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Valerie Williams | Radio Personality

Valerie Williams is a 20-year old junior at Kent State University majoring in Applied Communications with a minor in Public Relations. While balancing her college career, Valerie is also the radio personality behind The Session radio show. The Session is an online radio show on the Black Squirrel Radio network at Kent State. Known for the support it provides to local talent, The Session offers creative youth an outlet to voice their stories and talk about their projects. She's creating a platform for Cleveland youth that has never been done before. While the local radio stations blast top ten radio hits on repeat, Valerie's does the latter.

She's shedding a new light and curating a culture in a city where most people would rather complain about it. She's a natural behind the mic and in front of the camera. Her confident, relatable, and outspoken personality keeps my ears locked to The Session every Sunday night. Read our exclusive interview below.

What inspired you to begin your radio show?

Growing up, I never felt like I had one true talent. I couldn’t sing, dance; any of that. I was constantly trying to find my niche. But the one thing that stayed consistent as I got older was my love for people – talking to people, listening to people, and making them laugh. So when I started at Kent, there was a poster outside my dorm room about Black Squirrel Radio and immediately I was like yeah, this is for me.



What inspires your content and your passion to create?

My environment and the people around me inspire most of my content, and definitely fuel my passion. My closest friends are all such hard workers, whether it is in school or in their own career field. I surround myself with people who want to see each other win and that’s the biggest motivation. In the past year I’ve been blessed to meet some of Cleveland’s most talented youth, many of which I’ve had on my show or plan to have. Once I meet the person, the content creates itself.

You are establishing an authentic, one of a kind platform for our youth culture. What do you see in the future for the youth culture of your hometown?

I hope to see our youth become active members in the community, and embrace Cleveland and the culture of OUR city. I feel like often times we idolize other cities and what they have to offer, when we need to start appreciating Cleveland and all its amenities.

Let’s make Cleveland a place where people want to visit, hang out, build things, have shows, all of that. WE have to appreciate home first before we try to get others to.

What's in store for the future of The Session?

Life tends to throw me some of the craziest curveballs, so I never know what’s next. But I hope to start my own website within the next few months, and continue branding The Session through that medium. I want to make The Session more than just a radio show, but an outlet for artists of all kinds to debut their talent. I’m talking regular podcasts, exclusive interviews, concert events, charity events, apparel, etc. I just want to take over Cleveland and show the city’s elders that our generation is powerful beyond measure.

What advice would you give to those that want to start their own radio show?

Do it! If you have the resources to do it, do it. Even if you don’t have the resources, find out how to get them and do it. Start a podcast. The Internet and social media are so powerful, you never know who you can reach. And you won’t know until you try. Fear is a choice!

Valerie Williams


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