@TatiannaTarot June Tarotscope's Revealed


Artwork by David Perrin 

June’s Theme// 2 of Pentacles + 8 of Swords + Ace of Pentacles

Transformation and transitions await us in June; this is a new opportunity to shift your pain into pleasure, and perhaps even receive financial compensation for it. The 8 of Swords is the epitome the feeling of anxiousness, lack of progression and the belief that you are incompetent and incapable of liberating yourself. This is not the truth and you are not your thoughts, in fact, the 8 of Swords can be perceived as a passing influence reminding you of a time when you were once lost and confused. There is much to learn about an old self you are detaching from. Choose to reminisce without criticizing your actions or judging yourself for mistakes; the past is a key component to your life that is aiding your metamorphosis. June marks a new chapter and the second half of the year, which is a dynamic chance to do things differently and to get unstuck. The 2 of Pentacles creates space for you to analyze your life from both the logical and emotional standpoint; what do you need to detach more from in order to get a “matter-of-fact” perspective. Emotions are to be used for our support and nourishment, how are you serving yourself with your emotions and what is currently draining you? A constant flux of moods is to be anticipated this month, particularly with your ability to juggle personal needs with increasing obligations and responsibility toward your goals. If you maintain your momentum and find balance within your daily moods while remaining committed to the end result without succumbing to vices nor lower consciousness, you will be well rewarded. The Ace of Pentacles is gifting you with direct access to your desires; any particular feeling you want to invoke, experience you will to live, physical manifestation that you have been wanting to create, is highly possible in June. It is as if June is the golden answer to personal setbacks, delivering a solution and close reach to our ambitions that bring us our daily drive. Before we can claim what is ours, there are certain “tests” and expectations that fall on you. These “tests” may come in the form of limiting beliefs, fear, apprehension, exhaustion, procrastination and the refusal to take into account anything that you are presenting doing that is holding you back from progression. When you confront yourself with authenticity and an expectancy to take control of your own patterns, then you can claim your prize and elevate your awareness on most matters. More rewards flow effortlessly to you and you get firm grounding on the rest of your life because you have a new level of understand and knowing of self. Accept what is offered from you, because to learn how to receive is a lesson itself. Nourish yourself frequently and rely less on external sources. Commitment & dedication to what is best for you, is rewarded and will constitute as a stable frequency that gets you balanced.

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Gemini // The Hermit + 3 of Swords + The Emperor

You are still comfortable living in your own bubble, focused on your development and understanding of self. The Hermit is an overwhelming need to analyze, create new spiritual habits and commit to yourself while honoring and getting to your spirit from the inside out. You have a keen awareness this month that makes you mystically inclined, researching new topics and subjects of interest, gaining a broader knowledge on information that is not readily accepted by most, probing deeper into your history, actions and specific energy field. A new level of intimacy with yourself will be expected, the more you know who you are, the less interested you are in meddling with things that don’t align with that awakening. This will cause you to detach yourself from things that you may have normally gravitated to you in the past just find more peace. In fact, this month is a large cleansing for yourself because you are prioritizing spending more time with yourself and focusing on what makes you grow internally. The Hermit deliberately partakes in a spiritual process of transformation and internal knowledge - forever a learner, the Hermit seeks to end cycles that prevent him from emitting his light. Things that don’t comply simply lose your interest and desire to stay connected with that. The 3 of Swords shows a recovery of what has once toiled with your peace; investing in yourself ensures that you bounce back to your normal self. Separation, loss and grief is depicted in the 3 of Swords but these experiences make you extremely wiser and much more calculated in your approach towards life, as shown by the Emperor. He is the epitome of status attained based on overcoming negative past experiences and the steering himself away from that which can bring him down. There is much structure, discipline and organization to be implemented into your life; you could feel pressure in wanting to have more order and definition in your life. This need for more anchoring and understanding of your life may conflict with your desire toward isolation, disconnection and internal reflection. Both parties are equally needed in you life, so you will find ways of giving your energy towards both in balance.

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Cancer // 6 of Swords + 2 of Pentacles + 10 of Pentacles

The 6 of Swords teaches you how to protect your bubble, making you vigilant of your emotions, how much you give and take and what is the fair balance for you. This card shows you departing from an old emotional attachment or expectation that you now know may not come to fruition. Instead of being upset or frustrated with the truth, you decide to empower yourself by moving forward in pursuit of something more fulfilling and worthy of your time. Do not succumb to victimization or feeling sorry for yourself, the process can be much easier if you strip the bandage off in one go, rather than lingering on to the aftermath of what could have been. Mentally, it shows that you may be so focused on the situation that you cannot think clearly or see ahead of you. A break is suggested so that you can renew your energy and cleanse yourself properly from what was. Ultimately, this is an act of self-care and respect, regardless of what transpires after, it is the best decision you can make for yourself now. Your energy is to be filled and supported by those that can reciprocate what you give with ease and appreciation; any thing that counteracts that or drains you, should be eliminated from your life now. The 2 of Pentacles has you considering exactly what your needs are. Have you been living aimlessly throughout life, taking things one day at a time or setting deliberate intentions to ground and find purpose and practicality in your actions? Gratefully, you have a more mature understanding on what is transpiring around you and of the direction of your life. It’s best if you lose the need to control things that are out of your reach and to go with the flow of what life is presenting to you. You do best assuming your water qualities. The 10 of Pentacles brings up topics of family, stability and creating in the future; although this may rocky for you and unpredictable at the moment, trust that what is transpiring in the now, is for your best benefit. You can see the greater picture regarding all of the above, any lingering pain from your past can now be transcended because you have reached a maturity level that perceives circumstances from a higher level. Descending from that point of view would be a choice.

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Leo // The Hanged Man + 9 of Swords + Ace of Cups

The Hanged Man will reveal to you the exact areas where you remain hesitant and in procrastination. This card brings mindfulness to your full potential and gets you moving in the right direction again. You certainly are aware that in some instances, you support your own hesitation by refusing to move in the direction of where you would like to go. You become extremely reflective on how you play a role in your own entrapment and how the past has lent to the present moment of inaction. Although discomforting, this could be the epiphany that you bring upon yourself, enabling you to finally take action and find new ways to motivate and encourage yourself. June is a mental breaking point where you know you cannot continue in the same fashion and still expect different results from that behavior. The 9 of Swords points towards mental blockage; it’s not a good time to trust all of your thoughts, for some may very well deceive you and stop you from going after your heart’s desires. You have many boundaries that are keeping you away from success and although you see through them, knowing it is just a phase of mind, the Hanged Man will point that you cannot break free from this mental hold until you make a full commitment in doing so. June will highlights where you ping pong back and forth from decisions, wanting to encourage yourself in one instant but allowing past emotions of fear, doubt and anxiety to keep you from doing so. Do not cripple your spirit by giving your thoughts too much power. From one angle, you have the freedom to think and will as you choose, June will show you where you need to support yourself more and will provide the proof as to how your thoughts are deceiving you. The Ace of Cups encourages emotional nourishment and creative stimulation. It invites you to indulge in your sense and physical pleasure; getting back into your body in whatever activity you choose, becomes a valuable asset to you this month. It allows you to focus on the real, to continue onward towards evolution and to stay grounded and present being highly alert at to what is actually happening. You will not allow yourself to swim in assumptions or illusions; consider these habits eliminated and cut off at the 6-month mark. From here on in, you are expected to be fully accountable for the quality of your creations, mental or not. Seeking liberation from what has kept your spirit pent up and chained, is all the fuel you need to do right by you.

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Virgo // Justice + The Hierophant + Knight of Pentacles

June seeks to find you some additional balance in your life, much of this is implemented into your life naturally by being your most authentic self and listening to your inner voice with full conviction. Justice will bring awareness to the areas in your life that are in need of more adjustment; where do you need to project more positive and logical energy, and where are you being overtly emotional and clouded in judgement? Although you get a close lens on the various components that need shifting, you are very stable in your approach in life this month. The Hierophant reminds you to listen to yourself and to place your wisdom first; this is what will help you see things for what they truly are and not to make assumptions about what is. You may be presented with several tests in patience, faith in self and understanding of your higher knowledge and consciousness; applying this wisdom to practical situations will save you much drama and help you to preserve your inner peace. It is through relaxation and confidence that we are able to endure the worst of storms. It’s time to act on your superiority and trust that you are capable of empowering yourself and staying afloat. The Justice connecting with the Hierophant shows extreme leadership skills, although other lives may be in shambles, you have the ability to see the bigger picture and take things into a mature perspective that allows others to view you with much respect and honor. You have the opportunity to become a “life coach” or be someone’s supportive system during this month, it is because you have grown and learned a tremendous amount of endurance and resilience throughout these years that you feel competent to gift others your viewpoints and advice on what they’re encountering. This is a blessing that may extend into additional streams of income for you, or perhaps you discover hidden skillets or talents in yourself that you’ve never been aware of. You should be filled with innovative ideas this months and eager to take action on implementing them out into the world. The Knight of Pentacles is the deliverer of new projects, collaborations and side-gigs that give you a boost in the financial world, but also help you gain confidence in your ability to conjure new ideas at will. You should have no hesitation in executing these new ventures and being a pioneer as such. There is much comfort with your ability to navigate yourself towards success, have faith that your ‘higher self’ will see you through.

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Libra // 3 of Pentacles + 9 of Cups + 8 of Wands

Creating a new beginning for yourself, collaborating and learning from others and proposing dynamic new approaches towards life is what the 3 of Pentacles presents to you this month. Instead of doing things independently, it suggest that you will have more of an influence and effect in working with others and leading your own projects. Do not wait for things to be initiated if you can do it yourself, you have the motivation and gusto to do so. The 3 of Pentacles reveals that you are highly respected for your organization skills and may be pursuing higher education to further develop your talents and abilities. This can also hint at your involvement in anything that symbolizes an institution or strong commitment, regardless of the form, this event or circumstance definitely allows you to stand on a pedestal and allow your point of view to echo for all to hear. Your ability to communicate effectively is powerful this month, be mindful of how you use your words and what you say for they all carry a deep impact on the lives and actions of others. The 9 of Cups makes you a cunning manipulator that can take advantage of practically any scenario or emotional outburst that others may be projecting at you; rather than react immaturely, you are clearly aware of reality and how to use that for your best benefit. You are gaining mastery of your own emotions and will find a way to win and be victorious, particularly when involved with groups of people or expressing your own needs and desires. It is important to keep yourself at bay with balance and modesty, because with power such as this comes great ego and the desire to abuse your gift. This gift becomes more prominent this month, or perhaps you have just gained the epiphany that you’ve had it all along, you’ve just have not been aware on how to use it or angle it in the best approach. The 8 of Wands creates the energy of success, opportunity and acceleration. You already know what you must do, but the work is in getting others to follow suit; worry about yourself and hop on some other tasks that you’ve been wanting to get accomplished if you notice that no one is pulling their own weight. If you have been trying your best and seeing that those you are attempting to influence for the better are not getting the hint, then it could either be: 1. Improper timing of things or 2. The realization that you need a stronger crew & self-starting team. June will illuminate which one of these two is the answer, to avoid a rut, be completely solution oriented and willing/capable of capturing all of this amazing opportunity flying your way. What you want is coming; it just may not be coming in the form that you’ve expected.

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Scorpio // 5 of Wands + 4 of Wands + 8 of Pentacles

Are you willing to fight your own shadow in order to attain peace and inner comfort? The 5 of Wands strikes up discomfort and resistance toward that which scares you, just as you are approaching the finish line in accomplishing something major for yourself, in comes feelings of doubt and insecurity. This could also symbolize your habit of thinking on what others are doing rather than focusing on your inner state of being and what you are attempting to achieve for yourself. In doing so, you set yourself backwards rather than forwards, focusing on things that are irrelevant and out of your control. The 4 of Wands however illustrates that peace, happiness and joy are just a realization away, it depends on what you are willing to commit to: inner turmoil or inner comfort? Family and friends provide much comfort for you and a much needed reality check; they serve as your point of stability and bring you back to sound reasoning. You are prone to beating yourself up too harshly, rather than focusing on your successful surrounding and blessing that await you. Family dynamics and home life are changing for the better, even if they may not seem so at the moment. It is important to realize that this, overall, is a period of great expansion for you and you may just be focusing on financial expansion or extending your energy in your career- but the 4 of Wands is not only exclusive to these areas. In fact, in the center of your spread, is a ‘return to home’ the wake up call you need to remind yourself of your priorities and blessings. Ultimately, home is where the heart is and that means that it resides within you; getting more comfortable and intimate with yourself and accepting your current stance in life will allow you to cope more easily with the unknown. After all, you are a part of the void and there is no point in hiding from yourself. The 8 of Pentacles shows just how dedicated you are towards improvement and development, the signs show that your work is paying off even if you may have more piled up on you. With consistency and commitment the odds are in your favor, this could be an excellent month to increase your knowledge in a particular field that is lucrative for you to get into. Anything involving self-investment and development is suggested for success later down in the road.

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Sagittarius // 6 of Pentacles + 5 of Pentacles + 7 of Swords

You will find yourself in a position of power this month, where you are more aligned with your potential and truth. There is a realization that everything can be actualized within instead of consistently seeking for solutions or searching for resonance outside of yourself, the 6 of Pentacles illustrates your influence on others and mastery over your own concept of abundance. Although this can denote great prosperity, the key is in knowing that it all stems from a prosperous mindset, everything else effortlessly flows from you and you will be left with people gravitating towards your light and good graces. The 6 of Pentacles shows that you have more than enough to give to yourself, therefore you feel secure and obligated to give to others whether this is advice, wisdom or energy, friends, family and strangers are grateful for your benevolence. Kindness and gratitude pays off in tremendous ways, and you have grown leaps from learning how to heal your own trauma and internal discord. The 5 of Pentacles illustrates the act of lower consciousness being sheltered in a sanctuary, to recover from the challenges and losses in life. You have enhanced your appreciation of self and life due to your trials and tribulations, matters that may have once disturbed you now seem trivial and you are focused on the bigger picture. You have also prioritized making your body and soul your home, finding ease and comfort with yourself and being cool in your own skin. June is a month of forgiveness and moving past hurt and deceit, even if this symbolic of that which you have imposed upon yourself. The 7 of Swords shows your escape of a wild circus, the frantic need to do more, worry about things you are incapable of handling and referencing the past in comparison to the present. Do not steal from your own well of joy, happiness and expansive imagination; utilize these factors to work for your best benefit, not against you. If you focus on the progress of other people, you lose footing of your own and lack of grounding. What world do you reside in if you are focused on someone else’s? If you are feeling particularly low in energy, servicing others may help you to get back on your feet and realize that everyone is struggling from some unseen battle. The 6 of Pentacles with the 5 of Pentacles shows that you have purposeful work to put out into the world; don’t sell yourself short.

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Capricorn // 9 of Swords + 10 of Cups + 4 of Swords

There is nothing to fear or worry here if you remain mindful of the quality of your thoughts, most of the time we find ourselves lost in another dimension, residing in the past or future. Depending on what you believe and make of these thoughts, we can either be filled with excitement and anticipation or anxiety and worry. June provides some trigger points for you to be mindful of, what is it that you most fear and worry about and how does it control your psyche? It is an opportunistic moment to control your most vulnerable side and get to know yourself inside and out. The 9 of Swords is a card of mental illusion, excessive thought and fretting over that which you cannot control, perhaps you put too much pressure on yourself instead of being mindful of your liberty in the present moment. Self-care is of the utmost priority and this goes for mental health. You will be inspired to find ways to recover and come back to self, as you research meditation, spiritual practices and activities that make you feel wholesome and peaceful. The 10 of Cups shows increasing improvement over these matters and that you will find alignment with your soul, choosing to marry your best self instead of the personalities that take over to create inner conflict and confusion. What is it that you most value about yourself and who is the individual that you visualize being in the future? Can you embody those emotions and characteristics now? And what about gratitude - how do you exhibit these positive habits on the daily? The 10 of Cups is salvation, finding harmony with the beauty of who you are and truly resonating and owning that. You are choosing to be your most authentic self in all moments of your life and are unbothered by the opinions and actions of others - this is what it truly means to be focusing on self and anchored in the now. In fact, you are so motivated by your progress and accomplishment of personal goals that development becomes a primary approach. The 4 of Swords is about partaking in deep introspection and analyzing your moves to figure out where you would like to go. This is a card that suggests you take your time and plan ahead. Moving slow allows you to assess which direction is best for you, especially if you believe that everything is accessible to you now and you can go, do and be anything. What will set you apart from the crowd and what are the things you truly wish to embody & experience in this life? Savor your life while you ponder what to add on to it.

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Aquarius // Ace of Pentacles + 10 of Wands + 4 of Wands

As a visionary, you have an abundance of anticipated moves, intentions and ideas to be executed. This month is no different from the rest with the exception that you may have additional income and grounded to propel things further than you have in the past. The Ace of Pentacles gives you the security that you need overall, this is support from family and friends, lovers, strangers and admirers from afar. In your mind you carry a vault of wealth because you are a perpetual inventor and ultimately a stream of creative consciousness. There’s no better time than now and although you don’t need much coercion to get the ball rolling, it’s important to remind you that you need no one but yourself. Of course, occasionally you may meddle in the affairs of others, lending your own expertise and feeling relief and a sense of purpose in being a part of the whole - be it a group setting, this society or your work environment, but you are much more effective implementing those dynamic ideas yourself - rather than being someone’s hype man. Those that believe in you will follow suit organically but it’s best not to focus on whether or not you’ll gather a crowd but place your intentions in creating consistently and expressing what you have been put on this earth to do. This is a wake up call, that the Ace of Pentacles can only extend to you the wealth and prosperity that you feel deserving and willing to grab. Marinate on that, for some of the things you have been participating in have only been keeping you busy and not accelerating your goals in the ways you thought they would. Are you working for others in the disguise that you are working with others? Ponder that as well. The 10 of Wands brings you clarity on the areas of your life that you are doing the most, the most effort, the most complaining, the most struggle. There are easier ways to go about life, invent a way to do so. The 4 of Wands guarantees completion of a massive project and goal that you’ve set out to accomplish for yourself, except i sense this is a long time in the making. It takes time to create a legend, to establish your legacy - the beauty of this card is that it is quite possible with the direction you are in. Distractions are to be minimized so you can minimize the pressure placed on yourself from others. Granted, you have much love and support from your lover, family and friends - their needs and sly ability to pry you away from what needs to get done can set you back without you realizing. Realign your drive and find ways to juggle both, if possible.

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Pisces // Page of Pentacles + 6 of Swords + 6 of Cups

The Page of Pentacles provides you with a youthful perspective to things, no longer willing to carry unnecessary strain or burden on your shoulders, you are eagerly leaping into the future with hope and anticipation that you will be able to deliver your intentions with no doubt. In tune with your child-like self, the Page of Pentacles is an invitation to play with the forces that surround you, to create new possibilities and angles that you may have not approached in the past. It shows that you are ready to birth an idea that you’ve been marinating on for some time and it is the perfect moment to do so. If you have been holding back on taking action, the Page of Pentacles encourages you to turn those thoughts into reality as you have the proper energetic support to do so. Perhaps it is the right time to recreate yourself as you see fit, but this card isn’t about making big leaps and promises but taking small steps when you see them and committing yourself to consistency and dedication. You have the opportunity this month to move through emotional pain and blockages by initiating new change and dedicating yourself towards healing. The 6 of Swords shows a voyage beyond that which has held you back mentally, although there is a struggle here to move onward, it is possible to leave and never look back. You are ready for this change and are able to make the leap, regardless of what you think. It’s important not to take your thoughts so seriously during this time of great vulnerability and change. Take the rest you need to recover yourself and get back to who you were before any painful circumstances occurred. The 6 of Swords may also be symbolic of your departure from your own lethargy and procrastination. The 6 of Cups brings you inspiration and nostalgic memories of people, places or hobbies you’ve visited in the past and may have lost touch with. June is a great month to get reacquainted with these missing links as they provide great resonance and allow you to get in touch with your spirit again. It can also be an introduction to someone whom you connect with quite deeply, offering a refreshing gift that lifts you out of your funk, getting you right back on track.

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 Aries // Knight of Cups + 2 of Swords + King of Wands 

The Knight of Cups invites you to soften up your resistance to past hardships and trials you’ve endured, in order to welcome in hope, abundance and strong harmony with self for the months that follow. Instead of allowing life to beat you down, you have trained your mind to look at the flip side of things. Most of this perspective has been gained by learning from those around you and their reactions. You may note that this is not the way you want to live your life, and you are beginning to view things much more positively lighter and optimistically. This influence brings out your inner child, the playful more charming side of you that allows you to create with senseless abandon, only focusing on your joy and new discoveries along the way. A phenomenal influence for artists, this new side of you allows you to play with different facets and characters to which until now, may have been long hidden or forgotten; it was as simple as reminding yourself that life can be pleasurable and easy if you will it. The mantra, “I am in my power,” serves as a reminder of this choice, even in times of difficulty. The 2 of Swords points to indecision or the inability to choose for yourself what is in your best interest. This does not necessarily mean that you do not know what to choose, rather,  you may be more concerned about other’s perceptions of you or what they will think once you begin to put yourself first. June represents the mid-way mark of a year that is all about independence, transitions and ending cycles. It is suggested that you utilized the force of the King of Wands to push through any emotional barriers that you are imposing on yourself, and see to it that your passion, ambition and sense of happiness comes first. The King of Wands is a visionary who is more calculated than he is impulsive. In his younger years, he may have acted out of emotion, fear or confusion, but he has learned from his experiences and has been burned by his own fire. Prepare for rapid changes within your career, love and self-identity; whatever you’ve been holding back on is now rapidly growing in the direction that you’ve always intended, although it may not be taking the form that you’ve anticipated. Trust and go along with the flow, allowing your excitement to make the best choices that are presented to you in the moment. Living your life authentically, even if you have to initiate dynamic moves yourself, is what June is about. Do not hold back from yourself, trust your gut and take action on your dreams. You are a natural in most things that you do, your only set back would be not believe in your truth.

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Taurus // Magician + Knight of Swords + Justice 

Anything is possible, as all roads are open for you now. Your interest in the supernatural and occult abilities take an all time high, as you are passionate in serving Justice to others and yourself. The Magician comes with the sharp and sometimes frightening realization that your world is on your shoulders and your thoughts will create what you determine is real. This can place a burden of responsibility and fear of making the wrong move, but there are no wrong moves. Magic is about creating what you envision by utilizing your immediate resources around you and trusting the innate power that you hold within; you will be propelled to think innovatively and may be gifted with foresight into your future. Remember that you hold tremendous power and influence this month, especially with the Magician on the forefront, if you want it go get it but know that you directly influence many others and may not be conscious of this quite yet. You are embarking on a beautiful progress that you’ve always been about, however this stream of independence, confidence and certainty can bring attention from those less confident and conscious of their own abilities to manifest and conjure. The Knight of Swords can be a double edged sword, on one end, you have positive aggression, a sense of strong urgency to get all that you can envision done onto the physical plane. Your manifestation skills are rapid this month and you will be planning ahead for the months to come, ensuring that you are doing all that you can at a reasonable speed without exhausting yourself. The beautiful thing is that you have more than enough energy to do so and your motivation is at an all time high due to past successes and encouragement from loved ones around you. There is no shortage of opportunity and you can feel like a kid in a candy store, dipping your hands into everything that you see and resonate with. Don’t stop yourself. You may encounter, however, verbal discord from those that do not agree with your tactics, intentions or ways of living. This is your life, your choice and your free will to do what you please and go in the direction that you desire; to focus on peasants would mean that you’d have to lower your consciousness and platform to that status… and why go backwards when every card here is promoting your progression and rapid growth. Be mindful that you have a tendency to lash out if you have not been aware of your own reactions, in this case, taking that route would not be the best option. Continue winning and allow others the right to either learn from your steps or choke on them. The Justice shows no discord within your heart or your mind; your task this month is to follow your intuition with no doubt and continue taking action what you feel you must. For others, you will be a breath of fresh air, sound and wise, share your gifts but don’t forget to take your own advice.

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tatianna tarotTatianna Tarot is a Sacred Artist & Ritual Practitioner (Vodou & Santeria), Spiritual Consultant, Teacher & Energetic Healer through Heart Space Meditation, Crystal & Sound Healing. Based in NY, she has over 21 years of experience as an intuitive Tarot Reader and continues to provide this services as a means of alternative therapy to aid others in gaining higher awareness of their personal power, intuitive/psychic abilities and to facilitate healing through a deeper connection with Spirit.

She believes in the power of traditional sacred arts used in a modern approach, as a catalyst to transform others into a better state of living and to raise consciousness to guide & provide empowerment in our personal journeys. For more about Tatianna, please visit: www.MyUrbanIllumination.com or follow her on IG/Twitter: @TatiannaTarot