Yoni 101: Understanding Our Pu$$y Power


In today's society, the divinity of our womb is often overlooked. I mean, when song lyrics like "pop that pussy for a real ni**a" just rolls off our tongue (and I'm guilty of this) and are glorified we remove or fail to think of our pussies as anything else. Our female divinity is something that we give other people the keys to explore without exploring it on our own. While self-indulgence is great, I'm not specifically talking about playing with yourself. I'm talking about something deeper. I'm talking about understanding the energy that we store and move within our yoni's. So many aspects of ourselves come from the energy that we store in our womb. Our sass, our confidence, our intuition and our creativity. Other not so great things like trauma (sexual abuse, molestation, incest, rape, shame, guilt) are also stored here. And if you are reading this I know that you know a woman who was touched as a young girl and doesn't talk about it, or that hasn't healed from that event. So before I go on THAT tangent I'll come back to our Yoni.

You may be thinking, what the hell is a yoni? Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means sacred space. In Eastern cultures, Yoni has historically been used to refer to our vaginas or all of the female sexual organs. My path has led me to explore the sexual energies stored in my personal yoni. Through the process, I've realized that my most inner creativity is fueled by my lioness sexual energy. This cosmic force is something that I've taken a liking to explore as a specimen.  The same way that our yoni's give birth to babies, it also gives birth to ideas, projects and visions.  As I continue to work on my personal rebirth and learn more about this spirit plane I've shifted my focus to my root chakra to have a deeper connection with my body.

I'm grateful enough to have elder spirit sisters that are always there for my inquisitive needs. As I know that I am not alone in this path, I thought that this would be a great time for you and I to learn more about our yoni's TOGETHER. Join the Brujas of Bushwick and myself for a one day retreat as we journey into the depth of our yonis/wombs and rebirth new visions of ourselves. The upcoming summer solstice's energy will be our power source for this space. We will delve into Kundalini Yoga exercises, journaling and yoni egg talk. What better time than halfway through 2016.

Grab your tickets here: http://bit.ly/YoniSumma

Side note: High schools should really add a divine feminine class to their curriculum's. It's taken me this long to learn about myself (grateful nonetheless) and dream of a world with woke girls.

Radiating Lion Love,