#MusicMonday: Jamila Woods' "blk girl soldier", A Modern Day Affirmation


While the internet has been buzzing about Jamila Woods being the black girl on Macklemore's controversial White Privilege II track, I've been buzzing about the impact that she's about to leave in the music space this year. As her voice rises to the sound waves I can't help but to smile for Jamila. The Chicago native just signed to independent Chicago label Closed Sessions. This milestone was celebrated by the release of "blk girl soldier" on Soundcloud. With just less than a week, the track has already garnered over 25K plays. In case you didn't know, Closed Sessions is the label behind Vic Mensa's (Innanetape), Curren$y (3 Piece Set) and Alex Wiley (Village Party), among others. The Juz Cuz produced track features soul with a hint of funk, and an accompaning electronic piano.

The artist behind the cool visual is Max Sansing. The lines across Jamila's face convey discord and chaos.  Jamila's lyrics command us to remember the women who have came before us and who have left blazing stories for us to be empowered. She salutes and calls out freedom fighters from our past:

Rosa was a freedom fighter and she taught us how to fight.

Assatta was a freedom fighter and she taught us how to fight.

Sojourner was a freedom fighter and she taught us how to fight.

"She’s telepathic/Call it black girl magic/Yeah she scares the government." 


She tells Billboard.com:

"I drew inspiration from a protest chant I learned at a Black Youth Project 100 meeting in Chicago, I love how music and chants were used in the Civil Rights movement to help people keep marching. How songs were both a balm and a call to action. I'm interested in figuring out what freedom songs would sound like in 2016. My hope is that 'blk girl soldier' is a freedom song for black women today who are fighting the macro and microagressions of daily life in our city/country/world."

"Blk girl soldier" a love poem about her deep admiration for our community. We are all learning about this journey, somedays are easy and other days are not. Blk grl soldier is here to keep you focused on your goals, to never give up , and to believe in yourself. Jamila's forthcoming album is set to be released this Spring. Keep your head up sis.


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