Women’s Sacred Connection To God Through The Moon



The word seems dry, scientific and lacking pleasure. In school we learn about conception in the context of birth. The sperm and the egg, engaging in their dance of sorts, are the main actors in the game of life that’s taught to many school-aged youth. However, conception, as an act of birthing magic, is not something learned in school.

The source of the power of conception, for women, lies in our wombs.

Womb + Moon

The womb I am referring to is more than our uterus, ovaries, oviducts, and vagina. Our other wombs live in our minds and in our hearts. A woman who chooses to have a child has the power to co-create and birth another human being via her physical womb. The same can be said about our ability to magically birth visions, habits, and relationships via our emotional and mental wombs. It's a process that takes a deep-seated trust in the power of God/dess, which lives within each of us.

Women’s sacred connection to God is revealed in our synchronized rhythms with the moon.

ynannaA lunar cycle lasts about 29 days; this is how long it takes for the moon to orbit the earth. Healthy menstrual cycles are also between 28-29 days. The moon also rules fluids and, through its gravitational pull, creates ocean tides. For centuries, many women called their cycles their moontime. My Dominican family refers to a woman’s menstrual cycle as la luna (the moon). As a result, hormonal activity, which occurs only at night under moonlight, can determine the health of your menstrual cycle. A healthy cycle aligns us with the powers that are transmitted to our wombs via the moon. This is how we create magic. It happens via our menstrual cycles. Do you know how to track your cycle? Apps such as Period Tracker are a great way to start. Tracking your cycle helps you work with the unique energies that are present in each of the four phases. A hibernating and creative energy is present during our bleeding phase. It’s a time to take inventory of our lives and determine what stays and what can be released. Action, however, is not taken until the phase following our period, when our physical stamina is higher. This is how we birth magic.

Our luna is our magic because menstruation is a time of heightened intuition. Native American women who were menstruating were believed to receive divine guidance.

Oral history has it that male leaders of indigenous tribes consulted menstruating women before making major decisions on behalf of the nation. Can you imagine Obama consulting with a group of bleeding women for guidance on the nation’s future? This is magic.

Powerful women are the antithesis of patriarchy. Powerful bleeding women are its kryptonite. We thus get a historical demonization of menstruation. Many women have learned to associate menstruation with being cursed or being dirty. Grown adults, of all genders, often revert back to being school-aged children when the topic of menstruation arises. In advertising, menstruation is presented as something to be conquered and outwitted. Women are led to consume products that control something that is believed to be a nuisance to living a “productive life”. Tampons, pain relievers and “menstrual suppression” drugs like Depo Provera are some examples.

The suppression of menstruation is the rejection of magic. As a doula (birth coach) and someone who has taken interests in learning about our moontime, I can tell you that menstrual imbalances are on the rise among young women. Uterine fibroids, for example, are muscle tissues that gather in the wall of your uterus and cause complications. Eating processed foods, drinking alcohol and remaining in toxic relationships are some of the causes. Irregular and painful cycles, or the no bleeding phase at all, are its symptoms.

Research has shown that race is a major risk factor for uterine fibroids.

African American women and Afro-Latinas have higher rates of menstrual imbalances than their non-Black counterparts.

In addition to inherited trauma from centuries of sexual violence, Black women are also burdened with higher levels of stress. Higher unemployment rates, lower wages and a host of other factors contribute to the stress. This kills magic.

A sacred embracement of our moontime is important to our collective healing; it is magic. Taking care of yourself during the heavier portions of your bleeding is a major way to honor your period. This is a time to rest and reflect on the messages being transmitted through your wombs. Taking an entire day off from work may not be possible. But taking a hot bath, drinking more water, and journaling are ways to receive the insight that only your moontime offers; this is whether we bleed or not.

Just because we’ve internalized years of negative programming about our periods does not mean that we cannot start re-establishing a loving relationship with the foundation of creation: our moontime. Join me on this journey of learning to manifest our visions by unlocking the hidden potential of our moontime.

Happy bleeding,

Dr. G.