You Are Infinite: A Look Into Lala Abaddon's Psychedelic Multimedia

Brooklyn based, multi-dimensional artist Lala Abaddon has been on my radar for some time now. I first came across her work at the Irridescent exhibit during Art Basel Miami 2015 and had the pleasure of meeting her personally during ArtLeadHER's inaugural exhibit at the Joseph Gross Gallery this past May. Although she practices many mediums, the first one that caught my attention was her analog photography work. Lala intricately hand cuts each print into hundreds of strips and then hand weaves the print with a cosmic, colorful pattern. Her images within images take the viewer to experience the photos subject in another realm or dimension. In her first woven series, Sa-rang-nee’ (사랑니, love tooth], Lala examines the pain and confusion of young lust/love and dives deep within her own personal trials. Through her weaving process, she's been able to transform her emotions and past experiences into a beautiful narrative.

In her latest series, Transfiguration, Lala examines the deep human relationship with technology. The exploration of the claim that humans consider themselves more connected to the rest of the world because of our hyper-tech society; actually leaves us to understand that we are lonelier and disconnected with nature and manual things.

Lala's range of mediums are charged with emotions, ideas, and thoughts that relinquish control of reality through the meditative and ritualistic practice of her art. From her woven pieces, to her 35 mm photograph, film she's got fire. Knock yourself out in the world of fearless gal Lala Abaddon.

Woven Works




35 mm Films





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