Intimate Inspiration: The Soul Tribe Session Vision Board Party Recap

To be completely honest, I've never written a post on my Soul Tribe Sessions. Why? Well because I've never shared with the world why I started them in the first place. But here we go. My Soul Tribe Sessions birthed from me feeling really down about some of my poor decisions and thus calling my girlfriends over to talk. I needed a big girl hug, and I was totally comfortable in admitting it. Through conversation, chill music and vino, we sat in a circle and went around sharing our personal hardships and how we overcame those challenges. With every session, I've gained a lot of wisdom and a better understanding on the issues that affect our community. These quarterly cozy meet ups became an event that more and more women wanted to partake in, so much that I now hold them every month.  The things that women share at our circle are often things we wish we could have learned earlier in our lives. Activist and poet, Aja Monet, once told me "create the spaces that you wish to see", and a Soul Tribe Session is indeed one of those spaces that I wish my younger self had. Sometimes, when I share with women that I host a monthly sister circle called Soul Tribe Sessions, they are apprehensive of the idea. Women have no clue what to expect because in our community these intimate settings are non-existent. The few times that I heard of anything similar was at our local Catholic Church, St. Lourdes. Our Soul Tribe Sessions are far from anything religious. It's about being a human being and going through this physical and emotional process, and being able to share your trials with like-minded people. It's a place where we gain guidance from each other because despite what the media has taught us to believe, we are very similar.


Seeing women gain wisdom and self-confidence is very rewarding for me. One of those beautiful women is Melanie Martinez from Mel a La Mode. As a faithful Soul Tribe Session supporter and a fellow blogger, Mel and I have grown into being great comrades. She stumbled upon the Soul Tribe Sessions after hanging out with my roommate and has been in my life since. Partnering to host a sister circle and her vision board party was magical. January 31st, 2016 was filled with love, encouragement, and most of all support. It was invigorating to see so many women that I had never met before. Thank you ladies for trusting in my spirituality and thank you Melanie for being such a supportive and loving person in my life. Thank you Amish Market for the beautiful food platters and thank you Dee and Girl Gang NYC for helping us remember our day.



Photos by Dee from GirlGangNYC


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