How I Opened My Third Eye


Featured Art by Jean Francois Painchaud A few months ago I started feeling more than I've ever felt before. I would sense things, I would get premonitions and I had this gut talking to me all the time. I started to pay more and more attention to my own energy and that of others. As I processed information quicker, my mental overlay became another internal voice that would explain things to me.

I've been meditating for two years now. Things took a nice turn when I was finally open and trusting of my divinity to have a trance. It was one of those restless nights in April. The clock hit 3:45 a.m. and I decided that I was going to meditate before going to bed. The night before I had tried to mediate and stopped because I felt I was falling asleep. I would later find out that I wasn't falling asleep and was actually starting to transcend.

I played Ryan Leslie's "Gibberish" and allowed its soothing sounds to align with my breathing. When the track finished, I then went into a "Om" chant. I repeated Om for the rest of my meditation. Not sure how many minutes into Om it happened, but I felt my head drop and lifted. By the 2nd time I felt my head lift back up, I knew I was on a ride that I had never been before.

As soon as my head lifted back up, my eyes started to twitch. Even if I wanted to open my eyes I couldn't. I immediately got flashbacks of when I had seizures. "No you're not having a seizure" my inner voice whispered to me. I felt fear running through my veins as I had no idea what was happening. My mouth became clenched and my hands felt very stiff.  I saw bold purple light in the shape of a circle. The circle had a smaller black circle inside of it. Did I become my spirit animal I thought? What was this a higher state? The purple light was washed away by a ocean wave that came from my left side of my eyes and into center. Afterwards, a moving road appeared. The road was moving in the middle of the universe and I saw people walking across that road. These people came into the screen from my right eye. I couldn't make the faces of any of the people that I saw. Where am I? I thought.

FEAR. "You are fearless Ghislaine" said my inner voice.

For a few seconds I told myself "God, if you are here, protect me". That statement alone calmed my anxiety down and I just allowed what was taking place to take its course. When my eyes stopped twitching, I felt my body slowly come back to its normal state.

It was now 4:05 am. I immediately pulled out my journal and started writing about this experience. I went to sleep thinking, what the hell just happened. Am I a witch?

The following morning, I called two of my friends and told them about my trippy experience. I couldn't believe it. What was this a super power that I had just experienced? Did I unlock something? I asked my friends hoping they'd have answers. They didn't.

After my usual Google research, I learned that I had actually experienced a meditative trance  or self-hypnosis.  The circle that I saw were the colors of our third eye chakra, not a coincidence given that I tranced after losing myself in a Om chant. I did this with no intention. At the moment Om had came to me, the same way that playing "Gibberish" to align my breathing did.  Crazy to know that people consciously use Om for this and here I was not knowing what doors I was opening. Chanting that sound activates our third eye center. Sound is light, and sound carries information. I will never see sound the same.


This experience has deeply affected my thoughts on life, my own energy and it has built more trust in my spirit guides. When I meditate now, I do so with a much deeper intention. I've surrendered my full body to this practice, to invite deeper subconscious experiences.

My cosmic life gets deeper...