My Soul Tribe Sessions Go To Chelsea

Last month we held our first public sister circle at Nola Darling in Chelsea. What originally started as a gathering of women on my living room floor, has shifted into a monthly meet up called Soul Tribe Sessions. It was important for me to gather my friends every so often to talk about insecurities, self-esteem and the world that we live in. Over the years I've realized that many of us go through the same trials and motions, we just don't talk about them. At our gathering women answer a question that we discuss as a group.

Our Fearless Leon team's question for the circle was, 'When was the moment you realized you were a woman?' The question was inspired by a short film. Given that it was held the day before International Women's Day and Women's History Month it was a perfect extension to the conversation I watched on HelloBeautiful. We asked this question knowing that although our experiences are very diverse, it would bring us closer together through our vulnerabilities and strengths. This question is also a moment that defines us, so we would learn what those peaks were.
Our responses ranged from so many topics that led to great conversations. Here are some of the responses:

When was the moment you realized you were a woman?

"When I ate a lollipop in public at the age of 13."

"When I was out of a job for almost two years and had to hold it down"

"I realized I was a woman when my mother started to respect my opinions and feelings as me."

"When I realized I no longer wanted to hide behind my hair and cut it all off. "

"When I knew I needed to attract people that encouraged me as much as I encouraged myself.

"When I realized that I needed to embrace my body instead of being ashamed of it."

"When I became aware of my sexuality and financial independence."