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Ricki Simmonds | Songstress

Ricki Simmonds is a Jamaican born artist that reigns from Cleveland, Ohio. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Ricki relocated to Cleveland, Ohio as a child. Ricki released her first project entitled Salience in July of this year. Her sultry voice on top of her chic, tomboy style embrace the artistic songstress soul that makes Ricki Simmonds who she is. While her look and her style is always changing, her radiant vibrational rhythm always remains the same. Tracks like "Beautiful Lover" and "Wil Out" remain to be in my daily rotation. Take a listen for yourself and get to know this siren.

What inspired you to begin your music career and how does your Jamaican ancestry inspire your music?

A relationship with a lover of mine who is also an artist who encouraged me to get into art. I would sing and paint and had drawing everywhere but I was very secretive about it all. Jamaica really inspires my music with the way I sing my accent. I think that’s what makes my music the way it cause it’s Cleveland and Jamaica mixed in one. I listen to a lot of dancehall and reggae and I’m always inspired by both.

Your voice is so hypnotic and mesmerizing. What inspires your sound and your passion to create?

Love is my muse. It inspires me to create. I know everyone says love is a verb but for me it’s a thing, something you can feel and do.

I like to have passion for whatever I do because if not then I won’t be my best at it and when my feelings are involved it’s so much greater. Even if it’s not that I’m in love with someone but the music, I’m in love with making good music.

Here is a clip Ricki's latest performance at #INDIVIBES sponsored by INDI Media. Watching the crowd fall in love with Ricki over the course of her set was a moment that I'll never forget. Her voice seduced the crowd from start to finish.

How do you define your music? What is the most important lesson being a young millennial woman in the arts has taught you?

I call my music new soul cause I’m aware that it’s different but at the same time I’m not. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is be YOU to the fullest even if it make other people mad. People will talk whether you doing bad or good so you have to just live life to the fullest and fulfill YOUR dreams.

What next for your career?

To find happiness in whatever I”m doing. I want to be more behind the scenes than infront the cameras so let’s hope it’s something of that sort.

A token of advice for our readers?

Give love, be you and live life to the fullest.


Watch Ricki's visual debut in her video for "Beautiful Lover" shot by HIGH ART


Vibe with Ricki:

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