Photos by Josias Valdez Summer 2017 most incredible week of my life.

During the music festival 


Croatia Ultra Route during the Ultra Music Festival. People from all over the world show out show where people decorate their boats, post up their backgrounds flags and 

Sailing between islands. 

Waking up everyday to clear skies, blue waters, sun, and a 

nice champagne 

crew mates 

You can take your day at your own leisure. Skippers from all over the world 

crews coordinated their looks for the daily parties and activities. I even bumped into a Syracuse Alumni crew and they had a SU flag on their boat. 

Ultra Beach 

I decided I wanted to look like a little brown barbie and I did exactly just that. My American Apparel circle skirt and a ASOS marble design bathing suit top. 

Riviera Chic Party at Carpe Diem 

This is not a trashy spring break party 

Probably my favorite party since I dressed up like a lady. Tables of huge Belvedere bottles. The DJ looked like Jack Sparro's cleaned up cousin. What a time. 



Tropical Retro at Fort George

I had never seen the night skies green as I did in Croatia. It was beautiful Seasickness is real. Inside a castle 


Line Raft

Save your coins, and grab your friends. You can choose from over 10 destinations including Greece. 

Next year, grab your friends, 

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