My Journey 


If you’ve loved like I have, then at some point your cup runneth over. After dealing with breakups and makeups that depleted me of some of the richness of my soul, I went on a deep spiritual journey to heal.  I left my 9-5, walked away from a 5 year relationship that wasn’t serving me and took a break from the fuckboys. Becoming closer to God meant drawing away from people and things that I loved because I have learned that not everyone and everything that you love needs to take up front row in your life.

Oh, and I also shut this site down to clean up my internal mess.

When I realized that my soul needed to pay a visit to the ER, I turned to my Afro-Caribbean roots for groundedness. By strengthening my relationship with my ancestors and through personal practices like womb healing and meditation, I uncovered layers and layers of truths that have transformed my being.

I am taking back ALL OF MY  power and training with the punching bag I call God.

I believe in taking 100% accountability for your mistakes and living with intention. I’m here to help you clean up your mess, look at yourself in the mirror and believe in the power of your soul to push through. I’m here to remind you of your fierce and to live not fearless, but with less fear. I’m here to help you bring out all of your dirty laundries and wash it with grace and self-love...and to kill it while doing it, just as I have chosen to do. is where I share the story of my soul. The good, the nasty, the ugly, and the uncomfortable truths. My souls work is for the millennial woman who is currently undergoing the process of inner sailing. My events are filled with introspection inspired by vaginal spiritual history, self-care and my new york Afro-Latina upbringing.

Let’s set fire to the person that you used to be and give rise to the person you are meant to be.  The transformation won't be easy, but I'm here. I invite you to reflect, grow, chill, and stir some shit within'.

Photo By Josias Valdez

Photo By Josias Valdez