Excellent, liberating, the release I needed
— Soul Tribe Member, New York

Ghislaine’s event was amazing. Empowering. Spiritual. This was my first time attending this kind of event and I did not know what to expect but I met so many beautiful souls. Women who were open and who shared freely. I left feeling grounded, in tune with myself and just feeling positive, especially about going into the coming new year.
— Soul Tribe Member, New York

It’s seems like every soul tribe session comes just in time. Just when I feel like life is weighing me down and I’m stressed, I get a notification or I see the invitation . Always perfect timing. I always leave feeling new and refreshed. Ready to take on anything that is stressing me out. It’s like having your morning coffee or tea...just for the soul.
— Soul Tribe Member, New York

Ghislaine’s Soul Tribe Session was influential and insightful to say the least! Listening to the stories and guidance of other women gave me a much better understanding of my current emotional and spiritual battles. We had moments to sit in silence, think, meditate, engage, cry and then laugh. As a group, we said prayers and affirmations to regain harmony with the divine and fearless feminine within. It was truly magical!
— Soul Tribe Member, New York

Being able to experience Ghislaine’s soul tribe will be my first of many for sure. A small intimate circle of other females all coming together in a judgement free space, to help each other out and give advice is something not so common, so to feel at home in a room full of strangers and pour out into each & every one of them and have that reciprocated is out of this world. I truly hope the monthly circles continue and grow as well because this is something we all need! Love you girl and thank you for everything that you do.
— SOUl tribe member

I felt so supported at the circle and truly felt a bond with everyone there. Hearing everyones stories also made me feel less alone and that everything that i am thinking and going through is normal.
— soul tribe member, new york

I really enjoyed the circle that day, it helped me acknowledge something that keeps coming up to me but I have a hard time embracing it. I am grateful for that! I did my ritual based on that and have been experiencing its fruition =)
— Soul Tribe member, new york