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Jada Renee | Founder of INDI Media

Meet Jada Renee. Jada is a 22 year old college student at Kent State University. She is the founder of the media company, INDI Media. INDI Media is a production company that works out of Cleveland, Houston, and New York City. Since the company's start in 2012 INDI Media's work includes designing her own clothing line, curating art shows in New York City, and producing episodes in her original series entitled Destination Dream. Destination Dream is a web series that showcases various artists across the nation. She gives the youth a platform to tell their story in their own words and enlighten the world on their wisdom and vision of their dreams. She's featured everyone from Atlanta based artist Paper Frank to Cleveland's own Lorine Chia. Watch the latest episode of Destination Dream featuring artist Mishon Ratcliff here.

As the founder of Indi Media, your mission is to inspire the individual. Where do you seek inspiration from? How does Cleveland impact your style?

I seek inspiration from my mother. She is the ultimate hustler and I have had the opportunity to watch her make magic happen all my life. She taught me how to make something out of nothing and that's all that business is.

You have to have the ambition to make something out of nothing regardless of the struggle or stresses that come in the process. INDI is just a product of two questions that I had in my head at 19 years old "Why is it not accepted to be yourself?" And "What can I do to change that?"

In terms of Cleveland and my style I would say Cleveland effects more than just my style but more my way of life. Cleveland is the lost city, land of the underdogs. We sometimes get over shadowed or left out. Cleveland is the city of love, pain, and hustle we teach ourselves how to get it on our own, that's how Cleveland effects my style because without my city molding that hustler mindset into my subconscious I wouldn't have a style to call my own. My style reflects my personal growth which is always changing because I'm always growing and I can say Cleveland helped build that.

You're making a voice for the youth culture and giving local individuals a chance to express their passion. How does it feel to be an outlet for the youth? What inspires your sound and your passion to create?

Being an outlet for the youth feels like nothing I've ever experienced before. I cant label the feeling as good or bad because I really feel that my job as a creative outlet is a necessary and mandatory path that I was pushed to take by God.

The youth don't always get their time to shine, especially if their situations in life hold them back. Imagine being held back because of life situations and circumstances that you have no control over....all you want to do is be an artist and create but you can’t because your family needs you, or you have to do X, Y and Z to survive.

Sometimes life situations force us to think we have to push our talents to the background, but they actually never leave. My job as a creative outlet is to help inspire the uninspired youth to feel that creative spark again, realize that you have a talent for a reason and that if you use strategy and patience your talent will be your way out.

What inspires my passion to create is my passion to not stop. I have these talents for a reason and thanks to God he helped me figure that out at a young age. Seeing myself grow in my art inspires my passion, seeing others respond to my art inspires my passion, being able to convey something to the public from my crazy brain is what inspires my passion lol because they keep liking my weird ideas hahaha.


What do you see in the future for the youth culture of your hometown?

What I see for the future of the youth culture of my hometown is amazing self love and direction, especially if I have anything to do with it.The youth growing up right now know what they want and how to get it. They've watched their parents, older brothers and sisters and family members go through the struggle of surviving.

e9f31a07-f6a0-479e-8c06-ed0e27ac5b35 Cleveland breeds strong, thorough and ambitious individuals and the youth coming out of Cleveland right now have had their fair dosage of challenges to over come. I see them dominating their goals and chasing their dreams for sure because now they're looking for a positive way to get out of the city instead of a negative one.

How do you define your art? What is the most important lesson being a young millennial woman in the arts has taught you?

I define my art as me. If you like my art then you like me because I pour all of my everything into my art. Rather it's painting, photography, video whatever, if the creative energy calls me to get creative I have to listen. My art is my mirror, it will tell me everything I'm thinking and show me all my shadow self if you will, good and bad.

The most important lesson I have learned being a young millennial woman in the arts is to have no fear. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

As a woman in this "society" we are taught to be fearful. Fearful of our untapped potential, fearful of the "Man", fearful of speaking our truth, fearful of being a woman in our purest form, fearful of our successful thoughts, fearful if we break the rules....fear has been embedded into our brains as a whole society but more so for women because we have been categorized as the submissive gender. We are told to submit to basically anything, provide for the family but don't focus on your own mental growth as a woman. The arts have showed me how to tap into potential that I never thought I could have. It has taught me how to know my worth as a woman because like I said my art is me and my art is truth.

What advice would you give to women looking to start a business?

Just do it and stop thinking because thinking will leave you stuck. If you sit there all day and think of this amazing business and what it could be your not doing yourself any justice, your just taking up space with your thoughts. Once you act on those thoughts and start to attract them into your life just as they were in your head it'll feel much more rewarding than just pondering on if you should've done it or not.

Also know yourself, take some time to get to know who you are. Seriously become best friends with yourself because this can be a very lonely business so having that solid connection with yourself will remind you that your not alone.

Find a business partner or a team because if you try to do it all by yourself you will fail. Be humble enough to know that you need the opinions and help of others to push you forward. Have confidence and know that your the SH*T! You can do anything you want to and don't let anyone tell you different.

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