Meet May's Leona of The Month: @ItsTracyG

She is mostly known for her presence on Sirius Radio’s Sway In the Morning. But Tracy G also uses her voice to “Edutain” the masses. Her wellness site, She’s Beauty and the Beast, was created out of love and light. With Goal Contracts and a newsletter that is “Emailed right to that ass every single Wednesday,” Tracy G uses her personal development brand to uplift women with positivity and good vibes, in a non-judgmental way.

Tracy G’s EP, “Love, Light, and That Good Sh*t,” quenches various spiritual needs with a series of affirmations. She deems these affirmations necessary, “…for when our spirit could use a little spark.”

In the interview below, Tracy G speaks on meditation, her audio vision boards, inspiration, and so much more. Take a look at our exclusive photo shoot and Q&A with this light worker.


Director of Photography: Myesha Evon
Make-Up: Tracy G
Creative Direction: Ghislaine Leon

What kind of day were you born on? What do you remember your family saying about this day?

What an interesting question. Well, according to my mother who’s on the other line as I type haha… I was born 7 hours before Monday while the sun began her descent. It was a breezyass day. I had been cooking in my mom’s oven for too long and apparently I entered the world a fearless dumpling with few tears.

What do you feel is your soul’s purpose?

To completely unlock my godliness, and share strong suggestions with others, especially young women, on how to do the same for themselves.

I know that you meditate often. Where does your spirit travel when you meditate?

Hmmm, now that I think about it… my spirit feels like it travels past my body to mingle with angels in Heaven, gathering seeds of peace in it’s basket. The peace I need planted in different spaces of my physical body where I tend to store dark energy.

IMG_8960 (1)What are your biggest passions?

I’m a MAJOR personal development junkie, like if I stacked all my “self-help”-type books on top of each other, climbed to the top and looked up, I’d be tall enough to inhale me a cloud type junkie haha. I love analyzing the darkest and brightest sides of our selves in order to answer the question of why we do what we do. And no matter how many times I may fall the fuck off and get the fuck on I’m also very passionate about physical wellness. Let’s also include nurturing the minds of our youth and dismantling world hunger.            

If you could walk next to the soul of anyone who would it be?

Oh my gosh, the list is long, but right now, Elizabeth Gilbert is at the top. Her ideas, her expressions, her encouragement, her transparency, her demeanor, her voice… just her overall gift of existence soothes me to the bone.

IMG_8900 (1)If you could have a pause or rewind button, which one would you choose and why?

Tough one… I thought about that rewind button solely so that I could relive precious moments like my time in South Africa with dear friends or the summer I first fell in love, but I also realize with a rewind button that I’d be really tempted to go back to moments where I got caught doing sneaky bad things… thinking that a rewind button would provide me the opportunity to undo them… but not reading the fine print of a rewind button which I’m sure says you can only relive those bad things. Allllllll of that to say I’m going with the pause button so that I could take my time to make decisions, especially ones that involve my flesh or savor the taste of an experience. I’m fine with keeping all my hard-earned lessons from the past.

What’s your favorite book?

Right now my favorite book is Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by my main chick Gilbert. But overall I think Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and Deepak Chopra’s The Book of Secrets are side-by-side at a tie.

Who do you admire the most?

Hmmm, as far as people in my phonebook… I think that goes to a great friend of mine, Joannes Hotagua, for really walking his talk and completely transforming his life from mindset to bank account. Not to say the dude’s flawless, we’ve been close for ten years so I can for sure check off some flaws haha, but a couple conversations with him can change your perspective for the better. As far as mentors in my head go, these two bosses Joyce Meyers and Marie Forleo are extraordinary.

IMG_8650 (1)Describe what “me time” looks like.

Awwwwww man just reading “me time” took me up another level of relaxation. Me time looks like hiking with my sister who’s the absolute best at jumping in and out of verbal and non-verbal communication. Me time involves yoga, meditation, masturbating under warm covers, eating a lovely breakfast at a super snail-y slow pace, lengthy conversations with God, decompressing with my favorite YouTube make-up gurus, journaling and treating myself to a deluxe pedicure. During weekdays though, me time looks like the gym which is always an oasis for me, 15-30 minutes of intention setting in the morning and 30 minutes of break time for lunch/a business podcast of some sort. Trust me though it’s not always as scheduled as I’d like it to be.

What inspired your audio vision boards?

I am always looking for new ways to keep my sanity intact and last March I was starting to really feel like my spirit was caged and I needed a go-to boost. I had seen a bunch of affirmations before and definitely appreciated their purpose, but the ones I read felt so dated and generic. I wanted to read and feel penetrative, but dope words that fit the woman I am and the woman I am creating. So after writing plus recording for myself and feeling the benefits, I said shit maybe this is worth expanding and sharing.

What are you most fearful of?

Walking in the opposite direction of my purpose, never tasting the juiciest fruits of my labor while on earth, forgetting all my favorite memories and favorite words, dying with too much debt and not enough love.

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