When Fire Gives You Sunshine - An Artist Channels Their Pain Through Art

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if it takes a little digging to find it."

After going through a traumatic experience, visual artist Tiffany Latrice made her own narrative a source of inspiration for her latest work.  For 9 months, Tiffany photographed sunrises and sunsets to capture her emotional and mental state. After re-creating these picturesque sunsets and sunrises on a canvas, Tiffany looked to her journal to record her feelings and thoughts. The transparency in her thoughts is what makes this series special. Titled, 'When Fire Gives You Sunshine', these paintings come from Tiffany's inner most space, her heart.

Perhaps her pain drove her to pay attention to the relationship of light and emotions, or perhaps her pain was the strongest during sunrise and sunset hours. It takes a lot of courage to look at your own pain and release it through an art form. Even more courage to publicly share your pain. Creative expression helps many of us through our personal trials and challenges as it becomes a vehicle for our emotions. r

What will you do to channel your pain? What have you done in the past to channel your pain?

I invite you to get lost in Tiffany's composition and texture.





2015 / 48” x 48” / Oil On Canvas

"August 20, 2014. The Beginning, the first day, the one day, I realized that I needed to let go of you." Genesis is the first sunset I captured. It represents both rupture and new beginnings. It accurately depicts the moment I realized that I needed to unravel and understand my pain and my trauma.




2015 / 24” x 24” / Oil On Canvas

"November 23, 2014. I heard when a person has a near death experience, they don’t really sleep much.” The painting is a literal representation of how I felt during one of the darkest moment of my life. I painted the sky as if it was raining fire, using bold vivid colors of reds and oranges immersed in a dark purple and blue space to show the intensity of the sky and the emotion felt.


Fall Face Forward

48” x 60” / Oil, Acrylic, and Pastel on Canvas

"November 30, 2014. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I don’t even have the energy to write about it. My heart is broken into many little small pieces.” Fall Face Forward is all about capturing that moment when everything in an individual’s life seems to be turned upside down that you just continuously “fall face forward.” In order to capture that emotion, the painting is broken up into three sections, two sections with a lot of movement and color that penetrate each other to create chaos and tension. The middle section functions to separate the two chaotic areas, allowing the viewer to enter the piece and also reflect an individual’s mental state of darkness and confusion.



24” x 48” (2) / Chalk Paint and Oil on Wood Panel

"November 30, 2014. Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far, away." Based on two photographs I took while in an airplane on my way to California. Literally and metaphysically suspended in the air, the paintings exposes an individual’s need and longing to run, to escape.



36” x 36” Oil on Canvas

 "November 30, 2014. Who knew that he would be the perfect storm. He set my heart on fire and burned it all over the course of one day.”  This piece is about when an individual rebounds- whether it’s with a goal or a relationship. Sometimes a rebound is a false signal that you have overcome an obstacle or a gentle reminder that you still have some work to do. The piece is mostly black with the center of the painting holding the most color and occupying a small space. It represents the tug of war that an individual plays when undergoing a transition.



36” x 48” / Oil On Canvas

“December 31, 2014. The moment I let go of you.” Taken on New Year’s eve, the sunset is peaceful, made up of cool pastel colors. Because I was able to witness a sky with so many soothing calm colors, it represent not only the onset of a new year, but also the rebirth of myself entering into a new phase of womanhood.


Holy War

30” x 40”/ Oil On Canvas

January  19, 2015. “The inside of my right thigh will be where he rights his autobiography. He was obsessed with leaving love notes on my skin. I was hoping you bring me flowers from the last grave you buried your mind.”  Inspired by poet and feminist, Aja Monet’s poem, “You Make Holy War," I listened and captured parts of the poem in my journal. The painting illustrates an ungodly sunrise emerging from a dark horizon. The painting is reminiscent of the influence of a past relationship, even though you no longer long for that person they interject and puncture your life, leaving scars and beautiful memories.

To view the rest of 'When Fire Gives  You Sunshine' visit Tiffany Latrice's website and follow her on Instagram @tiffany_latrice1