Our Yoni (sacred space in Sanskrit) is the source of divine female energy.  In Hindu societies, the female genitals are a sacred symbol for the goddess Shakti. Within our genitals, we house our sexual and creative energy. Our yoni is the force of creation lives in our wombs, the source of all.

At Yoni Mappin' we invite women to surrender and allow this power to guide them as they create a visual manifestation of their visions. Through a guided group meditation and a goddess tarot card distribution, you'll be sure to feel fired up to create your personal vision to meet your most exciting goals.



We Will Explore 

  • Harnessing creative energy through sexuality & femininity
  • Visualization Techniques + Manifestation of Goals
  • Voyayer Oracle Tarot Cards and/or Doreen Virtue Goddess Tarot Cards 

Are You In?





The vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone.