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Meet Miss Jada Lynn. I had the pleasure of living with Jada along with a few other creatives from Cleveland during my first year in New York City. We went on castings, spent hours in the workout room, partied our life away, went on late night bodegas runs, and even had photo shoots together. Jada and I have endless New York City memories together. She was my motivator to keep going and never give up every time I faced any obstacle in New York City. She's strong, fierce, and has a lot of integrity as a young independent black woman. I admire her not only as a model but as a woman who is not afraid to chase her dreams.  Jada left her life in Cleveland to move to New York City to pursue her modeling dreams at the age of 20 and has been grinding it out ever since. In addition to working as a model, Jada is also completing her education career in Public Health at St. Francis College in Brooklyn.  Fearless Leon talked with Jada about ambition, acting, and travel.

What inspired you to begin your modeling career?

What inspired me to become a model was constantly getting told I should be one. I use to get scouted alot when I was younger so I finally went to an open call for Ford Models and made it to the 2nd round! I was so shocked I had to be about 11 or 12.

How has living in New York City impacted your life and career?

Living in N.Y. has been an experience I'll never forget. As much terrible things that have happened while living here I appreciate them all. As crazy as it may sound I wouldn't have it any other way. New York City is a place you hate while being here then miss like crazy soon as you leave. I definitely have a love hate relationship with this crazy city. I will say that NY forces you to grow up and quick! If I never moved here and just stayed in Cleveland I'm 100% sure my mindset wouldn't be what it is now. The city has taught me so much, how to network, how to hustle, time management, how to step out of your comfort zone, and how not to take anyone's BS.

Do you have any pre-photo shoot rituals?

Some pre-shoot rituals I have are looking up new poses and themes for shoots and also Future has to be playing...on my way to the shoot and while I shoot. If they let me pick what we listen to, know that Future is being put in rotation. That's bae.

What's next for your career?

What's next for me in my career is going over seas. I recently got signed to an agency in Cape Town, South Africa so I will be modeling there from Jan-March. I'm really looking forward to that trip. Other than that I plan on getting into acting so I'll be taking classes at an academy in the city next month.


Do you have any advice for those following your dreams?

My advice to everyone is to ALWAYS follow your dreams and NEVER give up! Seriously it's going to be hard and you're going to feel alone a lot even when 3/4 other people are going through the exact same thing as you, but you'll get over that and face a new challenge. It's going to be a lot of good and bad days, maybe more bad days, but in the end all of your hard work will pay off. Don't ever let fear stop you from chasing your dreams.

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