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...written to Awake and Inspire the Source In All of Us

November’s Theme II 3 of Wands + 3 of Pentacles

There’s a radical new energy this month that motivates you to move forward into unknown territory but feeling confident in the direction. The combination of the 3 of Wands + 3 of Pentacles presents a unique energy of boldness; making the commitment to pursue your own path, regardless of the fear. The 3 of Wands’ illustrations points to a man staring out into the future, which looks like a barren desert land. Symbolic of the desire to create what is not there, this is a step into your next stage of life. You are inherently pursuing your goals or experiencing a transition that leaves you feeling liberated but more accountable for your own direction and choices. It may be scary but you are charging ahead anyway with much fire energy to support you along the way. This means, action, motivation and being led by your inspirations and what your spirit is telling you. It’s important to know that you are supported on all levels- regardless of the direction you choose to take; a commitment is needed from you to see the outcome. What resources around you could you use to advance ahead and build on. This card points that you are important part of future creation, get clear on what your skills, talents and purpose is in this creation process so that you don’t get distracted. It is important to be aware of the outcome you are aiming for so that you direct yourself properly. The 3 of Pentacles can bring about the influence of teamwork and the importance of being a part of the whole. Perhaps you are juggling many talents this month and find a way to tie them all together, or end up participating with several others whom share the same vision and help each other execute their dreams collectively. Regardless of how the 3 of Pentacles affects you, there is tremendous drive, harmony, and a strong awareness on how to balance energies more effectively so that the goal is met. The process of harvesting plans and innovative ideas until they are mature to be released is the underlying theme of November.

Virgo King of Swords + Page of Wands + 5 of Wands 

Serene Virgo woman zodiac sign with flower headband

This month requires some honest introspection, discipline and structure. The King of Swords can be a new contract that you find yourself stumbling into, a definite new venture that has the promise of great success in the future; but also the need to crack down the whip on yourself and focus more so than ever. This is more of a direction in cleaning up the dead leaves the prior months has left us. There is no doubt that you are clear on what to do and how to do it. November provides the time & space to start taking action on this bold new move you’ve always envisioned, for many, it will seem like the 1st month into a new relationship. The King of Swords is no joke, however, he requires you to be extra analytical and attentive to the details in your life. If you are anticipating for your direction to look a certain way or to manifest a specific outcome, this is the time to take notes and compare/contrast how other successful individuals are doing the same. The Page of Wands sparks up your momentum. You are eager to go out there and do the work, and this can be indicative of travel, or relocating to an area that can accommodate your needs and holds space for your growth. You are growing at rapid speeds, that you’re too big to be contained in small frames. It is the ideal month to think large and use your resources to plan for next year’s entrance. The 5 of Wands can only be of concern if you intend to get in your own way. This card can alert you into thinking progressively; not in the old monotonous way of being that you just broke out of. Keep your eyes on the prize and find ways to make your life easier and more fluid. If you should find that you’re meeting resistance, do not give into the lower vibrations; you have gained much knowledge over the months, on how to deal with external energies that are not in alignment with you. Dodge the curveballs but also check in with self, to see if you’re creating the curveballs yourself.

Taurus 9 of Swords + 8 of Wands + The Devil

taurusThe 9 of Swords can focus on anxiety, excessive worry, doubt and fear. This may be a feeling that you’ve been repressing or attempting to avoid, that is currently resurfacing in your life. The important part to note is that the majority of your discord is not reality. The swords represent the mental realm, and if you’re harboring thoughts that are more against your nature, rather than in your favor, you may be feeling stuck and burdened by baggage. The energy of this card suggests that you slow down so that you may break things down into further rationalizing. Something has you emotional when there is no need for excess emotion of that quality. The 8 of Wands suggests that things are not as bad as they seem, you may very well just need some rest before the next big rush. There are several opportunities presenting themselves to you this month and it does seem as if you will be busy. This is a great time to take advantage of as much as you can carry on your plate but do what you can daily. There is much advancement in store for you on many levels, it will seem like new territory in your relationships, creativity, finances, family, pretty much overall. Don’t be overwhelmed by the changes; they will all work out to your advantage. The Devil does hint at a repetitive behavior that holds you back, perhaps you are unconscious of this or you are working towards overcoming it. It hints at temptation, repeating cycles and falling into lower vibration. This is not the time to victimize yourself, look toward the opportunities you have that will facilitate your growth and advancement. If you focus on creating and projecting your best, as the rest organizes itself, you will have a bountiful and productive month.

Libra Strength + Page of Cups + 8 of Swords


November requires that you honor yourself and find appreciation in past moment and present circumstances. The Strength is delivering the message, less is more, and if you are feeling that you must overcompensate in any area of your life, don’t. Through a gentle approach is the Lion tamed; and this may very well be a time where you will be needing to approach all aspects of your life in this manner, even in how you address yourself. Seldom is the case that you choose to feel sorry for yourself, but you do “feel” and are in tune more than ever. Attribute this to your growth and ability to empathize much more strongly. You may feel tied to an obligation or greater calling that enables you to use these gifts for healing and providing a service of wellbeing to others. The Page of Cups introduces an interesting element to November, it is a playful approach to romance and creativity. You seem intrigued in many ways and potentially curious to explore different options or get back into the game. If you are already in a relationship, the Page of Cups brings on new energy that is exciting and has the potential to develop stronger and deeper emotionally. Yet November can present the energy that is unconscious within us, to surface up addressing topics of romance, expression, perception of beauty and personal style. Be aware of what the signs point to in these areas and be open to learning more of self. You always have the ability to shift what you do not like, but observe the details. It points out to a reoccurring thought pattern you must confront in order to clear your emotion; it seems to be stopping you from reaching your destination. There is much revelation in November, an extreme time to learn immensely of self and your direction. How you choose to react to many circumstances is what will support your advancement; and mindfulness is your best friend. There is nothing to feel shameful about if you are trying your best in every moment. Intention setting is a directional guide that can get you conscious on your actions and where to take them.

Scorpio 5 of Cups + 9 of Swords + 2 o f Wands

487707455The 5 of Cups reveals the need to Let Go, or to come to terms and find a peaceful balance between what has transpired and where you are actually going. It does suggest that at some point, you may get a dose of a harsh reality: what you once expected for yourself has either gone awry, or the universe has revealed to you that it is not, indeed, what you need or want after all. Swallowing this reality can be harsh, especially if you are prone to victimize yourself and still look for the reasons “why,” the circumstance transpired. The fact is that, the “why’s” are not as important as your decision to carry on afterward. By lingering on to the past, you discredit the power you currently possess, placing yourself in a helpless and low vibrational state. You are better than this. The reality is, you are meant for greater things then you could ever expect, the destination you desire is not too far from where you currently stand. What is required is that you take the remainder of your cups and make the choice to move forward with the lessons you’ve learned in your heart. The 9 of Swords can suggest that this month will bring up topics of concern; whatever has been causing you to worry or gain anxiety, will rear its head so that you can finally cope with reality and not run from it. Granted, it does point that most of these worries are not based on reality but on the concepts we create in our minds. This month highlights the need to transform and create victories out of your downfalls. It very well may be the month in which you metaphorically activate your inner “phoenix” rising from the ashes and liberating the self through sheer will-power. The 2 of Wands will take you on a mind trip. What is your legacy and what would you like to be known for? Is there more to life than just working and sleeping? Where would you like to go in 5, 10, 15 years? This element brings up very important and deep questions that give you pleasure in exploring them. Not only are you learning tremendously about yourself, but you love the process of self-exploration and curiosity. It’s safe to say that even if you fall, you walk away with tremendous knowledge and notes on self-improvement. The 2 of Wands’ influence gets you to challenge the way you live your life currently, in hopes for a more dynamically fitting lifestyle.

Sagittarius The Magician + The World + 2 of Pentacles 

487707457The Magician kick-starts the month into pro-activity, you may even be inclined to plan way ahead and begin executing your projects with more focus and seriousness. This is an element of independence that leaves you feeling like the leader of your own life, tuning into the effect you have on others inspires you to move forward on a healing front. You are no longer interested in investing your energy on those whom have little to give (energetically/positively) and are becoming an expert at dodging those vibes. Selective, detailed and confident are the best words to describe you this month, all characteristics that when combined, create a powerful force inside of you that provides immense clarity. You will most likely find yourself consulting others about life situations, or perhaps even on a business front. This may spark some inspiration inside of you, thinking beyond the way you would normally gravitate you. Artistic sensibilities are high, an expansion of your palette on all mediums and styles is to be expected in November. It’s as if your propensity for beauty hiked up a notch and the focal point of this time is to learn how to maximize your exposure around it. You are concerned with beautification on some levels, but this is also symbolic of your ability to open up, release expectations and tensions and be receptive to what the World has to offer. The World on an energetic note, looks disorganized and frantic; it is however, symbolic of the universe presenting various random occurrences and unexpected opportunities for us to choose from. As if you could select your very own “ending,” this is a period in your life where it seems quite possible to do almost anything. You have expanded and also carry a “go with the flow,” attitude. If you have been projecting to the cosmos the need to answer some important life questions, than you are definitely to receive said answers through very peculiar yet interesting ways. Learn more by connecting the dots. You live life in a perpetual need for balance, but it is to be understood that there is no formula in sustaining that balance; it is ever changing. Your desire to change and shift into what the present opportunity presents is golden. It will take you places you’ve never been before.

Capricorn 4 of Cups + Judgement + Knight of Wands

capricornThe 4 of Cups illustrates your desire to step back and contemplate your situation(s) more thoroughly. It’s as if you want to create a roadmap for the next years you’re embarking on, but either are lazy about it, or don’t know how to begin. The universe is indeed providing you with all that you will need to focus on at the time being, but you reside in a distant land mentally, and cannot pay attention to the present moment. Know that by not focusing on the now, you lose out on opportunities, ideas, inspiration and messages that are specifically and directly pointed to you. Don’t forget to take your cup this month and accept the benefits that this energy is providing you; you’ve been asking for it. The Judgement is the realization that you need to make big changes, it can also signify the influence of big change occurring but you feel swept in a wave of powerlessness and you know there’s nothing to do but to flow with it. This card can bring about an overwhelming sense of emotion within us. You are forced to face topics of discomfort so that you can clarify how you stand on them, at this present point in your life. What are your new perspectives on these situations? Are you willing to just drop any resistance and allow things to be? The Judgement pertains to you realizing a “higher” calling inside of you. Perhaps you have been operating on “mediocre” for sometime and feel the need to break free and follow your passions. The Knight of Wands can point to the progression of this and your need to advance in the direction you most love. This is aggressive energy but used productively and in a responsible manner, you won’t find yourself having emotional outbursts because you have come to terms with being an accountable adult and putting in the work where it need to be. It could suggest that you extend yourself beyond your comfort zone and you may develop a desire to travel or are in the process of the move/re-location. A definite transitional period, this will be the beginning of a giant momentum inside of you that cannot be stopped.

Pisces 3 of Cups + The Empress + 5 of Cups

piscesThe 3 of Cups is a happy and playful time for you this month to spend with loved ones and family. It is the card of celebration and achievement, perhaps your workload slows down a bit and you are able to finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. It does suggest that you have a larger appreciation for the finer things in life, and you may be vibin’ in alignment with material needs that provide you comfort and elevate your status. The 3 of Cups is appreciation for all that was and all that is on the way; you want to share your gratitude with others and show them how much they mean to you. This can also point to increased sexual appeal and a magnetic energy you exude this month. The Empress eludes to strong creativity, a non-stop need to push your limitations and expand beyond what you can conceive possible. It is a card of feminine authority and if you’re not female, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that someone in your presence exudes that. What it could suggest is that your feminine more receptive faculties are at an all-time-high and you are feeling the flow and essence of who you are. You are confident in creating your own empire and are taking charge in doing just that. You may be a source of comfort and wisdom for others around you; be conscious of your energy, how it is being used and stay in your lane. The Empress can heighten beauty around us and show what you can best offer to the world you live in. It is complete trust in your own choices and path; you are indeed blossoming and “feeling” yourself at this time. Don’t let the influence of the past stop you from your tracks, or the negative influences of others. November shows you the importance of being in your own team and supporting yourself mentally and emotionally; putting yourself first is what’s vital. The 5 of Cups suggest that you continue to work on releasing the past and any regrets you may hold. You are currently creating a better future; don’t let what no longer exists stop you from continuing onward.

Gemini Queen of Cups + The Judgment + Queen of Wands + 3 of Swords

487707445 The Queen of Cups will bring up topics of love, dedication and vulnerability this month. You may have to reconsider where you stand on these sectors and whether or not you are contracting or expanding on these topics. This card does promote confidence, trust in self and honesty in all that you do; it very well may be an emotional month for you, but on a positive note. Until now, you may have been fighting against your own rhythm; considering whether or not what you do is worthy, purposeful and in alignment with your needs. Deep down inside, you know what you must do and how to execute that, but it could mean that it takes an emotional toll on your feelings. The Judgement is the awakener. If you have not made a commitment to change your route, or improve things for yourself, you are sure to stick to one in November. This is a month where much is clarified for you regarding where you stand in business, love, freedom and path. The universe could literally be jumping at your throat, providing you with signs and messages for you to make the necessary changes you’ve been stalling on. The need to regain balance in body, mind and soul is apparent to you, as shown by the 3 of Swords. This can point to you eliminating energy that no longer serves you or potentially liberating yourself from a hostile/bondage situation. Sharpen out your edges and resist less, you are being led to end a cycle that no longer serves your higher self. Trust in the outcome and continue to focus on your wellbeing as a priority.

Cancer II The Death + 5 of Swords + 4 of Cups

cancerImmediately, these cards collectively present an energy that communicates intense changes and shifts in your personal vibration and perhaps your “home,” or what you identify as your safety net, foundation. The Death brings in the gift of transformation; out with the old and in with the new, whether this pertains to a new life, perspective and way of being - this marks as the end of an old cycle and embarking on a new journey/appreciation. The Death may outwardly look like a heavy card, but it does ground us immediately on the fruits of the present moment. It allows us to honor the lives we have led thus far and be open to the unpredictable. The 5 of Swords can symbolize slander, backstabbing and sneaky behavior be it from yourself or imposed on you. It suggest that you mind the company that you keep and you find that you are not internalizing any resentment or harboring the same emotions yourself. It may very well be emotions that point you are exhausted with the changes and need to give your mind a break from all the details. It is definitely a reflecting period in your life and you should slow down and catch down to yourself. The 4 of Cups illustrates your resistance to some important information your way. Maybe you are learning that not everything or everyone is how they seem; finding out the truth is liberating but also a harsh one at that. What you are discovering is that your intuition is being proved right; discern the energies around you and filter what is necessary. You are slowly carving out your destiny in front of you.

Leo Queen of Cups + 10 of Pentacles + 7 of Pentacles

Leo woman zodiac sign with tiara and fur mane hair

This month is all about personal self-care and appreciation. You learn how to accept your flaws and in retrospect, are much more mature about matters and don’t sweat the small stuff any more. This is a time when you flash back in your mind to darker moments with the ability to gain the main lesson and shine a light on those memories due to your growth and understanding. The importance to maintaining confidence and a good image this month is high on your priorities, if you’ve been needing to come back to self and know your own energy, you can trust to do that in November. The 10 of Pentacles does suggest a strong bonding over family and friends, you may be feeling more secure than usual with supreme gratitude for the support and talent that surrounds you. There’s an extra emphasis on creating further security, be it financially, or extending yourself to new networks and energy that inspires you to be other than mediocre. In addition this amazing abundance that you have flowing this month, is the mark of some spiritual undertones, an analysis of what is beneath the surface and what the “essence” is to your external world. You are focusing on deep, real topics that get you more in tune with energy and how it affects & elevates you. The 10 of Pentacles, coupled with the 7 of Pentacles illustrates the force of work, or possibly “lack there of” a force. This is not to say that you’re lazy, you’re more aligned with your personal flow in this sector and how you can utilize the resources around you to make life easier and more “mission” oriented. You are organized and settled in a way that you don’t have to emit much force to make things work for you. It’s like finding your own formula that works for your way of being. This is a happy and pleasurable time for you to develop your hobbies into monetary gain and if you’re already on route to this, there are rewards up ahead for your development. The 7 of Pentacles can illustrate some restlessness, observing your crops and what you have already executed this year so far. It speaks of the need to reflect on the work that has been done and what you can do to improve for next year; also planning big projects for the year to come. November is an ideal time for gratitude and acknowledging your maturity as a result of the challenges you’ve undergone this year.

Aquarius II The Lovers + 8 of Cups + 3 of Swords

Aquarius woman zodiac sign with flowers in hair pouring water

The Lovers is a powerful card symbolizing the feelings of harmony, unity, cooperation and pleasurable growth. It seems as if you are learning how to cultivate your own sensuality and sexuality for better results, or you may have an inexplicable interest in surrounding yourself with love vibrations or perhaps wanting to commit to that energy for some time. The Lovers usually denotes a great amount of inner peace and satisfaction with self and the energy does feel playful this month. You could very much be exploring the field, wanting to gain new experiences and just see what’s in store for you. It’s interesting that this is coupled with the 8 of Cups because it does note the need to separate yourself from a harmful or toxic situation, in which you’ve been giving your energy to. The 8 of Cups illustrates independence and righteousness - a rude awakening, perhaps that which you have sought out for, was not such a good fit after all. It is important to note note to be distracted by your inhibitions and weaknesses at this time, this carries a daydream/lucid energetic effect to it and you could be inspired to avoid your problems all together and indulge in toxic habits. Do you know who you are? I get the sense that you have been integrating your energy with many other individuals whom have influenced you in different ways that it can be confusing trying to find your own route. October will be a month of detoxing from that which you don’t need. A chapter is to close so that you can full begin the new year feeling powerfully charged and free from hang ups. A routine is to be changed so that you to can begin to discover the hidden & spontaneous parts of you that are to be a major part of your personality and characteristic next year. Much of the personal work and creative endeavors you focus on this month is in preparation for an afterlife, the beginning of a new way of living that is radically different from that which you have been experiencing. You are accustomed to these rocky roads at this point and the work ahead of you is clear to see. The 3 of Swords speaks of your personal journey in mending these loose fragments in your life that may still haunt you. You are repairing the body, mind and soul and are beginning to acknowledge yourself more as an energetic entity than a physical one. Therefore, you gain much pleasure in pushing your limits and doing things that once you would have held back on. Your dreams are plenty and your soul is eager to tackle them all but know that self-care and recovery are on the first of the to-do list before speeding up ahead.

Aries II The Hermit + 10 of Cups + The Tower

ariesThe mental activity this month goes inward as you focus tremendously on your recent development and changes that have been influencing you to grow. You are indeed transforming at a rapid pace that it can be overwhelming to catch up with, or unsettling if you are not properly grounded and focused on what is actually transpiring around you. Although you may be inclined to plan out every step but don’t know how: it is important to know what your main intention is before making your next move and trusting that a step will reveal itself to you as you move forward. You may be eager to make so many changes for the better that it’s important to note what you’ll stay consistent and motivated on. The Knight of Pentacles does illustrate some financial income coming in to support you along the way. It is the start of a new venture or perhaps stabilizing a new deal that can bring you additive income. There will be much hunger and drive towards the finance/career sector; a willingness to create your own market or explore different avenues to make money in. Financial practicality and a willingness to go out there and grab what is yours will make for a great month. You are smarter about your needs and what brings you comfort and nourishment and are interested in seeking various avenues that support your nurturing. The 6 of Cups hints at someone from your past or an individual that seems to have a tight bond with you, providing you with emotional support and a boost in the right direction. It is essentially a gift, be it physical or not, that will leave you feeling loved, acknowledged and understood. A boost of confidence and a token of appreciation, an exchange occurs and the lessons that this friendship teaches you, is highlighted this month.

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