games I've played throughout the years are my biggest influences.  Going to Cleveland School of the Arts for most of my youth-teen years also plays a big part.  Cleveland's swag will naturally be embedded in me.  I grew up in an area that was kinda hood but sooooo much fun and basically molded me into who I am now.  As far as what I bring to the city, I think I bring relatable music and authenticity that many people in the city can vibe with. I represent the girl next door and many girls and guys will find that refreshing.

Do you have any pre-production rituals?

My pre-production rituals are pretty simple.  I always drink warm yerba mate tea, with lemon, honey, and a menthol halls.  I use this throat spray called Vocal Eze too.  I always like to have something to sip on, which usually is some wine or a little cocktail.  I do like to put a little something in the air as well lol.  The vibe has to be cozy too.  I prefer to work alone as well.

 How do you define your music? How does your life inspire your lyrics?

I would define my music as my diary.  I literally write about my life.  Every now and then I write songs talking shit lol, but what rapper doesn't.  But yeah, my life is all through my music.  I talk about people pleasing, bills, guy problems, girl drama, and anything else that happens in our day to day lives.  I talk about the lit shit that happens.  My life isn't like a movie, but more of a sitcom and it's laced in my newer music.

What do you see in the future for the youth culture of your hometown?

I see the youth culture going one of two ways.  You have this one side that really wants to innovate and take things to a new level.  There is the whole wave of young creators out here. And then you have this other side who sets us back with gang banging and doing dumb shit. The culture can rise above it, which I think it will, and a burst of art and creative expression can be the outcome or the violence and oppression can continue.

What is the most important lesson being a young millennial woman in the arts has taught you?

That you can be yourself.   You don't have to be afraid of putting yourself out there.  You never know who you can inspire and reach, so just shoot your shot.


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