Your Hands Are Wands

The saying goes… If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands.

The Universe knows just how many things I’ve wished for this year through new moon rituals, thoughts and prayer. Throughout the last 3 years I’ve lived a magical life being one with the heart and the universe. With no full time job during that time, I proved to myself that our fears hold us back from tapping into our authenticity and our personal power. While being open to miracles, and allowing my faith to drive has been a hell of a roller coaster, I wouldn’t trade the time I spent with myself for anything. I’m beyond grateful to see many of my longings come into fruition. After my 3-year corporate hiatus, my love tank is full of Goddess affirmations and testimonies to share with my beautiful tribe.

Visualization has been key in my transformation. The more visualization exercises I do, the more I am reminded of the power that lies in my physical hands to manifest. My creator has consistently provided for me in moments where I’ve felt desperate, confused and lost. I wholeheartedly believe that it is through our hands that we co-create with our Universe. Our hands are responsible for feeling, creating, receiving and giving energy. Our hands help us write, text, touch and grip at any given moment. Did you know that the Latin word for manifestation is formed around the word ‘manus’? Manus means hand in the Latin. In Buddhism as well as Hinduism, hand positions known as mudras are keenly important in expressing transference of divine powers. In Catholicism, we pray with our hands clasped together and we hold hands during mass. In spiritual science, the human hand acts like an antennae.

The palm of our hands have energy centers that are directly linked to our chakras. In healing practices like Reiki, our hands are used to shift and move energy. Healthy hand chakras manifest as creativity and confidence in us. The more blockages I clear, the more I value my hands and the Chi that they carry. Chi is the vital energy force that connects our mind, body and spirit. At my Soul Tribe Sessions, I awaken women to their Chi through our rituals and exercises.

Here is a basic exercise that I often share at my Soul Tribe Sessions to get women to feel their energy levels with one another.

  1. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body.

  2. Clap your hands a few times. Focus on activating your palms.

  3. Hold your hands with your palms touching each other and gently rub them together for 30 seconds.

  4. In a relaxed manner, slowly bring your hands a few inches apart while cupping your fingers.

  5. Repeat 2-4.

  6. You should feel an invisible ball of energy in between your hands, almost like there’s a magnet in between. If it feels hard to bring your hands closer together then you have successfully activated your energy.

Be mindful of your hands and how you use them to form intentions.

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