7 Years of Purpose, Power & Fearlessness


This last May, not only did I celebrate a new decade of life, but I also celebrated 7 years of being a passionate digital gal.  I wasn't going to throw a party or do anything fancy to celebrate this alias, but I did host a special women's circle, Soul Tribe Vibe. On June 15th, during the New Moon in Gemini, we gathered in the South Bronx to share and celebrate our journeys. As a women who has hosted many events for healing and the release of negative emotions, I felt the need to switch things up for myself and for the women who look up to me. 

During Soul Tribe Vibe, women shared personal stories and highlights of their spiritual paths thus far.  We also shared space in a new moon ritual and vision candle exercise and meditation led by me. I was so happy to see everything play out as it did and to embody TRIBE. 

When I think of tribe and sisterhood, I think of a fierce militia of Lionesses who celebrate their gains and their losses. "Let's get into ourselves", whispered my spirit when the ideas started flowing. The inspiration for Soul Tribe Vibe came from reminiscing about my first girl's photo shoot back in high school. Back then, we'd wear our jiggiest outfits and took photos for Senior activity days or just the days that we wanted to stunt for no reason, for the reason of self- service and self-celebration. 

I partnered with growing photographer Julianny Casado and Harlem model and stylist Phelora Gelin to have an unforgettable women's experience. I had never executed anything like this on my own. The anxiety that I had leading up to this day was a journey within itself; full of pit stops, check points and more divine feminine wisdom for a better self. Creatively, I wanted to play with earth tones to represent the African diaspora, earth zodiac signs and match my melanin. Combining Phelora's Closet with our own pieces and Brianna LeChelle's jewelry was a complete makeover. I was in awe at how beautiful the tribe looked. I can't wait to do this again with a team; an ode to divine feminine energy and experiences.  

So grateful for our sponsor, Pick & Eat who provided us with delectable wraps and to Digital Bodega who provided the space for us to nest our energy and my sister Giselle who made sure I didn't lose my head. 

Photos by Julianny Casado