Aries Super New Moon: April 7th 2016


Today the Sun & Moon are in alignment w/ Uranus in Aries, making this combination a Super Moon. It will essentially feel like a new year, and this time is ideal for new starts, inserting positive energy into your life and activating your most passionate and bold-like self. You may not recognize who you are from here on in, if you play your cards right. Pluto in Capricorn, can awaken old fears, insecurities, worries & the habit of second-guessing your intuition and spirit. Make no moves under this energy, it is vital that you see the full picture in your mind and act-as if that is manifested now. How would you behave if you knew you could not fail? The universe is completely supporting you to act on all your best wishes and goals but if you’re stuck in the past and partially half way intending to hop into the future, then you may lie stagnant. A full commitment to self is needed in order to fully activate this radical change. Have faith in your transformation. During this time you are asked to embrace the new: a new relationship, belief system, forgiveness, identity, make-over, business, move, career, lifestyle, romance, healing, etc, possibilities are endless now – don’t stunt your growth by averting the inevitable. When your ego realizes that it has no control, it freaks out but a perpetual breakdown is irrational when change is constant. You cannot allow the things you’ve been asking for in your life through control mechanisms; step aside and the forces to lead the way. It is time to detach yourself from the past – this story no longer pertains to your life and you have every right & option to shift at will. This will only happen by focusing on what is occurring now and knowing that all will take care of itself as it unfolds. Avoid lower vibrations, it’s useless to argue and resist them in any way; allow them to have their experience in peace as you focus on your own well-being. Pluto is challenging this New Moon, the aspect of death & rebirth, power & transformation; it would do you well to analyze what is holding you from taking advantage of your power. Where are you giving your power away? And what areas of your life no longer resonate with you? Why are you limiting yourself and how can you make your life easier?

The Aries New Moon can transform you into your “God-like” self, if you will it. Mars is retrograding on April 17 – June 29th, starting new projects now is not advised because they may wear out their drive or fail altogether; what is recommended is that smoothen out your plans and steps to ensure success. Reboot your energy and gather up your strength, you can prepare to reveal your intentions & best self after June 29th. Shortly after Mars retrograde, Pluto will follow, this combines your divine will/purpose with the will of your ego – what is your light & power in this world and how are you suppressing that? You may be shown exactly the areas where you are stuck and how you can liberate yourself; but this won’t be the time to victimize yourself or hold back on your greatest abilities. This Super New Moon aims for you to get free; don’t be your biggest challenge; grounding your powers and taking action on your passions is the key theme.

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