Happy Thanksgiving From The FearlessLeon Team


2015 hasn't been a easy year.  For many of us, it's been filled with challenges and pitfalls. It's been a year where the moral fibers of our humanity has been scrutinized; pushing us to protest, protect and defend our identities. As people of color, the future of our existence hangs in the balance. The hidden political agenda, is not so much a secret anymore. But in the midst of it all, we are still here and WE CAN BE AS RESILIENT AS WE WANT TO BE. We are thankful for being given the gift to empower and aspire. To work with like minded women that remind us everyday that we are not alone. The divine spirit of Fearless Leon is thankful for all the courageous women of 2015--those that are gone, and those that are fighting everyday. We see you. We give you props.

-Ghislaine Leon

Here is what the rest of our team is thankful for:

I am so thankful for my femininity and the complexities, super powers, divinity, curves, and sensuality that comes with it.


I am thankful for my view of the world. It was always the thing that made me strange to others, but now that I have been putting my POV into music, paintings, poetry and writing I receive emails daily via QuarterVida.com


I'm thankful for all the things people tend to take for granted: waking up every morning, my good health, a roof over my head, my life, my family, and my faith.


I'm thankful for love, art, success and health. I also am very blessed to have eyes because life is beautiful and being alive is awesome.


I'm thankful for my divine guidance and my soul family ✨


More importantly, we are thankful for YOU, our readers, our supporters. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fearlessly Yours,

The #FearlessLeon Team

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