January Tarotscopes Revealed!


Art by Nicole Onslow

January’s Theme:

The World + Temperance + Queen of Swords + Negativity

The World is at your disposal this month; at least this may be the predominant energy that you carry on through out the rest of the year. This card speaks of various energetic influences, entering your life, inspiring you to reach beyond limitations and areas you would have never dreamt of. This in many ways, could signify the death of your looming Negativity; the death to your self-doubt, lack of worth & hesitation. The battle against your own spirit is subsiding as you learn to gracefully integrate your subconscious messages and synchronicities into your life. Utilizing these spiritual tool, you can direct yourself forward in a path that has no blueprint because by looking back you fall upon old consciousness, ways of living that no longer serve you & perhaps obsessing over the efforts of others & not your own. This is all about individuality and how you will make your mark on the World; this can also be a very symbolic time where you consciously begin redefining the world for yourself, no longer complying with how other definitions have served you. There is a complete radical shift from your old nature; you are hungry for the truth and will seek the ends of the earth to find it, be that in different culture, philosophies, spiritual education and art forms, you take what you can get, to further understand your journey & spirit. You are to literally take that which surrounds you in the present moment, and transform it for your own benefit and advancement. This is no longer a waiting game, as presented by the Temperance. There is indeed, a humility inside of you that understands that there is a time & specific rhythm to the manifestations of all things, but even in this present moment, you can still be doing something to get to where you need to go. Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual alchemy are at play here; switching from outdated patterns to a re-invention of your personality, programming & behavior. Even in the stillness, you carry a drive propelling you to consistently create, but have patience & enough wisdom to know that this is not an instantaneous process; you will need to put the pieces together yourself and most of us don’t know how. You will be able to direct and manage your brain more successfully than ever. The Queen of Swords is about managing your mentality, not giving in to your mentality managing you. She is the energy of eliminating distractions and claiming what is rightfully hers. You will know what is yours because it will resonate with your truth. This month is all about expanding into that awareness and acting on those impulses that trigger your personal truth.


Capricorn II The Chariot + 3 of Cups + The World

495798235Driven, ambitious, determined, progressive and quick paced, you are very focused on advancement and creating the life that you love. This month shows that you hold no prisoners. The Chariot places all his effort, energy and intention into manifesting his visions without making any excuses. You can be cleared from old lethargic habits and resistance this time, entering 2016 marked a new way of perceiving your own life and your own expectations. You are placing a higher standard on yourself because you want to see quick results and can now respect time, as to not waste it. It’s a pivotal time to plan and strategize before you make any rash moves or decisions. Your enthusiasm and confidence in self and lend to burning out early and stepping into unknown situations before you’re fully prepared. Meet your hunger with adequate preparation and a mindful approach; you are more rational and balanced this month than any of the prior. Collect your genius on paper and make moves, one checklist at a time. The 3 of Cups shows emotional fulfillment, much joy, happiness and gratitude towards your inner wealth & the support system that surrounds you. You are bathed in feminine energy this month, which can lend to many women or feminine vibes around you. Heightened creativity, vulnerability and a need to express your authenticity are shown in January, which makes you extremely relatable w/ the ability to connect with others on a profound level. This can also be an extremely healing time where you find nurturing and resonance with close friends in visits & hangouts. In many ways, you’ve made a pack to prioritize the well being of your body, mind and soul. A world of wonders has opened as a result of that. Perhaps you have unlocked the root to many of your subconscious beliefs & excuses that have once held you back; you are expanding at a rapid pace, wanting your influence to reach many others. The World points that you have survived & transcended many of your obstacles and as a result, you carry a profound wisdom that is leading you throughout this year. You could literally go in any direction you desire, which is why it’s important for you to distinguish what you would like to accomplish first, instead of heading out in all directions and not progressing in any of them. The World will bring you global inspirations, new & refreshing ways to look at the world and to relate to you more profoundly. Your third eye awareness is enhanced as you begin to see within your own circles how everyone in interrelated or has a gift they can offer. Honing in on your sensitivity this month, will allow you to access some great creative work & inspiration to last you throughout the year.


Aquarius II King of Swords + Queen of Swords + Judgment

Woman in French Aquarius astrology sign

The union of the King & Queen of Swords can hint at a valuable partnership that you may take on this month; there is a supreme collaboration of minds agreeing upon a creative endeavor or a joint effort to make more income through a different avenue. This month, you are willing to ask exactly for what you want; the King of Swords executes his ambitions with full certainty and clarity of the mind. There are no other options for this card, you may make the decision to follow up on a full commitment that fulfills you but until now have been holding back on. January is a strong month for empowerment and self-education; every day you learn something new about yourself and your observations of your environment become sharper. You care adamantly about the energy you contain around you, inside of you and what you decide to react upon. Your communication skills and the ability to reason and empathize with others is strong this month. Utilize these benefits to your advantage but be tactful and considerate in your delivery, the Queen of Swords ensures that you soften your blow if need be, especially with concerns of love, romance and self-analysis. Your mind may be pro-active with ways to find new solutions and angles to situations in your life; you may not know exactly how to get to your destination, but you are chaotically organized in the way that you don’t need a systematic schedule to follow, you are structured and follow an intuitive one of your own. In many ways, you may be awakening to the truth of others, as shown by the Judgment card, this energy speaks of experiencing many awakenings, some are refreshing, others can be challenging if you are not willing to accept it. Projections are common during this time, they will illuminate subconscious blockages you have within, and bringing awareness to what is currently holding you back and what your belief systems truly are. Because so much air is encompassed in this spread, it’s advised to find healthy ways of expressing your spirit and nature; otherwise you may be inclined to purge in unhealthy and destructive ways, especially if targeted towards others. This influence can lend to deep and profound interactions with your subconscious through dreaming, medication and other relaxed states of being. Explore what this realm has to show you and recreate as you see fit.


Pisces II 3 of Cups + 7 of Swords + Knight of Rods

Woman in French Pisces astrology sign

The 3 of Cups grants you a world of new artistic expression: inspiring visions, different ways to combine elements in your world and a heightened sense of curiosity overwhelm you this month. This may encourage you to explore your physical & emotional identity in ways that you have not before. It would not be a surprise if you chose to do a makeover on yourself, establish a new lifestyle, implement positive mental habits and behaviors. It may even call on you to develop a new spiritual practice or a commitment to a passionate new hobby. This month is about embracing your uniqueness and plunging in further to discover what that is. You may be well supported by unexpected people that enter your life and hold such lasting imprint on your mind & heart. This year is about personal fulfillment: mental, physical and spiritual nourishment and the pursuit of advanced goals. Although you are overwhelmed with lists of things to conquer, you have learned from the past, how less of a benefit it is to multi-task and juggle more than you can handle. The 7 of Swords may grab our attention with this exact lesson: piling on more than we can chew. If you can stay committed to these tasks and give them the proper awareness they deserve then be adventurous to tackle them all. This card does suggest, however, that you find mental organization should you choose to do so, because it will affect your mind, more than anything else. A planner, schedule and different ways to maximize and organize your time is required here. In fact, early preparation is your best friend, especially if you plan on making leaps this year. The Knight of Rods is adventurous, ambitious, bold and determined to feed off of his dreams. There are several messages of new collaborations, the desire to travel or re-locate altogether may present itself, or perhaps the cultivation of large dreams, begin this month. In many ways, this energy alludes to January being the catalyst month for many of your achievements and success later on in the road. What you plant now will nourish you in time, but you must be selective in regards to what you want to plant and how to parent that goal all the way. We may feel as if we need to rush this month, but you have more than enough time. Slow and steady wins the race.

Aries II 7 of Swords + The Tower + The Lovers

Woman in French Aries astrology sign

The 7 of Swords details your struggle from the past and the emergence of a more responsible, accountable and mentally savvy individual. It may have felt as if you were being strung along a desert with no nourishment or vision of the future, or perhaps you felt you fell off course. On a mental level, you may have been placing unnecessary burdens, stress, damaging thought patterns and perhaps paranoia about a particular area in your life. January is your wake-up call from your experiences and circumstances. You are more cautious & are mindful to select deliberate thoughts and confront your fears head on, but allow this to be a reminder to keep it as a consistent practice. Challenges have only further strengthened you but you don’t need to have the same relationship to its presence as you’ve once had in the past. To avoid the Tower, or the possible downfall of a foundation, be it your self-esteem, work, finance, health, etc, secure and find gratitude in what exists in the present. The Tower is symbolic of a shake-up, a complete 180, springing your life upside down to question you of your grounding and support. In what areas are you in danger of slipping for lack of self-support or awareness? The Tower can signify a jolting experience that teaches us how to shape our lives quickly, with intention and assertion, but it does not have to get to that point. This is a turning point for you to be realistic with yourself on all levels. What are your intentions and expectations from self & those around you? Perhaps this needs a bit remodeling or relaxation. The Lovers promotes the vibration of harmony within self; you find more reasons to love you, or at least up your appreciation skills. You will find more time to devote yourself to the things you love, or may very well be figuring out what it is you do love, in detail. This impacts you profoundly, allowing you to truly get intimate with the identity you’ve created for yourself thus far. The Lovers may also heighten your magnetism for romance, the finer things in life and comradery. This can signify a new appreciation for your evolution and rough transitions that enables you to be more compassionate towards other’s circumstances as well. In many ways you gain a renewed sense of focus this month that sustains you for the rest of the year; an elevation of self & a desire to expand beyond your perceived limits. No holding back in 2016.


Taurus II Page of Cups + 2 of Pentacles + 6 of Swords

Woman in French Taurus astrology sign

A youthful, opportunistic and avant-garde personality takes over you this month, as you explore your emotional realm and how it feeds your creativity. The Page of Cups is the delivery of sensitivity, truly being in tune with all of your psychic faculties and elusive nature. This channels the dreamer in you, but also supports your vision for expansion and influence. You may be under guidance from others whom inspire you to live life from a different angle than before, or recreate a new facet of your business, or personality, which is more unique, and authentic to who you are as an individual. You consider your emotions and non-physical inclinations to be serious, a part of your reality just like anything else. This combination shows resilience after an emotional hardship that has taught you how to be further self-sufficient and weary of other’s energies. This does not necessarily imply that you don’t trust individuals, but an experience from the past may resurface, illuminating the areas of your life that need more awareness and protection. You have the ability to read people very easily and can tune into their intentions instinctually, use this to your advantage this month. Instead of criticizing and judging others, find ways to build connection and be of an influence; this is a hidden power you yield and may be correlated to you deepening your connection with self. The 2 of Pentacles suggests that you are readjusting to new responsibilities and expectations; your place may be over served but you can still manage if you balance your idealisms & reactions with action and clarity. It suggests that you can handle more than you initially thought, and perhaps you should be lightening up the load by finding additional help or means to cope with all of your ambitions. Considering what you have been through, the seas are calm this month but you’re still in transit. Perhaps your consciousness will gain more awakenings regarding your purpose and the way in which you make your decisions. Regardless, expect to expand tremendously; just don’t get caught up in a whirl of emotions unless they are supporting the cause. Some insights may lead you to experience a loss in some form. The 6 of Swords shows a transition from a lower state of consciousness to one that is fully empowering. Save your energy to yourself this month and patch up the holes that 2015 left in you.


Gemini II 9 of Pentacles + Judgment + 8 of Swords

Woman in French Gemini astrology sign

The 9 of Pentacles has you ready to receive the rewards for hard work executed. It is the card of luxury, wealth and the embodiment of sensual confidence and material security. Expect this all in the months to come, if you do not exhibit them already. There is a charm to you that grants you the ability to create all that you desire fairly easily, at least the resources are not so difficult to attain and that is the first step. This can be a card representing an elevation in status, a boost in material reward and feeling like pure royalty. There is strong assurance in your ability to manifest great visions for the future; financial stress, lack of self-confidence, procrastination, and self-neglect become less of a potential threat. The 8 of Swords reflects on your escape from a lower state of living, perhaps you’ve felt mentally trapped, confined to a particular negative habit or mind frame, but you have gained some insight regarding the whys and the how’s of your trigger which is also shown by the Judgment card. Deep analysis and a willingness to understand your own patterns has enabled you to break out of the 8 of Swords’ hold and in many ways you could be feeling liberated and renewed. A sense of “enough is enough,” energy in which you decide to never look back or succumb to guilt or unworthiness, pervades you this month and you may very well carry this on throughout the years to come. This is independence from the past, which grants you space to expanding into new territory you’ve yet to consider. You will be filled with valuable advice, wisdom and great clarity as a result of committing to your betterment and focus on your present priorities. An easier way of doing things may be presented to you if you trust in relaxing into your current situation and allowing the next step to unfold naturally. Be mindful of your personal mental patterns that give way to self-sabotage. The 8 of Swords may rear its head if you have forgotten to internalize its message completely. Stay grounding with what surrounds you in the current moment; what gives you happiness and a sense of comfort will also provide you closure and peace. This keeps you on track of whether you are in alignment with your dreams through your vibrations.


Cancer II The Emperor + Page of Pentacles + Knight of Rods

Woman in French Cancer astrology sign

The Emperor’s influence regards organization over your personal needs and expectations, perhaps even on a daily scale. This may require more consistency and discipline from yourself than ever before. It shows through the Page of Pentacles you may be receiving a new job, off on an adventurous venture or in pursuit of establishing yourself on a professional note but truly making yourself successful is the goal. You are determined to find a route to reach the top, even if this requires the best of you on a daily basis, you are ready to deliver. The Page of Pentacles sets out to establish the throne through a routine that is effective and provides quick results for your advancement. It requires that you discover what this is for you and apply it immediately to your life for fast benefits and quick growth. You are extremely wiser than you consider, and would be benefitting more by putting yourself out there and trusting your own sense of things. There is no reason to second-guess yourself any more because you appreciate your individuality and distinct style. There may be a challenge against authoritative figures at this time, or a strong desire to figure things out your own way and in your own rhythm. The Emperor can signify a strong hold memory in the past linked to a masculine energy that influenced you in profound and memorable ways. Regardless if this embodied a male or female form, the past influence may be the drive that inspires you to go further than where you currently stand in life, and you look up to many influential individuals that embody a strong ambition in some way. In this sense, by paying allegiance to the past, you know which areas to improve upon that can make you shine; it would do you well to learn from those that came before you so you avoid their mistakes and save time. This connection can also encourage you to do some research regarding your ancestors or develop a further connection with them. The Knight of Rods shows that you to be determined to execute things as soon as they come your way, there is a nice flow that you indulge in as you allow life to bring you the next opportunity and you enthusiastically take it on. There is no saying no, and because of this you can accomplish more than you expect with that forward focus.

Leo II Death + King of Cups + 10 of Pentacles

495798249Death is a current theme, not to be feared of but to be honored. It is the process of rebirth and resurrection, in order to attract that of what you deserve, you must be willing to cleanse yourself from past baggage. Death brings the gift of starting anew; to trust what he decides to eliminate in your life, is the only hard part. Be willing to accept whatever outcome he brings, knowing that it is for your highest good, ultimately leading towards further potential. This theme of transitions, changes and making life-altering decisions pervades you this year and you can see many of the same experiences circulating through your close network. What affects one, affects all; and you are no exception to the rule. This and the wisdom from death makes you more conscious of the decisions you make and who it impacts; being completely truthful to who you are, shows that it provides benefits for others around you. In an odd way, being selfish is the best that can happen to all, considering that those vibrations translate to indulging in positive self worth and growth. The King of Cups exemplifies this in his emotional honest and ability to express this vulnerable side of him with full acceptance and ease. Knowing that it not worth placing his needs aside, he is eager to articulate exactly why he ticks the way he does; and this influence suggest that you learn to do the same. Perhaps this calls for a reality check inside of you or potentially others around you that may be expecting one thing but in reality you really intend something different. Honesty in your space, equates to honesty and purity within, which ensures peace and clarity; you will need both to advance in life. The 10 of Pentacles illustrates a valuable partnership, you may feel the need to take on a leadership position, gather others for a similar purpose or cause, or take initiative in cultivating a project that requires great team effort and planning. This is a beautiful new venture for you that may be scary but you’re more than capable of this grand change. It’s important to be yourself in all cause, many will respect you for the desire to harmonize with others on a genuine basis and for showing effort in bringing out the best qualities in those around you. This is the month where you gain the most comfort in being yourself; perhaps this is the very thing that Death has forced you to become.


Virgo II The Sun + 7 of Pentacles + The Hanged Man

Woman in French Virgo astrology sign

You are definitely the highlight of the month in almost all areas of your life: financial, career, health, beauty, relationships, spirit, etc.; it is a strong alignment with who you fully are, some may consider this more spiritually aligned. In totality, you feel more like yourself than you have in awhile. This is a boost of confidence, a revisit to your inner child and that playful freedom you sustained just being raw and creating consistently without care. Yes, that. January illuminates much of what has held you back from being in this state; be prepared to accept the truth and willing to change it for your peace and happiness. The Sun influences all things, so one of the reasons why you’re elevating at a rapid pace is being all around you is illuminated from within for your to see and decide upon. This means that the truth in all scenarios shall be revealing itself and subconscious spirits will be on the loose. What you make of what is received, is what determines your future, but you’re no longer prone to react impulsively. Energy of maturity and mastery, the Sun is wisdom of the highest self and the ability to act on your will’s desires to do right and change accordingly. The 7 of Pentacles reveals your growth and stamina as a result of doing so, because to be honest, you will have to pace yourself while giving your attention to one focus at a time. Determined to create your best life, you can relate to a farmer harvesting for his future benefit and showing a considerable amount of awareness and consideration into his craft in the present moment. This is no different from how you operate this month and you may be looking to establish more income out of the many talents and skills you contain. I would not be surprised if you went above and beyond with your work habits and combined them into one entity that you could profit more from. Be willing to heed to the call of inspiration in all forms. The Hanged Man reveals itself to warn you of hesitation, resistance and limiting yourself when you know you shouldn’t. If you know better, do better. The year just started; how do you intend to make your mark?


Libra II 7 of Cups + Temperance + 7 of Pentacles

495798253The 7 of Cups can represent chaotic organization. The excitement from the potential in the New Year has you thinking of multiple plans leaving your brain on overload (not that this is of any surprise to you). This energy can have you more inside of your head than actually taking action on all the things you want to set out to do. Mindfulness regarding your inner space and the present moment would help you tremendously in the pursuit of your goals this month. If you are motivated to write your ideas down, then do so, at least they won’t marinate in your head, taking up all that space. The 7 of Cups illustrates multiple emotional spaces you occupy; you may be encountering unexpected surprises this year that has you making decisions from something other than a logical standpoint. It’s important to evaluate what is essential to you and what can actually be done within the timeframe that you have. You have cultivated much patience and in doing so, will be rewarded. There is a process of transformation going on here, that you may not be able to rationalize from a logical level but can fundamentally understand what is going on, from a spiritual frame as shown by the Temperance card. Trust in your process but do all that you can to ensure that it’s a clear & straight forward one, no one filled with illusions and fantasies. The 7 of Pentacles does reassure you that you are putting in the work to make sure that your dreams are actualized daily. You may be receiving outstanding offers and opportunities to take yourself on another level. This is elevation on all forms; dream bigger, aim higher. This can very much be the year where you expand beyond your perceived limitations and get to accomplish what you’ve been after for these years. Everyday is a lesson in disguised, pay close attention to your growth and it would be great if you’d recap the day’s events, analyzing what spirit has thrown at your for your own benefit. If you can balance your daydreams with your ambitious drive and momentum, nothing can stand in your way.  But do not talk the talk; walk the talk.


Scorpio II Ace of Rods + Page of Pentacles + King of Swords

Woman in French Scorpio astrology sign

A considerable amount of sacrifice is required from you in order to reach your desired destination. The King of Swords has no time for pettiness, games or flirtations; he says it how it is, maps out his destiny and attacks each destination at a time. This is a character that is straight forward, immensely focus, has build strength from his downfalls and shows no remorse for being authentic and wanting what is his. The world is yours; this is something you have known for some time, but have you truly acted on that notion? The Ace of Rods’ energy has you bursting out of your own skin, perhaps feeling as if you have ADHD, excessive energy and the need to get all done at once. This is admirable, it does show that you are willing to put in the work when it’s required and is the true definition of abundance: the ability to do what you must do when you need to do it. The Ace of Rods may represent a position of leadership, the mentality of a leader or the gusto of one. Either way, you have mogul juju surrounding you this month and you cannot afford to squander your energy on something that will not pay off in the long run. Your visions and intentions are far too grand to be taking your time on irrelevant matters and energies; use the force of the King of Swords to eliminate what is in your way, for your highest good. Those around you will understand your need to sacrifice and spend intimate time on your passions, and if they don’t, then perhaps they are not the people you want around you. It is important to fill your environment and your own spirit with proper nourishment, encouragement, love and enthusiasm. The Page of Pentacles does illustrate the burst of excitement you exhibit from time to time but make sure you don’t run anyone else over with these projections; stay in your own lane. A random opportunity may just have you landing in the most ideal of situations; you’ve been preparing for this, trust your instincts and the wisdom that you’ve acquired thus far. Seek guidance from mentors whom have shown the amount of success that you desire to achieve, and learn from the King of Swords’ by cultivating those habits inside of yourself. Predominantly, this is a masculine combination, which lends too much action, sharp analytical research and observation but you can expect your growth to be one mainly on the financial and mental plane.

Sagittarius II 7 of Pentacles + 9 of Wands + King of Rods

The 7 of Pentacles illustrates your process of being patient with self, allowing yourself to be receptive to what your next best course of action should be and pondering on your past creations and how you can improve upon them this year. This may be the pursuit of your personal bucket list, or a deep burning desire to make the world yours somehow. You take pride in your own creations and are enjoying the journey, but there’s a desire for you to do things on a grander scale. Your time is coming. Don’t believe that you are wasting away your precious life force; every moment can be spent cultivating your passions, planning for the future and re-inventing yourself. There is a sense of strong pride as you think about where you came from and how you got to this point. You certainly did not do it alone but before you set off again, you want to consider how to remodel your intentions and make sure that they truly represent what your heart is after. The 9 of Wands can indicate long-distance travel, really taking that extra step and going after what you want. It is the card of resilience and determination; nothing can get in your way except for your own mentality. Be cautious not to be defensive towards other’s intentions to help you out; you can learn a great deal from their experiences and struggles and may be able to avoid them yourself. This is a year where your faith and courage are tested; are you willing to go at it alone, to figure it out alone? This is a sign of encouragement and persistence, you have all that it takes, up until now, it was all about aligning with that belief and distinguishing which energies will support you in that act. Carry on with confidence but have humility at your side; you never know when opposition or hidden enemies are around, just because you may have conquered them in the past, doesn’t mean that you’re clear from their influence. The King of Rods speaks of your inevitable outcome, to be a natural born visionary, dynamic leader and passionate creative. This is the element of fire, and at this junction, you are prepared to support your journey with adequate work and effort. You may be filled with impulsiveness, curb your fire and use it to your advantage not to your detriment.

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