Everyday Chemistry Is Magic That Must Be Felt


Chemistry is the face behind the things we call magic. It can exist in decibels so high they would be illegal in the loudest of cities. Or it can be replaced with nothing. Silence so sound that it can only be described as when fresh snow is falling. The way fresh snow suffocates sounds, lowering ambient noise over the atmosphere. Snow holds air hostage and attenuates vibration. When chemistry is lacking it is asphyxiating. Where would we be without chemistry? How would we live without magic? In a dull world even the smallest interactions with the highest decibels of magical chemical sound can mean everything. To be a teenager when your hormones are at their highest is to live in magic. It is to be magic. To hold powers you cannot understand in a world you have yet to figure out. When you are a teenager magic doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to commit, and it doesn’t even have to be appreciated. Magic will happen whether you know it’s there or not. Our childhood prepares us for this time in our lives where the world is like a large dog on a leash. Yours, loving and sometimes overpowering. And each stage prepares us for the next and so forth.

As we get older the only magic we feel is the magic we allow to happen. Not only has the chemistry been muted, but we have built a buffer between us and the world. We are afraid to touch fire, because we have been burned before, but forget what lighting a candle feels like.


But very rarely we feel the magic we weren’t looking for. That’s the kind that exist in decibels so high they would be illegal in the loudest of cities. But like a silent rave only you and whoever else is wearing the same colored headphones can hear it. Everyone else can tell how you feel, but never exactly why.

And only if you knew what this magic felt like would you welcome it into your life. With our adult like filtering systems most of the unknown gets thrown out. We miss out on a lot. We feel guilty when we feel too much chemistry. As if we don’t deserve to have it or never bothered to master it. As if you cheated on a song just for listening to another. All chemistry is attraction, but not all attraction is sexual. Sometimes chemistry comes in the form of friendship or looking at a stranger that feels the same way and both of you acknowledging this fact. Sometimes magic comes from looking at a pet and watching as they run towards you with excitement. Chemistry is the constant realization that everything in this world is connected.

Our bodies are created to feel this magic before we know what it is. It is an evolutionary process. Or better yet, the basis of all living things. Your body temperature changes ever so slightly every time your feelings change. Listen to your body. Open your ears. Allow yourself to feel magic again, before you forget what it’s like and filter it out with the rest of the unknown.


Ana is the founder of  www.quartervida.com/  Instagram: @quartervida Twitter: @quartervida 

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