@TatiannaTarot's March Tarotscopes Revealed


March’s Theme

3 of Wands + The Star + The Chariot

This is a month where we enter the crossroads; a transition from the old into the new, some of which require that we leave the unnecessary behind. March is a month providing clarity on sacrifice; what must you put in energetically in order to get your outcome. The 3 of Wands explores the possibility of expansion: dreaming big and the desire to expand your influence for the better. This is about sacrificing the need to hang on to an old way of being; past expectations and integrating all the value you’ve received from those lessons, into the present moment. There is much balance presented here on all sides, the best way to deal with your reality is to choose in moving forward, regardless of your circumstance. The Star provides insight on what will help you to maintain your personal balance and consciousness at a regulated stream. You are many steps closer to actualizing various intentions in your life; March will show you what angle you are getting into and how the doors of opportunity are assessable to everyone. This month will teach you exactly where you need to steer your ship and how, have faith in your process and drink much water to establish a consistent fluidity in things. The Star may bring up consciousness that needs to be cleared, new understanding/negotiations, a possible restructuring of a contract or new formulated contract, regardless it provides a cleansing helping you heal and usher in a new dynamic energy that helps you get closer to your truth. The Chariot is a strong sense of determination and faith that things will transpire for the better, but this energy gives you the extra boost needed to use disadvantages to your advantage and blast through victoriously. Overall, this is a great awakening and ushering into future months where great change is evident but it’s more focused on rebuilding and creating.

Aries II 4 of Swords + 3 of Wands + The Moon

The 4 of Swords reveals that this month will be spent in deep contemplation, a new awakening to different energies inside of you and meeting those energies. It may be calling you to push back, cease interaction with others in order for you to get back to your own zone. This is a time where you’re programming many new things, having a sense of sacred space for yourself is recommend for balancing your growth. It’s a month of immense preparation and getting yourself in alignment for your best. The 3 of Wands reveals much maturity and wisdom regarding your personal life and future prospects. Future insight on your direction and where you ultimately envision going, come streaming in effortlessly; it will not be difficult to be motivated at this time and to maintain that consistency in supporting your direction. Ultimately you know who you are and where you essentially want to go, there will be nothing holding you back. The Moon highlights a shadow darker period of your life that may make itself present for transformation and a possibility of healing and understanding in these areas are more apparent for you to transcend past barriers. There might be hesitation, doubt or a tad bit of anxiety as you are entering new lands; it is best to focus on yourself this month and tend to your own vibrations and what you ultimately want in that moment. Strategic planning takes place as you realize what’s important for you and start putting that in front of your priority list. The Moon can also highlight any hesitation you have towards success and making the right moves that will push you outside of the comfort zone. You can honor that you will have these feelings but don’t let the emotion of your fear to hold yourself back. The point is to continue onward, regardless of what’s holding you back. Transcendence is the theme of you; march on ahead victoriously but with intentional calculation.

Taurus II 6 of Cups + Queen of Cups + Queen of Pentacles

This month brings much nostalgia and a renewed love for something from your the past. In many ways, the old is revisiting your life for you to find a way to gain value out of it, or to reinvent its influence in your life in some way. Perhaps it is also karmic alliance, where you part ways, make-up and forgive past trivialities that may not have been so easy to let go. Bear in mind, all these “blast from the past” incidences that is introduced by the 6 of Cups are to bring valuable gifts that heighten your expectations in life; it very well may be that you will expect the unexpected more naturally. Regardless, there is a potential to reignite old flames, clear any pent up karma that’s still carried on and find forgiveness in your actions and those of others. Embrace this entryway with open arms. The Queen of Cups makes you emotionally vulnerable yet in control of the direction of these emotions. This card influences you in a very raw and positive way; you will be making new connections that were not obvious before, you will not be interested in suppressing your emotions or natural being. March is where you really don’t pay much mind to the judgments to other’s opinions and let it all hang loose. In doing so, you gain much compassion for the world and subjects you connect with, projecting yourself as an understanding, empathic individual that most will gravitate to. Falling in love is a strong possibility this month as it is fertile with creation and partnership, inspiring you to look for love in unexpected places and find more reasons to love and accept yourself. The Queen of Pentacles can symbolize a need to nurture and sustain a new hobby, job, business, and relationship to full fruition. This is you taking on a maternal role in overseeing that everything you’re interested in has adequate attention and care from you. There’s a need to micromanage things because you are further aligned with your purpose and can see how it lends to the details in your life. You enjoy making decisions that support what you ultimately want; remaining vigilant over your belongings and aspirations will ensure that your feminine energy & creative power is being used in the right way.

Gemini II Queen of Swords + Ace of Pentacles + 10 of Wands

There a need to regulate your focus, the attention span that you exhibit is about to tighten up further so you can make a direct trip to your passions, rather than swerving around them. The Queen of Swords is a professional at articulating her innermost needs and expectation. In a loving yet forward matter, she does not hesitate to let other know about themselves and her truth; she feels that the whole world pertains to her and so definite boundaries are to be constructed so that everyone knows how to stay in their own lane. She means well and has great intentions but never fails to take an opportunity to balance out energy and disorganization. Logic and structure will serve you well this way; employ activities that enhance your clarity, be it yoga, writing, meditation, discussing ideas with another intellectual - it is time to gain peace and broader horizons from new perspectives. The Ace of Pentacles bring in phenomenal exciting ways to make new money or enhance your income as it is. It’s an opportunistic period to charge on all your financial inspirations and act as if you already know you’ll be receiving all of these blessings. In doing so, you’ll be surprised how quickly things make themselves accessible to you; don’t hesitate to grab what’s already yours. Unexpected income will be flying out of the sky to give you a lending land; think of ways to make your life easier with this money, how you maximize out of it’s energy rather than spending it on the typical. March gets you inspired to drop your baggage and find ways to make the journey enjoyable and memorable for you. You are carrying an excessive load as shown by the 10 of Wands, either by placing unreasonable expectations on yourself or resisting help. What is not working for you will be highlighted more than ever, presenting the opportunity to move onward from slowing your own pace down and being dragged down. Do what you must to travel light.

Aquarius II 5 of Wands + The World + 10 of Wands

The 5 of Wands suggest that you may encounter opposition from the world around you, but this almost always symbolic of suppressed emotions bubbling to the surface regarding how you choose to oppress yourself. It is a battle between what you should do and what you want to do in the moment; a conflict occurs where you feel torn between choices but this card wants to emphasize on the long term and what would ultimately make you happier in the long run. Time is speeding by so quickly that it may feel as if your decisions are impulsive and too sudden to ponder on. Focus on yourself and what you are meant to take care of; any other distractions are to be eliminated and disregarded. The World brings on influential people in your sphere that are help molding you to your ideal person. Not every character is going to see as if they have something of substance to offer you, it’s best not to judge so quickly and accept their presence with open arms - you never know what they have in store for you By judging less, you are exposed for more valuable information to use. It’s pivotal time to get out of your own way and commit yourself to the work that you’ve set aside for you. The World is opening a space for you to shine and advance, regardless of how that manifests for you; you’re advised to keep your eyes open for any form it may appear. It’s time to think things in an abstract manner, to redefine your reality and how you can use the resources around you effortlessly. There is a habit in you that tend to make things much harder for yourself; you may feel that you need to pile on more responsibility and ambitions than one should normally carry. The energy of the 10 of Wands has you getting everything done at once but it can lend to some anxiety regarding your success and personal path; relax, where you’re going will pay off, but piling on more than you can chew is not the route to go.

Capricorn II Queen of Cups + 6 of Pentacles + 3 of Cups

The Queen of Cups is a burst of inner confidence and intense resonance with your being. This influence brings you to change and renovate some things in your life, including your personal look and home. You may be feeling very different from usual; a higher sense of living has been instilled in you and you are ready for the finer things in life. You have been wondering why you have not achieved all the things you’ve desired or why you have not moved forward on certain ambitions you hold; this is the reverse of those questions. Instead of asking why, you’re directed toward: Why not? It’s a great month to attend to love matters: how to love yourself more and receive more love in all that you do. There will be much self- awareness surfacing over your love patterns and behaviors for improvement, a perfect time to clean up your frequencies and expectations. The 6 of Pentacles brings awareness to the law of cause and effect; you will be receiving exactly what you put out, especially in your career & passions. What you do this month kicks off an abundance of opportunities in the months to come and it won’t be challenging to see the results of your efforts almost immediately. March is delivered to you in fairness, if you’ve been looking to get back into balance - the opportunity is offered to you, especially on the financial field. You may be receiving an increase in income, or others will be receptive to your good graces and will want to help you out in anything you require. Accept gratefully and help spread the good vibes by helping strangers in exchange. The 3 of Cups shows that this is a celebratory time for you; a great announcement awaits you, or final victory at some difficult accomplishment. This energy is of rejoicing with close friends and family, honoring your truth and finding your own regulated happiness. It feels as if all the chaos is finally settling into place and you can see the bigger picture; collectively, you may get a sense of resilience and compassion, knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way after dealing with what this month offered you and past circumstances. Magic is in the making, never forget to live to your fullest and celebrate your growth daily.

Virgo II The Emperor + 10 of Cups + Ace of Wands

The Emperor is about dominance, control, mastery and strategy; these are themes that affect you this month as you think intensely on your future and current decisions. What you do now will echo in your future; this may be a current or more pressing realization that has you wanting to map out the next years of your life and what you want out of them. This could be a fun and amazing project if you relax into it and don’t focus on too many details, just a broad scope should suffice. Be mindful to leave room for magic & the unknown to enter your field; you never know what can pop through. March provides you with a great lesson regarding judgment and control; you lessen the grip on yourself and others, being aware of when you are trying to control certain outcomes and focusing more on what changes & control you have on self. You have implemented new lifestyle choices as a result, wanting to begin positive habits that help shape you in the direction that you’ve always wanted. You are not for authority, not now or ever; the Emperor will highlight your relationship to authority and how to exert your truth & force in the appropriate manner. You cannot always control your external circumstances and life may present to you with some curve balls but trust that they are disguised as opportunities for you to build your empire and establish further stability in self. Moral of the story this month: Do Not Leave the Throne. Be vigilant towards other’s intentions & actions, be mindful of your own triggers & habits and do what you can to develop further authority in self-control & wisdom. Take action where you need to, this is not a month to slow down or second-guess your steps. If you are hesitant, someone else will win. The 10 of Cups shows a potential reunion with family, the possibility of obtaining a happy, exciting home life and seeing the fruits of your labor ripen. It would do some good for your soul if you connected with your family and those that have known you for some time; they may be able to provide you with great comfort and guidance during your growth. Take charge, you need no permission - by now you should know where to get your resources from, how to ask and how to execute your steps. If you do not, then find a mentor. The Ace of Wands speaks volumes of your leadership potential and growth spurt; you show no signs of slowing down or stopping. Everything you implement now is for the long term; be prepared to juggle a large load but one that you’re extremely passionate about. Passion is your theme this month; stick to what makes your blood boil right.

Cancer II 3 of Pentacles + 8 of Cups + 9 of Wands

The 3 of Pentacles foreshadow much networking in your area, establishing great connections with others that can really pull you forward and at a rapid pace. This card is all about helping another to get to the next step; we all have some valuable juju to share, the more you hold back from others - the more you hold back from self. This is about progression on all levels, you are determined to build collectively and may be very involved in like-minded communities or a group in which you hold much importance due to your creativity. It’s time to mix and match; what combinations have you not tried yet and how have you not expressed yourself. Explore and allow the geniuses of others to influence you to be more of you. This is all about teamwork and collaborative efforts into the future; you realize that it’s much more effective to work collectively rather than individually and this month pushes you forward in that direction. Vulnerability is more apparent as you are willing to move past your comfort zone and show others the real  you and your potential. Layers are stripped from you as you are less interested in the inauthentic; truth is revealed and you are taking a stronger stance on things that are meaningful to you. Walking away from things that no longer serve you is a step closer to your soul; the 8 of Cups shows that you are choosing to feel good consistently rather than on an occasional basis and are quite serious about that. Although, everyday is still a work in progress, you feel lighter and on a path that is truly fulfilling for you and your needs. The key is in gaining comfort with the unknown, this can still provide a sense of uneasiness and resistance to you, as shown in the 9 of Wands. As you release more and more baggage, you can feel the need to protect yourself as a mother would to her child. In doing so, your intuitive receptors will sharpen but anxiety over other’s intentions may heighten. Listen to your heart and don’t be so quick to judge; March is a time when you should spend a majority of your energy with self but don’t use it as a clutch to avoid people. Make the right moves by confronting what needs to be address sooner rather than later.

Libra II Page of Cups + 5 of Pentacles + 3 of Pentacles

Prepare yourself to get seduced by many potential suitors or vice-versa. The Page of Cups is ushering in a crazy love vibration that makes you irresistible to others and you may feel inspired to pick yourself up in this regard as well. With sexual energy comes the opportunity to make more money, and think more creativity; one is not mutually exclusive from the other and they all involve a great deal of ‘flow.’ This card exhibits youthful and playful energy, definitely not anything on the serious side, or it can also present to you an interesting alternative to your perspective. You could be changing your expectations or desires just because it’s time to leave the old and start with a new path. The 5 of Pentacles is the bridge from your past pain and tribulations to the new life you are leading into. It’s a card about healing, connecting deeper with your self and honoring your needs before others. You may be subjected to self-healing techniques, such as EFT (emotional freedom technique), hypnotherapy, occult arts or other means of further understanding your psyche and way of being. It will be a fun time for your development but a very rocky and inconsistent one. Just as you may feel one area is settled, another acts up causing you to focus your attention on that; it can feel as if you have no break, but you must tend to strengthening yourself in all aspects before this year’s mid- mark. This month can inspire you to develop a skill/gift/talent that involves helping others; believe it or not this can help you gain the insight that you need but be mindful not to overextend your energies as you are working on repairing you. The 3 of Pentacles hints at establishing a new work environment, gaining responsibility at work and advancing further with purpose in mind. You’re not interested in wasting any time because you have so much to accomplish in a short amount of time. Certain groups or ‘teams’ are of the utmost importance to you; your presence brings much stability to these connections and you are indeed preparing for something tremendous in the months to come. March is a time of focus and cultivation; in order to move ahead, you may have to put some things aside or make room for them later, juggling them may hurt you more than help. Build yourself solid and for more support, create bullet lists, vision boards and employ additional tactics that can help you get where you need to be without distraction.

Gemini II King of Wands + 6 of Cups + 3 of Pentacles

There’s an interesting person entering your life this month, carrying much passion, aggression and progressive vision for you. Perhaps a mentor in disguise, the King of Wands holds himself accountable for all of his actions but is not afraid to put others in his fire. This can be a very inspiring figure that motivates you to get your act together and may compose themselves like an authoritative figure in many ways; however, it does not imply that this person is a male per se. The energy from the King of Wands is direct and all about limitless possibility; you won’t like the word “no” when it comes to your intentions and goals for self. You may very well be kicking your work & effort, up a notch and believe that you will have phenomenal results should you do so. The King of Wands is filled with potential but has already worked towards a higher level, now he’s focused on being the Emperor. Where you lack, he sees potential and purpose in establishing a firm role in your life - this individual may not always be pleasant but they will always deliver and ultimately it’s not about you but what you can do once you’re fully realized. The 6 of Cups shows that you can get frequently scatter brained and focused on multiple things at once. You can feel overwhelmed and exhausted from chasing yourself around and trying to get everything accomplished but the King of Wands’ healthy dose of realism will pull you back to center. It’s not that you cannot get everything accomplished, it’s that you must ground and be practical about what to accomplish first. Make sure you don’t lean into your idealistic side; things can get lofty and unbalanced if you are not willing to do the work for yourself. The 3 of Pentacles has been a great theme this month; collective work, brilliant ideas shared amongst friends whom have the same vision, a strong sense of community support or joining a team/class for development  is what’s at hand. There is much to learn this month and certainly will be a tremendous time for growth and self-analysis. It’s always the optimal time to be 100% real with yourself and tend to the areas that need further fixing. You have a network willing to help you out in any way possible; don’t forget to use your resources around you to make things easier on yourself.

Scorpio II 2 of Pentacles + Ace of Swords + 4 of Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles feels as if you are in a perpetual flux and in dire need of balance, but what does balance mean to you? What balances us in one aspect, does not always apply to others and change is constant thus our balance must constantly change as well. March presents with you several opportunities to be introspective with the way you acquire your baggage and its definition for you; if you’re holding on to it then it must have some meaning - discover what that is and whether you still want to attach to that. It is a great time to re-birth yourself and re-define who you are. On an emotional level, you are keeping it together - perhaps surprisingly so, considering recent circumstances and how things are flowing chaotically. Considering your past, you’ve gotten a good hang on accepting what you cannot control and focusing on your priorities like making money and establishing yourself further. Karmically, you can be pulled into fields that hold your interest; look for ways to make income here, don’t just donate your time because it’s your hobby - these little interest show potential for being bigger things later down in the road. The Ace of Swords ensures that you will get a healthy dose of the truth; the ability to see that through illusion will be gifted to you this month - use it wisely, especially to clear up any block passages. You yield a sword that can clarify any miscommunication or articulate something that is particularly difficult to explain. Your words carry extra weight and the need to express yourself authentically this month is strong. Take charge of this talent and be precise with your delivery and intentions; someone may need to know the exact truth about how you feel or what your intentions are, be tactful and don’t hold back. You will be making sharp advancements where ever you choose to direct yourself; your focus is impenetrable and directly on the prize. You show extreme leadership skills and such improvement that others may be interested in what you have to offer them; you may become a mentor as a result or take yourself more serious when it comes to servicing others. The 4 of Pentacles asks that you scale back on the spending and time spent on others than yourself. This card is about acquiring wealth and having patience with that process; you can eliminate unnecessary spending, budget better, save more and yet still make leaps ahead of others. This sacrifice does not have to be harsh - you will be much to show for it in the future months to come, best to not indulge in treats right now, the pay off is worth it.

Leo II The Hanged Man + The High Priestess + Ace of Wands

Your progress may get stunted for a quick second and your pride - possibly challenged along with it. The Hanged Man presents a powerful question: What are you about and are you truly living your life with integrity? Are there any areas where you are holding yourself back from the truth or from a bonding hold? Ultimately, this card suggests that there is no one out there to “get us,” but ourselves, we are the ones that either willingly or unwillingly place ourselves in a position of sabotage - your way out is to know how you got in. In conjunction with the High Priestess, the energy of this Month may lend to some difficulties if you do not learn how to sharpen your senses. The problem is, you already know what to do - not trusting your instincts, negating boundaries or allowing things to get too far, can be the culprit to your challenges this month. Do what you must do; it’s already alarming if the High Priestess appears, she reveals to us that we have been connected and resonating with our truth this whole time - to see her is to have her throw your wisdom in your face. You will indeed grow, this is guaranteed, but it may be through a jolting reality or outcome, which could have been avoided if you had only consulted your intellect and heart. Up until now, you may have been lazy or accepting help from others when you are well capable of doing things yourself; March will provide the challenge of independence and autonomy. You want the power - you must be willing to do all the work that comes with it, no excuses. Things flow much easily when you are in tune with your higher self; practice gaining momentum with that through meditation, audio clips, journaling, drawing, etc. You need to learn how to stay consistently in your zone and how to allow that flow to transition into your other passions. The Ace of Wands reveals that the universe expects greatness from you - you have the power and potential to break free from any victimization or complaints you’ve held until now. We are matching fire with fire and March is an ideal time to use that inner gusto and make things right again. You have various projects juggling that all show great potential; keep your focus narrow because you can lose your edge again in wanting to accomplish too much at once. Recovering comes with a new identity; embody that to the fullest.

Taurus II 10 of Swords + Knight of Wands + Page of Wands

Traveling away from limiting karmic ties, strong holds on your freedom and any negative beliefs about your potential is presented here. March is the death of many things in your life; could be physical but more importantly everything transpires on an energetic scale so this pertains more to the spiritual side of things. You give excessively, only to receive minimally and this ends now. The 10 of Swords clears away the ego to reveal the truth; our souls & spirits emerging from a brutal combat. Whatever you must do, do it well and finish the job all the way. If you are going to commit to something that may potentially change your life, then remain faithful to your intention; otherwise you’ll be projecting split desires to the universe and thus making life difficult for yourself. Certain ties are broken, others are made stronger - this is up to you to decide what you desire but it guaranteed that you are moving onward from an old constriction. Communication may make it clear to you what your needs and expectations are and how they’ve changed, or it may very well reveal where other’s priorities lie. You’re not satisfied easily, so I’d suggest moving on in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. The Knight of Wands is on the active search for growth and progression - this month is dedicated to your advancement or seeing some projects to fruition. This does not come without some setbacks but very minor at that; find your center as you purge your way through to the next month. Excitement and anticipation build up because you want to reveal something big; it can wait for the right time, your focus should be on shaping yourself until that announcement and making sure all the pieces are in the right place. The Page of Wands speaks of exploration and possible collaboration - you could be traveling which is symbolic of some spiritual advancement you’ve made or healing that has transpired inside of you. Traveling is welcomed with open arms as it can provide great insight and ideas into your future. Take notes.

Sagittarius II 10 of Swords + 10 of Cups + 9 of Wands

The end to many things that weigh you down is shown through the 10 of Swords. You can be feeling defeated but within that process, a bit resilient because you’re able to handle the circumstance with acceptance and wisdom. There are many mixed emotions in you, in which you may be forcing yourself to discover some clarity or profound understanding. All things have their own time and process to bring to the surface, the best that you can do is to welcome the shedding of layers willingly and with excitement of what is to come. Depending on what you drop and how much you drop, this will be parallel with what you gain for your benefit and the blessings to come. Make room for the new and improved you; any baggage that you are still latching on to is because of your own choosing - March highlights what it is you should do, even if that’s not an easy choice. The 10 of Cups illustrates much harmony and connection coming over you. You will be able to bounce back victoriously by connecting with others whom are having difficult experiences yet are learning tremendous lessons that they feel are pushing them in the right direction. This card is about you choosing to resonate with your wellbeing and the immense miracles that you open up to by simply letting go and experiencing what is to show up in your life without expectation. Family & new friends enter your life as a great support system and your empathic skills take a giant leap - revealing how sensitively in tune you are. Never under estimate this gift, as you hold the power to connect many people of different walks of life and experiences. Emotionally, you will feel better than ever, regardless of what is going on personally- you know it’s for a higher purpose and you cannot argue with what the universe chooses to gift you along your path. The 9 of Wands shows weariness on your side, a sense of paranoia and the need to protect yourself from energetic leeches. Although this may not entirely be incorrect, don’t dwell on the fact that someone is out there to get you or hold bad intentions regarding your progress and growth. Those thoughts are not an improvement but a disadvantage to your success; maintain your boundaries not due to emotion but to logic. Keep your emotions where they can support and transform you for the better; not where they can turn against you and your brain.

Pisces II Page of Pentacles + The Hierophant + Knight of Swords

March is all about directing yourself anew, hopping into a new journey or path that is more aligned with you than ever. This requires demolition and rebuilding but it is one that you are willing to do eagerly and with love. The Page of Pentacles is youthful energy in pursuit of a great big dream; your dream isn’t big enough yet, the universe wants you to expand upon that. Just as things are kicking gear, you can have some tumultuous results that make you question whether or not you are in the right direction. This is all contingent on your heart and where it resides as you follow that direction. If you have no faith in self then your happiness & end result are not guaranteed, it is left for chance. If you are also not giving your all, not acting as if your intentions are not the last, then again - nothing is guaranteed. The point is to make you realize, you are your own guiding force & point of stability. Your path & purpose are not ensured by others, only yourself; growth is guaranteed this month with areas of finances, home and self-worth. All is interrelated and there is an emphasis on personal grounding and protection. The Hierophant requires that you break the mold for yourself and begin consulting your own oracle. The perspective of your parents, friends, social media and other ‘governing’ powers no longer apply; they do not own your heart and therefore cannot ultimately make the decisions for you. You are influenced by great power and show much interest in establishing your own. In fact, many can reside on you for valuable wisdom and numinous insight - trust the information that you receive for yourself, more than for others. Now is not the time to give yourself away as you beginning to build a new foundation for your future. If you must, go against the grain and challenge everything that lies before you. Why do you believe in what you do? What are your strengths & weaknesses? March is a time when you question authority and find ways to take charge in your own life while balancing those choices with your spiritual practice/preference. The Knight of Swords is alerting you to keep a sharp eye and ear for messages flying your way. A sense of urgency is presented here, especially regarding your spiritual development. The universe is definitely providing the answer to your questions and you want to make sure you’re present to capture them. This can help you out immensely; stay tuned to the divine and act when inspired.