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M/\Z | Psychedelic Songstress


Meet Monique Atreece Zahir, also known as M/\Z. Her unique sound is like nothing you've heard before. Her music is smooth, sexy, and will get you hooked off of one verse. Her style is just as unique as her sound. Her confidence and assurance in her lyrics make you want more.  M/\Z is one of the most conscious creatives to come out of Cleveland and her intuition of who she is, is what attracted me the most. It's very rare that you find a soul that is so sure of herself and her purpose.

What inspired you to begin your music career?

I was born to do this. I truly believe that. Every job I've ever had, sucked. College, sucked. It just wasn't for me. I'm happiest on stage and singing. There was never really a conscious decision to pursue a music career. I've been working towards it since I was little. I wrote my first song at 5.

 Your voice is so hypnotic and mesmerizing, what inspires your sound and your passion to create?

Thank you so much. I grew up on a lot of 90's R&B and soulful shit so that's just embedded at this point, but when I create I draw inspo from everything I've ever listened to in a very organic way. Whatever the beat needs from me it pulls out. Still trying to create my own unique sound.


Where do you seek inspiration from? How does Cleveland impact your style and what do you bring to Cleveland?

I seek inspo from real life experiences, traveling and meeting other artists, dreams. I'm here to balance out the bullshit. Most people only see us on the first 48 so I'm proof that it isn't complete hell here. I love my city and I just want to shine some positive light on it because it's had 22 years of positive impact on me. I turned into an incredibly strong woman that i'm really proud of. I hope to give back real soon.

How do you define your music? What is the most important lesson being a young millennial woman in the arts has taught you?

I don't like putting myself in boxes but I like to think of my music as drugs in wave form. I've learned a lot of lessons even in my short time pursuing this shit seriously. Most important would probably be to never tweet asking for beats because the spam never stops. Also being multi-faceted and getting things done yourself is 1000 times less stressful than depending on others. I've had deadlines disrespected and lack of communication when working with others and it sucks. So I'm learning to never put my eggs in a basket and let someone else hold it, you know.


How has experimenting with psychedelics helped you as an artist?

I tried LSD for the first time when I was 17 and not only did it effect my artistry but my life in general. I took an inner journey that I will never forget and I learned that all prior notions I had before the trip held some weight. (I've always been a bit heretic) Psychedelics are like validation for the thoughts I have sober that another sober mind would think I'm crazy for having but they are totally valid. Our minds are literally vessels that channel an entire universe and although we may not notice, our thoughts are very powerful in controlling our reality. I love psychedelics because it literally feels like my soul has cubed itself and that my energy is 3 times as powerful as it is when I'm sober. All of my thoughts and feelings manifest a reaction instantly and it definitely brings my attention to some great things  to write about :)

What's next for your career?

Taking my voice and gracing a few stages in Los Angeles, the release of Pale Moon, & hopefully signing more limbs on my own tour. I have work to do <3

Check out her sound below:

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