Preserving Cuban Identity, "Manana 2016"


Cuba's first Afro-Cuban folkloric festival, Mañana, is coming to Santiago de Cuba on May 4,5,6 2016. Manana is a Cuban expression used amongst musicians that means soul (do not confuse this with mañana). The people who posses Manana are the drivers of Cuban culture across the world. We can certainly thank them for passionately sharing the fervor of Cuban tings. 12043042_687686698028532_6580412230241210173_n

Manana is a calling for us to go back and explore sounds that have migrated and influenced Cuba's musical developments. The idea birthed from the minds of two friends from the U.K and Cuba to bring Cuban and international DJ's together to synthesize Afro-Cuban rumba and electronic music. This festival is taking place at a unique time, as Cuba opened up its doors to capitalism late last year. Over the past couple of months, people have flocked to Cuba for recreational and business purposes. Artists like Usher, Questlove and Rihanna have all paid Cuba a creative visit.  




The artists selected for Manana 2016 include:

Seminal Warp Records electronica act, Plaid // UK dubstep pioneer Mala // Puerto Rican electronic rumba act, Grupo ÌFÉ // Tropical UK DJ's, Sofrito // "Godfather" of Cuban drumming, Galis // Santiago de Cuba rumba masters, Obba Tuke // Cuba's legendary Compañía Ballet Folclórico de Oriente // British-based independent record label DJ's, Soundway // Tijuana house duo, Soul of Hex // Mexico City's folkloric techno duo, Century // US time-travelling multi-instrumentalist-producer, Chico Mann // Iranian drone composer, Pouya Ehsaei // Breakthrough British techno act, L.B. Produce // Santiago de Cuba's own, Rumba Ache.

As a percussionist I'm excited to dip into the rivers of our past to share the cultural principles and values of our Cuban brothers and sisters. You see, now that the U.S. embargo has been removed, more than ever it's important for Cuba to maintains it's cultural identity.  Manana, is a reflection of this ideal.

Support Manana on kickstarter as they hope to raise $60k to execute this festival. They have already raised close to $40k and can still use help. To support and learn more click here.
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