@TatiannaTarot's September Tarotscopes


September’s Theme 10 of Swords + 4 of Swords + Knight of Pentacles

The release of accumulated tension and frustration is the magic that September holds; if you have been feeling controlled and limited in anyway, expect to be liberated from such forces. The 10 of Swords is the end of struggle and the realization of some defeat, or a way of doing things that no longer is applicable nor efficient in your life. Instead of fighting against the grain, there is a holistic sense of surrender in every aspect of your life. No longer interested in resisting what is, you will find greater peace in accepting you reality as you have chosen it, and when you do so, you may find that you will get what you wanted all along. You will come to find that more things are possible when you reserve your energy this way. There is little tolerance for energy that drags you down or keeps you feeling from attaining your best. Your final fight may be with your consciousness, in letting these forces go, even if it means that you must cease connection with close or loved ones. September allows you to seriously reflect on your mistakes and how negating your intuition or not placing yourself as a priority caused them. Consciously, there is much to consider and determine for yourself moving forward. You may need to establish new boundaries and rules that enable you to periodically check in on your personal development, spiritual progress and emotional wellness. The 4 of Swords deals with great contemplation and the need to rest and relax on a regular basis. You can be overwhelmed with energy flying your way, be that projections from others or handling what you expect for yourself. You may come to realization that slower means more progress, thoughtfulness and sanity; above all, you desire to stay grounded and mindful of your actions, to be able to handle all that comes your way like a swift magician. The card communicates the need to plan that in advance and to begin to prepare for success by assessing how to upgrade your actions and bounce back from exhaustion & anxiety. This card can foretell of much to come your way, thus the importance of being able to mentally “handle it all,” weighs heavier than ever. Subconsciously, the Knight of Pentacles illustrates that you have the ability to find stability and grounding more than ever. You may be going through the ebbs and flows of your emotions but don’t give into the impact that weights on you now. What you feel is only a fragment of what you truly are. Interiorly, the Knight of Pentacles is a hungry drive to make the best out of any situation and to exceed your own expectations. It can encourage us to set the bar and stay committed on that road until we reach that destination. Things may be dragged out and less passionate than August, but progress is guaranteed, as long as you are willing to adjust in accordance to the universal changes. You are more trusting of your sense of direction and are ready to do the work; in fact, you may be extremely clear on what that work is for you now so there is much responsibility ahead of you. Take small bites for big plans; pace yourself, being stubborn will only cause delay.


Virgo // Death + 4 of Swords + 7 of Pentacles

It is time to clean out and begin organizing your life the way you see fit. It is your season and that means time to begin to create anew. Review your prior cycle and making the necessary changes that lead to your evolution. Death guarantees a new chapter in your life that is radically different from the old; a graduation of sorts, you are ready to step up into a new level and that entails new responsibilities and different angles to similar scenarios. Death is about coming to full closure with a cycle that you’ve been stuck in; you have leveled up in consciousness and now have the bravery to move forward with that realization. The year of closure has ended and now you can welcome in more grace, expectation of greater things to come and an ease that you have the ability to endure much more than you would have imagined. Slow things down to assess exactly where you came from and how your past experiences have impacted you to be who you are now. The effects of the 4 of Swords will have us becoming more mentally inclined than anything else; rest and relaxation is key. Rather than forcing things into place, or acting impulsively, you have the wisdom to know that it’s best to prepare for the unexpected and to act in advance so that you are sure to land your target for the months and year to come. The 4 of Swords can lead to much evaluation, strategic analysis and the need to reflect on one’s actions and contemplate whether you can improve upon them or loosen up. Regardless, it is time for an internal checkup, which you should enjoy indulging in on a regular basis. Amongst all these changes, your demeanor will be calm and collected, everything organized and in its place; perhaps so much that many will consult you for advice and security. Certainly, you will be preparing for what’s up ahead with a leveled mind and heart, but the genius of it is, you will know what to do and how to approach the future. Internally, there may be a need to rush into the New Year, perhaps the waiting period is too long or you are being taught that patience is extremely valuable for you at this time. The 7 of Pentacles is symbolic of your subconscious nature this month, the knowing that everything has its own season and waiting is truly preparation and projecting the right amount of energy in time. You are gaining wealth on all levels, have more faith in the magic that you contain rather than focusing on the material gain or how far you are to attaining your goal. This card speaks of dedication and the will to invest in your deepest desires; this will help the manifestation process tremendously. Your growth and dedication to yourself is profound this month. Make sure to engage in periodic breaks so you don’t burn out easily.

Libra // The Empress + The Sun + 8 of Pentacles

The Empress is the culmination of all things fertile, the ability to effortlessly give birth to new projects, ideas, innovations and a way of life that is refreshing and grants you much abundance. You will have the confidence of a Queen/King, this month, charging forward and completing anything major that you sought to develop within the recent past. The Empress has the power to birth anything she desires out of nothing, from this comes tremendous responsibility and accountability. Be ready to own your manifestations and pay close attention to the details, the more you imbed your energy in things to your liking, the more things will fall to your favor. It’s an excellent month to indulge in feminine energy, to find emotional support and new ways to be creatively expressive. Great healing may transpire among important females in your life, it is important to focus on abundance and how you can serve the divine through your talents and skills. You are sensitive to the arts and may be embracing your beauty on a more profound level. There is a sense of comfort, which you have never reached before due to your ability to tend to your needs in a practical way, opening you up to more levels of pleasure and a deep connection to Earthly matters. You may experience delights due to your hard work and efforts; material rewards are coming to you and sensual pleasures are more accessible now. The Sun allows you to see the underlying meaning behind any chaos that may be in your life. It is the ability to move forward with a strong sense of direction and purpose, by taking action, not just by intending change. Consciously, you can feel extremely vital in energy, joyful of what is to come and in alignment with your true self. The past months have illustrated to you that you can succeed, as long as you belief in your worth and ability to take appropriate action. The Sun illuminates your masculine side, the ability to take action regardless of your current circumstance; there is no denying that you will get it done. You can be feeling free and limitless, moving forward and now have the ability to demonstrate your power after passing the universe’s initiation for your spirit. This month you can provide a shining example on how to be direct and allow your inner strength to be an example and inspiration for others in need. You may also be the center of attention in your passions or career, bask in this glory, you deserve it all. A new level of insight and understanding is gained and the Sun represents personal rebirth that has been in development for the past 9 months. There is a knowing inside of you that you cannot ignore, allow this wisdom to be present to others as it is a guiding force to be used for the benefit of all. Subconsciously, the 8 of Pentacles illustrates a learning process and the pursuit of acquiring more wisdom. Perhaps you are striving to understand what it is you are currently experiencing and are looking into all of the details carefully. You are passionate about doing your best and proving yourself worthy in some endeavor. This is a card of hard work, self-cultivation and a dedication to achieve dream results. It is a time of great focus and testing out certain formulas to see if you’ll attain the proper results. You can be gathering multitude of perspectives and angles as to how you can approach your life, moving forward. It is certain that there is a need to analyze your life meticulously and look at all the details. Look for errors and any places that may have a weak foundation or are being ignored. There is much to learn this month on how to be more efficient and effective, allow the universe to illuminate how this can be for you. The key to success is effort; your job is to give it your all.

Scorpio // 5 of Pentacles + King of Cups + The Chariot

September will have you confronting your projections and how you truly perceive yourself; you will be clear on how to cope with your mistakes and the reality of such, in addition on how to move forward. The 5 of Pentacles represents the journey of lower consciousness to a higher conscious understanding. This is not about comparison or blaming others for the way you relate to others and the world, it is about helping yourself accept who you truly are and how to gain a better self-esteem in the process. In some way, you will be aware of how you’ve neglected yourself or placed yourself last. Insecurities and struggles may be highlighted this month, as you learn how to be a bigger support system for self than ever before. You may have the illusion of being excluded, alone, or having a lack in some area of your life. Because of this emotion, you may feel more inclined to help those in need or provide service to those that are in a troublesome journey of their own. The 5 of Pentacles illustrates individuals finding shelter in a temple or church, this is symbolic of wholeness and a rich connection to Spirit. What is your sanctuary and what would it feel to be internally whole and at peace? These feeling of loss and disassociation of self are temporary. You will distinguish all the components you need in order to feel stable again and come from a place of abundance, not lack. Consciously, the King of Cups is the ability to have compassion and empathy for others, and for yourself, especially during this time. The King is admired for his wisdom & sound maturity; he has the ability to act diplomatically in circumstances that most would normally find chaos in. In many ways, you have the ability to provide great advice and fundamentally understand the variety of experiences that most experience in their lifetime. It is not a time to be nervous or tense to your nature or that which is transpiring around you; calmness and wanting to diffuse any situation by working in harmony and balancing your needs, is required from you now. You have a subtle yet strong influence this month, where you can juggle your peace and those of others around you. Natural healing and therapeutic arts may be of interest to you, because life may just throw you in the direction of being a councilor without your consent. Because you have a wide range of past experience and a broad understanding of how life works from different angles, you can be a great help to someone in pain. Be patient with all circumstances, something vital is being revealed to you, on how to handle important business on your end. Subconsciously, the Chariot is a burning determination to be successful and victorious in all your endeavors. You are exhausted at being mistreated, ignored or neglected - perhaps this is symbolic of your own treatment to self, however, the Chariot finds a way to be heard, more important, to be of service. This is not a month to be passive aggressive but to lead through your actions and walk the walk, regardless of what is happening around you. The Chariot ensures that you will dominate yourself and know who you finally are, by helping others. You are able to master your chaotic emotions and hold your anger by channeling it in more productive ways rather than lashing out. How can you show your authority now? And how is your life affected once you find authority over yourself. It is certain that September will be symbolic of a life changing decision; it is safe for you to demonstrate your power in a manner that is thoughtful and impactful.

Sagittarius // 5 of Wands + Page of Cups + Temperance

September will highlight areas of your life in which you have discord and a disconnection to things. Arguments, opposition and internal battles regarding where you should move and do next will present themselves as a theme of focus this month. The 5 of Wands should disagreements, there may be something that is presented to you that you cannot take well, or you are resisting information that encourages you to change but is hard to actualize. You are being called to rise to another challenge and granted, you may already be exhausted with the curve balls being thrown at you but take a different approach to what is transpiring in your life. If you choose to look at these obstacles as opportunities to build endurance, strength and a greater you, then you are able to take on whatever is thrown your way with competence and excitement. Rise to the challenge, because the universe would not throw something at you if you were not ready. Perhaps in some way, what is being illustrated to you is something you’ve personally manifested and can bring you closer to what you’ve desired but this test is to prove if this is what you truly want, and if you’re willing to work for it. In other areas, you can be feeling exhausted from the demands of others, irritated and bothered by trivial matters. Be prepared for a bumpy ride, there is nothing massive here that you should be concerned about, but it is the presence of tiny uncontrollable circumstances that may move you to get out of your inner peace. September’s theme may be presented as a great competition, but who are you competing against and why are you so threatened? Focus on yourself and how you can find more harmony with your life. You can’t control what energies are projected at you but you can control how you deal with them. On a conscious note, the Page of Cups will save you if you are able to rely on your psychic sensibilities and intuition. You are being called to be more raw and vulnerable than ever. There are a myriad of ways in which you can express your internal nature; trust your gut instincts and move in the direction of what your higher self is calling you to do. It is a month to be extremely thoughtful in any approach, to reach out to others that may be in need and also to cease judgment on self and that around you. You must accept what is, as it is but be unafraid to articulate how your present reality makes you feel. In many ways, the Page of Cups can gift you with more love and beauty, if you are able to purge and cleanse yourself from the demons that are holding you from the truth. Get in tune with you deep feelings, confess to those that you must and infuse your situations with love and compassion. Be open to great healing and an opportunity to mend your wounds. When you see or experience something that resonates with your spirit, go open heartedly towards it. This is your spirit pulling you in the direction towards greater heights and healing what the 5 of Wands have left behind. Subconsciously, Temperance is about the realization of not rushing into situations or ultimately knowing that you cannot coerce things to your will in these moments. Your life may be like a giant dismantled puzzle, in the process of putting itself back together but you don’t have the power to meddle in what the cosmos are directing. Temperance shows that there is a great deal of magic transpiring that may be beyond your understanding. Your intentions and projections have been heard and accepted, now the spirits and doing what they can to ensure that everything lands in its divine place at its divine time. There are many serendipitous and otherworldly occurrences that catch your attention this month that bring hope and resonate with your current situations. Have faith that all will come together soon in full understanding and you will be renewed with a higher understanding on why things had to occur the way they did.

Capricorn // Death + Ace of Machetes + King of Machetes

September will be the culmination of sudden changes and perhaps some that bring great closure to a chapter that has been on going. Death is a transition that allows you to close the door to the past and open a new chapter; in many ways, you will have to attend to and find a conclusion to unfinished business. You may be parting ways and entering a new consciousness that allows you to shed old attitudes and belief systems that are no longer in your favor. Sometimes Death will present us with inescapable changes that cannot be avoided, our lesson is to embrace what is to come, knowing that it is eliminating what is not necessary. We must face our fears before we transition on to a new state; you will experience an important ending that initiates great change. There may be heavy energies felt this month but know that it also arrives with good relief over something that has needed to be completed. Consciously, the Ace of Machetes, is the power and strength of your mind. You have the ability to see the facts for what it is, rather than residing in your emotional body and making things worse for you. Analyze the situation you are in strategically, if you look at the details for what they present and do not project any assumptions or beliefs onto the circumstance, then you have the ability to resolve a situation with reason. You know how to discern truth from illusion; this stems from a deeper aspect of your self that is the “all knowing,” part of you. There are important decisions to be made that are unavoidable, determine what option is most fair and balanced for you before proceeding. The Ace of Machetes may present you with a gift or offer that is exactly what you’ve been needing. This will be obvious to the eye, once presented to you - it will be a gift that provides great clarity and amazing direction into the future. It is a time to rely mostly on your intellect and to remove emotion from the equation, unless the emotional realm can support the facts, you should aim at perceiving things from an objective angle. This will help you get straight to the point and eliminate any obstacles that are a hindrance to progress. Subconsciously, you may be of great assistance and therapeutic help this month. The King of Machetes gets straight to the point, cutting through confusion and mental games. You have the ability to understand where your problems stem from and how exactly to overcome them. Articulation is powerful this month, as you may be inclined to write, speak and express yourself in different means that communicate your direct truth. This is all about doing what is right and releasing yourself from any limitation or opposition. Take the high road and live your life with integrity now; you are being given the opportunity to do so. Confrontation may be a big theme this month, whether this is presenting others with facts or facing them for yourself. The King of Machetes always holds insightful information and can honor all sides of a situation but it is best to develop your own opinion and to do what you feel is right. He can also represent someone who provides great clarity and is an example for you in many ways. When in doubt, assume the characteristics of the King of Machetes to pull yourself out of any funk or disillusion.

Aquarius // 8 of Wands + 3 of Wands + Page of Cups (The Magician)

The 8 of Wands symbolizes the theme of acceleration, passion and rapid development for you this month. You may be overwhelmed with a variety of opportunities and responsibilities hitting you from every angle. This is exciting development to be made in the area of your highest passion; be careful what you wish for, often we tend to forget that we are to be accountable for every little unknown detail that arrives with our desires. September may be a reality check regarding your career or other personal matters; don’t allow the wands to smack you in the face by surprise. If you are anticipating much success and creative stimulation, then you must be prepared to juggle all of this flow so that you don’t miss out on anything. Don’t get caught up in the change, take control of it and direct yourself while the iron is still hot. You may be conjuring great innovative ideas and reigniting old interests that you’ve taken for granted. September is the representation of completing unfinished business and establishing a deeper and more meaningful life for yourself, in every aspect. Acquire all the information you need before the presenting the finale. Pay attention to everything that comes your way, even on an intuitive level; many things are ending, rebirthing themselves and beginning anew. Declare who you are moving forward with honesty and self-respect. Everything that you have been storing and contemplating within can now be made known. Consciously, the 3 of Wands is the reality that you are being pulled into uncharted territories. Expect to leave security behind, and any sense of control you may had assumed to have. Your foresight is sharp, and in many ways you already know what is coming but something is up ahead that you can’t quite put a finger on. It is not a time to be cocky but to anticipate obstacles and to prepare for what lies ahead. You will be wearing many masks and assuming several roles; do not lose your sense of self by forgetting your roots or the power of humility. It may be time to leave the familiar, this can be a great voyage, a move/relocation, or a change in belief - surprising others with your spontaneity. This month is best effective if you initiate change instead of waiting for it to happen; there is a shift in your ability to do things and what you truly want for your heart. If you are a part of any group efforts, it is time for you to be the leader rather than standing in the sidelines. Show others how you perceive the way to be and set an example through your actions; your motivation is highly needed this month and you may be the catalyst to explore greater heights. A leader must be willing to first travel to these heights themselves before others can follow. Perhaps you have already internalized what you are capable of and are now ready to meet your destiny. Subconsciously, the Page of Cups speaks of nourishing romance and your intimate emotional world. You may be receiving guidance within to move forward and reveal your heart to others. Allow yourself to be moved by beauty and respond to how you feel with honesty and sharing. Your spirit may be calling you to shed any detachments you may have to this world and move closer to it. It may serve you well to be playful in this area and mend broken relationships or pursue a friendship that has been resisted. You can be inspired by creative joy and the potential to manifest and exchange beauty; trust your instincts and follow your gut by responding with kindness and proactivity, instead of stubbornness and resistance. Allow yourself to be surprised this month; September invites exploration and a new paradigm of love.

Pisces // 3 of Swords + 6 of Pentacles + The Empress

September provides you with the opportunity to start over and to reassess how you are to gain balance in your Body, Mind and Soul. You are to place yourself as a priority and until now, you may have had a separation between the head and the heart that has left you in great confusion and discord. The 3 of Swords encourages you to listen to your own advice but most importantly to take the risk in following it. It encourages individuality and ownership of your free-spirit. This is a time for you to show your most authentic self and confront all the demons inside of you that have prohibited that. It may be the final straw where you are forced to not give a phuck, and to embrace the beauty of your vulnerability, as scary as that may be. You have matured in many ways but it is time to confront the pain that the 3 of Swords represents; this means finding closure and forgive for what was or what is. Moving forward, you can expect to learn a valuable lesson from this impact and make sure that you can avoid it in the future and not fall into the same trap. Heightened awareness is to be expected from you, where you can now understand on a deeper level the root of your actions and that of others. Make the necessary changes, in order to expand into newer possibilities and not get caught in the same pattern and cycles. Consciously, the 6 of Pentacles shows that this month will provide a wake-up call to you, where you learn a great deal about the truth. It is about energetic exchanges and the realization of what you’ve been receiving and giving this whole time. This will inspire you to shape up and take action where needed but will also, teach you a great deal about who is being honest and how you can live deep in your integrity. September will be a month where you exhibit power over your inner faculties, learning to control temptation and teaching others how you deserve to be treated and expect to be treated. It is a great lesson overall and you will be analyzing how your sense of self-worth has lent to current circumstances. You have an amazing support system that is willing to pick you up and balance you out; there are many teachers that surround you so pay attention to what they have to offer. September may be a flux of changes, learning when to take action and when to allow the universe to bid its will, will be the biggest challenge. Subconsciously, you may feel as if you are birthing something new inside of yourself, or can be extremely fertile with new ideas and intentions to manifest. The Empress encourages you to focus on self-development and nourishment as you make your way into the future. You are to heal and fully recover from prior road bumps and obstacles that you may be blaming yourself for. It can be a process in which you may feel as if you will never attain the status of a butterfly, remaining stuck inside of a cocoon of inaction and stunted growth. This is far from the truth; you are opening up the portals to a more intimate side of you, unleashing your beauty out into the world and truly owning who you fully are. Focus on developing your inner and outer beauty; no one can shift this without your permission. Engaging in nature and beautification rituals would be of great benefit for you this month. Seek out ways in which you can love yourself more.

Aries // Page of Wands + 2 of Wands + Temperance

September is the month of risk-takers, to channel your inner rebel and make the path instead of waiting for the path to open up for you. Exhausted with the choices you’ve already walked upon, you may find yourself asking: What else? or even challenging the universe, to bring on bigger opportunities your way. Opportunities may indeed come, but they can present themselves with their own obstacles. It is what you make out these obstacles that enables you to be a great visionary and problem solver. The Page of Wands is the expansion like fire, you are finding new ways to reinvent yourself and certainly may be approached with a different and unexpected direction in life. Your mission is to jump in with your full heart, knowing that you have the capacity to meet the universe’s demands. In many ways you are stretching beyond your capacity, success is contingent on whether or not you believe it is in the cards for you. Take on any challenges, enthusiastically, that allow you to assert yourself; September will be your month to prove how you can lead with confidence competently. Use your whole charm to overcome any fears you may have about this and carry yourself light-heartedly along the way. Consciously, the 2 of Wands will grant you many innovative ideas about where your potential lies and how you can single-handedly orchestrate that. This is a profound time to set the roots for your future manifestation and you will be incredibly influential. The 2 of Wands can hint at a journey, be that internally or physically, it marks as a vital shift in your life, indicating that you are ready to push forward and on to the next chapter. Seize the month by controlling situations that are within your reach and taking initiative in the areas where your life is clearly screaming at your face. You know what you want to do, all that awaits you is taking the risk and doing what is bold this month. This is an impressive move for you, considering that you’ve overcome much within the recent months. It is a time where you are in alignment with your power, so it is best that you take advantage of it while you’re still in the limelight. Utilize your gifts to mold your future and invent something that does not exist for you presently. You are bound to shock others; be free and loose, and determined to make magick for yourself. Subconsciously, this is a long time coming, your patience will be tested and there is universal alchemy in the making - it would be rude to rush the process. Temperance is the metaphorical process of turning water in to wine, you know that something tremendous is to occur, but are not fully certain of how this transpires. Faith is a major factor for you and you have plenty of it, now it’s time to take action for it. You may need to reach a compromise with an individual this month or find balance in extremities. The focus is on harmony and providing value to the whole, just don’t exclude yourself out of the equation. What is being creates surpasses your every expectation; you will be renewed, healed and it will all come together effortlessly. Internally, you know this - now it’s all a matter if whether or not, your logical brain can know this too.

Taurus // The Moon + The Hierophant + 3 of Cups

A fluctuation of emotions, revelation of your deepest secrets and the truth of others will be illuminated and brought to your awareness. Your task? To finally face reality after all these years, particularly that which you may have been avoiding these past couple of months. The Moon encourages you to find closure with individuals that mirror the shadow side that you may, in a twisted way, find reverence towards. You may even come to realize that these “individuals,” truly had no impact on you directly and it was just a projection you’ve created along, which brings us back to paying attention to unattended wounds for any areas in your emotional body that are screaming for attention. You are demanding attention this month, the only difference is, that it’s required from your own self. The Moon is a fascinating card that challenges us to discern what is our real intuition and what are just our fears, worries and projections. Should you be able to discover this for yourself and tackle your ego for once, then you get the award of the year for the best psychic. The lesson here is to focus on yourself and perhaps enact some rituals that will bring peace of mind and centeredness to your life. Whatever clarity you have been seeking will be brought forth to you this month; the dark side of the moon has passed, you will not be needing to wander aimlessly with certain decision. Consciously, the Hierophant may have you acting like a rebel and doing what others mostly don’t. It is a time to lead and take charge in the areas that enliven you, make you feel passionate and purposeful. Even if you must do so alone, the Hierophant encourages you to reflect on what is not being properly represented or led; how can you be your own authoritative figure and lead through example? It’s time to adapt a new position in your life and perhaps a close team will encourage you to become more than what you expected from yourself. It is by integrating their lessons and teachings that you can mold yourself into being your best version yet. Your loyalty to this path is unquestionable, but are you properly secure and stable with who you are? September will force you to take a good look at what it means to be in authority but most importantly, how to control your impulses and temptations. Dare to look in deeper because it is a time of information and transformation. Subconsciously, life is a joyful exchange, granted there is always hard work to do and obstacles to overcome, but it is filled with pleasurable moments that you are beginning to open up to further more along the way. The more you relax, the more possibilities lie for you to engage with life and relate to the magic it provides you. The 3 of Cups will have you flowing with what is, feeling deeply connected to Goddess energy and the element of water. Working with women will benefit you well and may encourage you to leave any petty trivial matters behind. It is truly an age to support one another and in doing so, you support yourself. You may just engage more deeply in your feminine energy, revealing a vulnerable side to you that is seldom accessed by others. You’d be surprised to discover what you have in common with others, be that goals, visions, experiences and expectations. Share yourself without hesitation and be open towards working with others for a common dream.

Gemini // 9 of Machetes + The World + The Magician

September will teach you how to cope with the realities of life in a way that you have never thought before. A great release awaits you and until now, you may have been feeling the culmination of internal and mental pressure from decisions that you have not been committing to, or inconsistencies in your life that you could not be clear on. The 9 of Machetes shows an overwhelming pressure coming down on you because of mental avoidance; it’s time to face the facts. The sooner you do, the faster you can liberate yourself from pain. It may also be the reality that your mental frame isn’t operating in a way that is attracting what you want. You may need to assess the quality of your thoughts and how you choose to perceive any situation. Are you negatively inclined, resistant to what is and always making excuses for yourself? If so, you’re in for a big change. September will force you to shift out of this habit, whether you approve or not. Consciously, you know you are capable and are in route of achieve great things. The World has you shifting out of any limiting patterns and actively finding solutions for yourself that make you the center of your own universe. Your influence is far more vast and desired than what you currently believe. You may be in the midst of discovering and reassessing your goals and what direction you want to take next. There is a massive healing transpiring for you on all level, be patient with the process and help yourself by working in unison with your heart and your mind. This balance will do wonders for you. The World reminds us of the beauty and simplicity in savoring the present moment; taking what we most need when the universe presents it and disregarding the rest. Sometimes we just need to reboot our filtration system and remind ourselves that this is always at our disposal; we have a choice to integrate certain energies and is its the culmination of these energies that identifies us as who we are on a vibrational scale. Choose what feels right and become, light. In doing so, you will be more in control of your universe, wholesome and connected. Subconsciously, The Magician is our will to create anything our hearts desires. You have all the resources but you may forget that you have the power. This is something that permanently resides within us - you should you choose to access it, it will be an unforgettable resource that is indispensable. We create effortlessly when we believe in our own power to do so and we are keenly aware on what we are doing and why. You are to research your motivations, if you find yourself lost and reapply the commitment to your will and higher self. Examine your situation. Are you who you want to be or where you want to be? Make a list of all of your talents; are you using them all at your disposal? The Magician ultimately has no fear, he believes in himself so blindly that he is willing to do everything to put himself on the line. There is also no confusion or doubt on what he is going to do and why - making him perfect for miracles. Internally, you are in the state to do exactly just that - just get clear on the whys.

Cancer // The Magician + 10 of Machetes + Page of Machetes

You won’t be able to escape the inevitable changes and shifts this month but you will be clear on exactly why things have to change and how. September will be a much smoother ride for you, but it will also give you the empowerment and clarity you needed to know that things are in dire need of transformation and you are the one to initiate that. You may be used to taking action and being the first one to see this through; the Magician gets it done, regardless of the circumstances around him. I attribute this success to your ability to probe deeply into your inner nature and know yourself on an intimate level. By accessing what it is you need to do and why you need to do it, the steps present themselves to you naturally. September shows your a power that you never knew you had inside of yourself and the willingness to get things done with a sense of urgency. Consciously, the theme of Death, old endings and new beginnings, is fresh in your mind. Perhaps it is this theme and the reality of your mortality, in addition to the conclusion of old cycles and unpredictability of what’s to come, that encourages you to pull from this invisible well of magick within. The 10 of Machetes shows a sharp realization or news that influences the way you do things. It may be a drastic end to an old way of living or a harsh reality that you have been unwillingly pulled into. The 10 of Machetes would outwardly look like a horrible misfortune, where most would feel powerful but in a morbid way, you are receiving the opposite effect from it. You may feel as if life is too short to wallow in misery and self-destruction, hence your desire to sacrifice any thing that has been a hindrance to your happiness and progress. It is a call to take your power back and to find joy in the simplicity of life. At this point, there is nowhere to go but up. Subconsciously, you have no other choice but to communicate your truth and what you’ve been suppressing this whole time. You will have to additionally, search for what its your and this may take awhile. If you are attentive and focus on the details of what you do want, rather than what you don’t, this will be easy for you. Your maturity shows that you have the ability to face problems directly in the eye and to find a solid resolution for them. It may not be entirely easy but do not waver in your stance because ultimately all is fair and just. It is important to understand where others are coming from, as you would want to be understood as well, but it is not a month for compromise. Clear the air and make what you need happen this month.

Leo // 3 of Swords + Justice (Reversed) + Page of Brooms

The 3 of Swords will be a delicate process in you mending your wounds and past hurt. It is sharply going into emotional areas that may pull up pain and resentment in ways you may have thought were long gone. This you will need to do to make sure that there are no more demons underneath the closet, once and for all. The effects may cause you to want to gain further space for yourself, to integrate all that you have gone through and reevaluate whether or not you want to continue with a particular relationship. In the process, you may discover harsh truths about your self and others that are unavoidable at this time. You have the opportunity to clear up this energy and to move forward with forgiveness. How will you choose to bloom into the ‘bigger’ person? Should you fail to shrug this off and make peace with it, it may return to rear its ugly head. You’re not the only one who slips, perhaps the 3 of Swords will help you gain the wisdom and compassion needed to see trouble while it’s still ahead and to guide those in need. Consciously, you know you are dealing with the karma that you’ve dealt out in the past. What you make out this month clears your future and shapes you in the most dynamic of ways. It’s best not to perceive that you have not played a role in what is currently transpiring, for in some shape or form, you have contributed to its outcome. Reflect upon your beliefs, energy and any patterns you tend to exhibit. What do you desire to change at this moment? It is a powerful time for self-transformation and actualization; the Justice (reversed) will encourage you be completely honest with yourself and not dodge any bullets by avoiding your own power. Things are not always ‘black or white,’ sometimes you are required to be flexible with others but this does not mean that you are to allow yourself to be manipulated or shifted out of your own will. Be mindful that the way you perceive and what you expect from others is bound to change in a very drastic way this month. Subconsciously, the Page of Brooms is exhausted of stagnation and repeating the same mistakes. You want to grow, you want to expand, and you want to be fearlessly pursuing every passion that is in your heart. Nothing is stopping you except for yourself; don’t hold yourself back by playing victim to your situation or to your responsibilities. Get busy and plan out your life right by doing what’s right first.