December’s Tarotscopes Revealed ????


December’s Theme : Knight of Pentacles + the Empress + the Lovers

The energy of December is about the finalization of your healing from these past months, putting the loose fragments back together into a whole & regaining full functionality. There is momentum that exhibits determination, creative expansion & acceptance of self, revolutionizing the direction of your life & inspiring you to be bolder and more ambitious as ever. This is an excellent time to re-trace your steps to see how you’ve grown from the prior months in the areas of finance, knowledge, love & awareness. By the looks of it, you will be keeping yourself in check; taking accountability for your actions, past circumstances & building yourself along the way. The Knight of Pentacles is the beginning of a new commitment: whether this is a commitment of self, or a new vision that you embark on; it’s an exciting moment in your life where you agree to perform your best & eliminate excuses & distractions. This influence brings about new financial opportunities & perhaps new tangible goodies in your realm. You’ll be acquiring much support from the world around you & your influential sphere of friends. It doesn’t seem as if you will be doing things alone; connecting the dots & seeing how you can help others & vice-versa will propel you tremendously. Do not hesitate to receive the help you deserve; this is a great month to absorb the good karma you’ve been putting out there. The Empress influence brings us abundance, ability to create consistently & handle what is around us with grace & wisdom; this is your full fertile self, not in the sense of delivering an actual human child, but in the desire of birthing something greater than you. December points you in the right direction towards growth, stability, sexuality & sensuality; a total comfort in self & maturity of identity. The Lovers suggest that this month is a time for connecting deeper with what brings us balance. We will find unity & harmony amongst our passions, friends, relationships or at least will come to find that our worlds are shifting so that harmony ultimately prevails. You are not slowing down much in terms of your creative production & active imagination; in fact this could be a pivotal time for you to launch a project that you hold dear to you. Fine tune the pieces & prepare for launch in the next year.



7 of Pentacles + King of Wands + The Hierophant

Aries (1)The 7 of Pentacles denotes extreme growth and a sense of satisfaction in regards to how the year has panned out for you. You were able to expand your vision, head into new territory and still provide for yourself in ways that were challenging, yet beneficial for your development. In retrospect, you are more cautious, thoughtful and ambitious; this month you are inspired to review your growth and setbacks in order to attack 2016 at full speed. It seems as if you are not fully happy with some courses of action that have transpired, but you are content with how it has molded you into the person that you are now. A new maturity washes over you and you feel very nurturing towards your manifestations and what you have created this past year. Not only are you ready to do more, be more and create more; but you are willing to help others out as well. This desire to share your internal riches, may very well provide you with adequate unexpected income this month. You are determined to grow at all costs and will most likely dip your hand in multiple interests that will be continuing hobbies for years to come. Proud at the destination you’ve reached, you still maintain high expectations for every area of your life and are determined to get there. The King of Wands is a quick shift into the future; you are more than prepared and centered to enter the unknown. This card speaks of investments. What you are driven to do in this world and what must you sacrifice within yourself in order to achieve those goals? Things will feel rapid, scary, and definitely chaotic, but here you remain solid in the storm. It’s not that you no longer care; you have a better understanding of your own energy & how to manage it during crisis. The King of Wands speaks of masculine energy; the sharp aggression you exhibit in pursuit of your goals and an overwhelming sense of protection. There is a need to protect something, be it yourself, your space, others around you or possibly something on a larger scale. You have an adequate amount of wisdom that is influential and inspiring to others whom may need to fall on lighter days & bigger hearts. You may plan for a trip that regards a serious commitment; it may represent a milestone in your life, or can be symbolic of your achievements this year. The Hierophant reveals itself as an autonomous feeling you have regarding your life. It’s your creation, your rules, and your vision. You are no longer compromising your instincts & intuition; you know exactly what to do next.



9 of Wands + Queen of Swords + 10 of Swords

TaurusThe 9 of Wands finds you with stronger will power and an undeniable sense of self-respect, enabling you to move on from past trivialities and people whom no longer serve your highest good. You have weathered much this past year, learning tremendously from your battle scars and encounters with unexpected side-curves, which teaches you extensively about life. One can say that you are quite the warrior of love, defending yourself and others against illusions, lower vibrations and critics. You have no time for things beneath you and it shows that you have transcended the amount of pressure; you’ve once had on you to react in circumstances that would normally cause you to make false moves. I see you entering 2016 with confidence, the ability to foresee any unexpected dangers and establish firm boundaries that will allow others to respect you the way you deserve. The Queen of Swords is a leader in many ways. There is an emphasis on clear and direct communication, not story telling and dragging on with unnecessary details. In fact, you are no longer interested in fluffy details, you’re on a dedicated mission and you want to get there directly. You will be well-respected for your clear vision and ability to speak your truth regardless of those whom don’t want to hear it. This can also be indicative of a radical new approach you are employing. Be it in your career, choice of companions or the way you project yourself; this is an avenue that makes you distinctly different from those around you. You will be establishing yourself on higher grounds, gaining attention for your boldness, unique approach and sincerity. There may also be involvement in charity work, a non-for-profit organization or giving back to those less fortunate than you; you become a mentor and a guide in many ways that you did not expect. There is a specific message that has been chosen for you to deliver; perhaps it deals with liberation of spirit and maintaining freedom & authority over self. The 10 of Swords finds you feeling unbounded by anyone’s expectations, you have surpassed the need for approval or validation, and perhaps this was the biggest lesson for you in 2015. It is the death of the ego, which you haven’t completely eradicated but have maintained a balanced control over your demons and temptations. You feel more aligned with spirit, level-headed and capable of doing whatever you choose; there is a sense of unlimited potential and perhaps otherworldly/supernatural experiences encompass you from here on in. Get ready to show the world what you’re made of.



2 of Pentacles + Queen of Swords + King of Wands

GeminiThe 2 of Pentacles is the end result of establishing balance in all aspects of your life or being able to live more comfortably than before. Looking back on your past experiences, you realize that you’ve managed to navigate yourself appropriately regardless of the intense experiences you’ve had. You may even have a formula for dealing with what life throws at you, which enables easy & soft navigation. The interesting thing is that your balance is brought upon a shift of perspective. You’ve found that it’s not about fighting against what is happening but finding fluidity and harmony with what is. Working with your elements and using what you have to make the best of it, will keep you afloat. You may have developed powerful creativity in the process of making lemonade out of lemons. The fact is that the more emotional you get regarding a particular situation, the rockier it gets. The Queen of Swords indicates that your mental development travels from instability to certainty. It requires you to eliminate any unnecessary distractions so that you can focus on your best self and finding your way through confusion. This could be a month where you make a firm decision to move forward on something that has been limiting your freedom of expression, whether this is verbally or the expression of your full self, December proves to be a bold time to begin putting your life in the right direction. There’s a determination to make things right for yourself and a new identity emerges once you realize that you are the only one whom can save you. This is not something that should make you feel fearful but empowered and willing to take on new challenges with an optimistic outlook. Your instincts are sharp; the ability to discern what is fitting for you and what is not, is on a higher level this month. Be honest with your observations and your own needs, you are entering a new plane where honesty will lead you directly to the foot of your desires. The more clear & grounded you remain, the more synchronised you realize your life is, this becomes a fun game. Your logical discernment fuels your passions and you will find yourself growing in faith, ambition and clear organization. Expect the unexpected in the next year.



Page of Wands + 9 of Wands + Queen of Swords

CapricornThe Page of Wands expresses the desire to expand beyond your comfort zone, it may very well be the realization that this was your theme for 2015 and you are continuing mastering that feeling. Comfort with discomfort is an energy pattern presented within these cards; you can expect nothing but growth, resilience and a great deal of determination from yourself. The Page of Wands can bring an unexpected desire to relocated to a new environment, gain a surprise promotion, leave an old attachment behind and radically shift gears in the direction of your life. This is all for the better, as it is life’s way of placing you directly where you need to be in order your independence to be known and to guide you toward a more aligned life. Worn from past challenges, you are wiser and perhaps more focused on what benefits you & how to make advancements. You may be impulsive, eager to grow, be cautious not to burn anyone with your actions or words; there is an extreme amount of fire presented in these cards; be mindful that there are others you can assist along the way instead of doing it alone. The 9 of Wands illustrates your victory regarding a previous battle, be it with the mind or someone else’s resistance, you have learned how to ease into the situation and not allow external reactions distract your own choices. If there is no solution presentable, you take initiative in creating one for yourself, without any excuses. You may feel as if you have grown tremendously and cannot remember who you once were. It seems most as if your old way of living and of perceiving things is distant. This is an exciting new phase of your life where you maintain a connection with your child-like self as you explore new possibilities and options in your life, while establishing your authority & responsibilities to things you’d like to see happen. You are actualizing some important milestones at this time, and it is increasingly clear what is your support system and what energies you need to flourish with. The Queen of Swords can represent a direction of self-discipline, honest reflection and direct communication. You are no longer ashamed, guilt-ridden or hesitant to vocalize or express your needs. Artistic expression is a huge outlet for you and if you have yet to administer any artistic sensibilities, you may very well pick up some important hobbies that further your spiritual and personal development. Individuals around you will display examples of lessons on communication: clarity and the lack there of. This will encourage you to find multiple streams of expression, which will allow you to make yourself be known and felt. This energy is that of a leader, if you have any inclination to rule, you should look into teaching, spreading meaningful information, or finding more structure in your life. Your magic to influence others is strong this month.



4 of Swords + the Chariot + 10 of Cups

VirgoThe 4 of Swords expresses a month that contains much contemplation, deep introspection, a willingness to look beyond the exterior & discover the root of what you intend to pursuit. In many ways this card influences our mental realm heavily but expect to result in needed clarity, a deeper understanding of self and a stronger appreciation for beauty. Beauty is a theme as well, and The 4 of Swords may bring up topics on Virgo’s contribution to the beauty around them, your sense of creation on an energetic scale, how find ways to love yourself more and creating new concepts of beauty & self expression. Remember that there is a time to think and a time to live, do not be overwhelmed by wanting to improve on all things, select a couple to focus on for the new year and dedicate yourself to those desires. The Chariot finds you extremely occupied with a rush of excitement anticipating future changes and advancement. The Chariot is ready for battled and you are well prepared to claim your prize, regardless of what gets in the way. The 4 of Swords reminds you of your priorities and the need to counter-balance this internal rush, but learning how to slow down and make deliberate and intentional moves as opposed to reactionary ones. December finds you more balanced than ever with a strong sense of self-belief. Trust in the steps ahead of you, or in your own rhythm if you should fail to see what’s ahead, you are on a blessed and fortunate direction. You may be facing your thoughts or realizing that you have the ability to manifest quickly. There is a desire to find greater harmony and peace in all areas of your life, which enables you to just drop baggage instantaneously or accept what is, as you carry along. This brings you much prosperity and mini-blessings should you take a moment to notice. The 10 of Cups speaks of harmonious individuals around you, whom share the same interest and perhaps purpose! This is a mission that you are on, to bring others greater service and to provide a sense of wholesomeness to the lives of others. Coupled with The Chariot, this desire can manifest in various ways as: working a specific team and cause, establishing your independence and discovering new expressions, venturing out into new environments and scenes, etc. The 10 of Cups may find you in a thriving love attraction; the desire to build upon this or yourself could be strong at this time. This influence gives you a new perspective on how you’d like to appear in the world and how you can loosen up the edges to have more beautiful and beneficial experiences over all. Emotional growth & maturity are themes of this card; it would not be far-fetched if you experience accurate intuitive reactions, prophetic dreams or synchronised events that appear easily.



5 of Swords + 3 of Cups + Knight of Cups

CancerThe 5 of Swords brings light to a situation, which may have left you feeling exhausted, defeated, or reminiscent of past circumstances that did not pan out in your favor. This resurfaces to provide you insight on the energy that you keep around you and you choose to tune into; be mindful that you are in need of cleansing what is no longer relevant or beneficial from your life, even if it stems from your own behavior. There may be things from the past tormenting your mind that have no substance but remain as energetic imprints that replay frequently. Remove any guilt or attachment to what these thoughts are telling you; the are inaccurate and you have the choice to move on projecting yourself as a wiser being as a result. Self-forgiveness brings about more ease and relaxation into your life; you are aware of the fragility of things and are now conscious of exhibiting a loving vibration, or just focusing on that more often. Do not pile up more than you can chew; December does show you quite busy for the holidays but you are more mentally full at capacity than you realize. Make sure you are taking time to enjoy you. The 3 of Cups hints at celebrations with close friends, mutual acknowledgement and closure. This could be indicative of linking up with beautiful souls for support and appreciation, and also feeling extremely loved and appreciated for your unique self. There is abundance and happiness around you, and perhaps you have gratitude towards your journey thus far and how this core group have supported you along the way. You may be feeling extremely fertile in the sense that there are many inspiring ideas beckoning you to bring them to life. Riches and wealth take on a new meaning as you redefine what this means to you and how you can surround yourself more by it. The Knight of Cups brings an influence of romance, sensitivity, vulnerability and a soft approach towards growth. You have eased up on your judgments and particularly have eased up on yourself. There is sentimentality regarding a loved one and you think of them frequently, expanding upon your love energies. This care and affection is present, and will be extending its influences into other areas of your life; allowing you to see the interconnection and harmony within relationships. You are focused on improvement, or more like authenticity in your approach to life. Details carry more appreciation because they assist you with what you want to do and go; you place more important on being open and raw but also direct and straight to the point. This will bring on interesting result for you in the New Year. Focus on evolution.



Judgment + 3 of Swords + 10 of Wands

LibraDecember will reveal to you many epiphanies and realizations that awaken you to the truth. This may be regarding a couple of factors that have been out of thought for a while, or perhaps gives you insight towards your own behavior and patterns. Regardless, there is much liberation involved; you feel in tune with your nature, expanding on old ways and making better choices than ever. There is a sense of divine choice, or feeling as if you have been chosen for a particular purpose and ambition. This sense of clarity helps you determine what you should be focusing on at the moment and where you truly intend to go. Elimination unnecessary elements from your life will enable you to travel lighter and think faster. The 3 of Swords has you focused on building your best self and getting you prepared for who you ultimately want to be. There’s a deconstruction of the body, mind and soul; breaking it down in order to analyze how you built it back up so that you may learn more of yourself along the way. It may very well be the case that you shine light on a past situation that has left you out of whack, or heartbroken. The Judgment is the “aha” moment in your life that allows you to learn a more than what you’re conscious of, enabling you to make better choices. The 10 of Wands speaks of internal and external baggage, how they interrelate and how you may perpetuate this “baggage” through your belief systems. There is an easier approach towards what you are focusing on and what you would like to achieve; do not make things harder than what they are by not accepting help or your own abilities. This may also be indicative on the weight you carry from past mistakes or a feeling of distrust. You must blossom into a new way of thinking, one that allows you live with more ease and comfort and a willingness to ask for help when needed. Consider where you can put all those sticks so that you can travel lightly, but don’t avoid your own negligence towards your negative or victimization habits. There’s no need to carry something that is not adding value to your life, but don’t mask your pain from the past. It is time to accept and heal by finding ways to lighten up your load.


The Chariot + Page of Swords + Ace of Pentacles

AquariusThe Chariot is a rush of aggression that comes into your life. You may be influenced by a need to go into over-drive and charge towards every opportunity you see, or feel adamant about defending your way of life and how you see things. I don’t see anyone attacking you for your vision, but it’s almost as if you feel pressed to give all of you at once and to expose yourself & your mission. This may be a burst of maturity and growth, extending yourself further than you have yet gone in order to challenge yourself. It’s almost as if you are pushing yourself to the max in order to accomplish some last agendas before the end of the New Year. This spurt in energy may have you wanting to reform all aspects of your life; the way you eat, what you attract, how you exercise, the way you think: prepare to challenge your current set of beliefs in these areas and go beyond your expectations. The Page of Swords delivers many truths and clarity into your life. You are not easily misguided because you pay close attention to the details of your life and how others communicate with you on a physical and non-physical level. You may be keen to focus on new projects that are calling you for the next year; this is a card of excitement and passion. Write those ideas down and watch how the universe brings about the resources to you. You may be feeling as if you could do anything; looking through the lens of a child and finding possibilities in all things. Keep your brilliance to you self until you can begin manifesting on them at the right time; this is a good moment to allow energy to build up around your ideas for further support. This may also manifest as a sense of eagerness to new experiences and a desire to build up on your foundation. Receive inspiration, great wisdom and valuable lessons through observing others and welcoming new people in your life that bear great meaning and insight on your future. 2016 welcomes you with much prosperity and career advancement; you are established with who you are and what your intentions mean. In terms of your creations, you trust the process and are in a much more positive mind frame and direction. There is the ability to let things go and to expect the unexpected, not just from life but from yourself this is spontaneity and magic that enters your life in every moment; welcome this freer side of you.



Ace of Swords + Death + 5 of Cups

SaggitariusThe Ace of Swords. December begins with cutting away and eliminating old & outdated baggage from your life. It is the card that communicates extreme truth, clearing you from the cobwebs of illusion and deceit. It’s mainly about trusting your own vibes and sense of intuition and allowing this to be a guide for you throughout life. You note that by trusting these instinctual abilities, your life becomes easier and simple, one thing flowing onto the next. The need to skip ahead in your life and pursuit higher things, symbolizes a transition from an older way of being. You are leveling up in many ways and Death requires you to shed willingly in trust of the new and the more appropriate. Death is a symbol of transcendence and how you can take from your old experience and outlook in order to improve upon them, or avoid having to learn that difficult lesson again. There is a desire to live simply, directly and intentionally. Diving down the internal road of darkness and being selective as to which characteristics and energies you choose to reside in, may be a theme this year. You are beginning to recognize new phases of your self; a new way of being/thinking has been brought to the light informing you of your conscious state of being. Perhaps this alarms you into changing some habits or ways of relating to things. Death does bring immense change, but most is something that you’ve anticipated for some time so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ease yourself into you and all will be a smooth transition. The 5 of Cups illustrates however, your need to reflect or perhaps stay stuck in past circumstances. This may denote a willingness to live in the past, or to think consistently on negative memories rather than what remains as a benefit right now. This can also be a very emotional effect on you, if you choose to stick to your attachments, you may never discover what is an advantage for you. Overall, December is a month to wake up and enlighten yourself towards where you intend to go. Where do you want to go? And what is around you so that you can get there directly? You are known to use your emotion for intellect, make sure that these current changes do not jolt your sense of balance.



5 of Cups + 4 of Swords + 6 of Swords


PiecesThe 5 of Cups has you reflecting on potential negative and painful memories where you may feel guilty or obsessed with circumstances of the past. This is a time of great healing and reflection, which may call for you to revisit some uncomfortable areas in your life in order to gain closure. In the process of doing so, leave with a broader awareness on your behaviors so that you can measure how much farther you will need to go in order to reach your castle. The 4 of Swords is a card of mental activity, meditation and a consistent need to pry deeper into your thoughts in order to discover what triggers them. If you particularly need to make a decision now, this may suggest that you slow things down and analyze all angles to decide objectively. You may feel the need to put things to an end but do not feel guilty over your longing to place yourself as a priority. There is much organization and re-structuring around you; you may be identifying as someone else, redefining many meanings in your life & roles, or at a stage of internal exploration, and what you can do in every moment to make it impactful. The 6 of Swords suggest traveling from one level to the next, mentally. This may be the acceptance of an emotional phase in your life that has once kept you at a same understanding, but now you appear to have a more holistic comprehension of why that transpired. You are deciding to let go on many seemingly “meaningful” things that are either not living up to your expectations, or carry no meaning after some time. There is a theme of stability on what is your constant sense of comfort; this is a journey to discover. This combination encourages you to explore this topic through multiple streams of expression be it art, communication, dance, photography, etc or the investigation of deeper philosophical meanings & cultural interpretations. December has you exploring new topics of interests to discover inspiration that can direct you towards a better way of life and being. Emotionally, engage in activities that are fulfilling to your soul and add substance to your life.



Page of Cups + The Chariot + Ace of Pentacles


ScorpioThere is a strong need to maintain a steady financial income, or to perhaps do so through your own means and not from anyone else. A drive to lead your own ship and find new levels of security through various hobbies and talents is the highlight of this month leading into the New Year. In many ways this challenges you to expand upon your creativity and how you choose to perceive things; the easier you make of it, the more accessible it is. The Page of Cups has you feeling playful, explorative, curious and charming. You may find it extremely easy to attract certain things into your life, or this may be an energetic influence that you are picking up regarding your ability to charm and woo your way into your desires. The Page of Cups may also carry artistic sensibilities and an acute way of expressing one’s self. This can have you focusing on how your style projects your inner being and other way of communicating your presence. You may be feeling vulnerable and open to the changes, yet focused on the positive and how you can ease into a better way of feeling. This is a month to channel all your psychic energies and emotions into a higher way of living. The Chariot depicts extreme motivation and determination that allows you to get to where you want to go without distractions. It is high masculine energy that may be leaving you with a valuable lesson that needs reminding of. You can feel safe, protected and guarded under this influence; although it illustrates that you are bold and confidence, don’t rush into situations without analyzing your intentions first. Your approach is nonetheless, a firm point of view, softened by idealistic sensibilities; it is possible to make this work, even if it sounds like a fairy tale. You may be changing your whole outlook on how to receive and control your money. A bartering system appeals to your interest but so does a potential attempt in promoting your own gifts and momentum. The Ace of Pentacles shows the leap into the new, a restructuring of your old ways so that they are stronger and can sustain themselves against any unforeseen circumstances. You could be building your knowledge on a whole level, continuing to support your wisdom and growth. Have confidence that you have the ability to build regardless of the weather; there are many rewards in store for you.



The Devil + Ace of Pentacles + The Chariot


LeoThe Devil recaps the whole year, bringing everything into perspective regarding power struggles, expressing your sense of balance, boundaries, and fighting temptations: jealousy, anger, paranoia, hesitation, doubt, etc. It may bring all these extremities to light in order for you to keep in mind and remember for the New Year. Direct a new approach and shift what has not worked out for you in the past. Whether this be energies that you choose to keep around or personal thoughts that are not aligned with your best needs, the Devil communicates a final cleanse before the new year. Freshen up the mind and regain focus because the Ace of Pentacles communicates beginning anew and establishing yourself as a grounded and knowledgeable expert in some field. Perhaps you are increasing your education, growing in wisdom and confidence; the Ace of Pentacles rules the realm of manifestation and the ability to transmute thoughts into tangible items. If you should tune into how doing this is easeful for you, then this may be replicated quite easily and you will begin to focus on bigger and more intensive projects. 2016 is an excellent year to make yourself known and acknowledged by a particular group, or passion you affiliate with. It may manifest as an unexpected opportunity to throw your skills out there and make nothing out of something. The Chariot denotes your strong sense of passion, determination to eliminate any obstacle and also to pick up on new modalities of learning things at a rapid pace. You are moving fast but are comfortable with this speed; this is symbolic to your comfort in self and the visions that you receive. Trust your magic. This is the year of doing things bigger and more expansive than ever before.

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