Feeling Ridiculous With MLeo


Los Angeles based alternative rock band, MLeo recently released a new music video, “Ridiculous". Her sound is reminiscent of a 90s trip-hop melody balanced with modern alternative rock. The guitar riffs and long sharp vocal tones slide together as a bow to a violin. When it comes to rock music, I like my drums loud and guitars rough, and “Ridiculous” was spot on for my hard rock fetish. The fusion of funk, jazz and acoustic rock combined with the singer’s ability to stretch her high-pitched cords and quickly dive into a low and seductive undertone.

“Don’t you see me walking out this door?”

The frustration and feeling that we get from toxic relationships, or trying to make a relationship that doesn’t work. The lead singer, Reed, is clearly fed up at the table with each of her lovers.

The lyrics are what brought me to this point of expression. The story of heartbreak was bittersweet , bitter in memory and sweet in its’ sound. The visuals in the music video using animal heads as male personality types showed that the band had a sense of abstract and brutally sarcastic humor. My favorite character was the fox, the sly and smooth type of persona who ultimately was the devil in disguise as he attempts to poison her drink. I think we can all relate or have experienced a blind seduction(with or without its’ figurative poison).

“How can this be anything but right?”

That elation and amorous feeling that most get when falling in love, ignoring the red flags and moving blindly forward into a relationship.

“Ridiculous” reminded me the power of owning your life and not allowing emotions or negative relationships hold you back from self-respect and happiness.

Yes, I agree that love can sometimes leave us feeling ridiculous. I’m glad Reed found the strength to get herself back together again and uplift us through her and her band’s music.

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