Sometimes people can get lost and it isn’t until we are lost that then we find new meanings to life.’s Soul Tribe Sessions transform the art of sharing by bringing together diverse women who fearlessly share personal issues in a group setting. Hosted by Fearless Leon founder, Ghislaine León, these “sister circles” sessions occur bi-monthly and focus on promoting healing, self-discovery, faith, empowerment and the power of feminine energy.

While seeking therapy or professional support can be intimidating, Soul Tribe Sessions provide an intimate alternative and powerful support system to initiate action and change in the lives of women.



What We Will Explore

All Soul Tribe Sessions are workshops and activities including:

  • Guided Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Candle Magic and Intention Setting

  • Tribe Affirmation 

What Women Have Said? 

"I’ve been on a spiritual path for 15 years. I’m a practicing Buddhist. What really stuck out to me during the soul tribe session was the immense focus on empowering the feminine and gentler sides of ourselves to come forward. It’s something that’s missing in our society. After the session I actually wrote a healing letter to my womanhood. It was an empowering gesture that brought me closer to myself. I wanted to appreciate all that is woman inside me, not just the sexy or the nurturing. I believe in the power of sisterhood - this experience solidified that for me. I felt like a priestess among other priestess in a way. It was a great experience."

"I had no words for that upcoming week. I just knew I felt refreshed, new and supported by women I met that night. The energy was amazing and Ghislaine is truly the kindest and has this great aroma and personality. I felt like I’ve known her for years."

"You forget that other women are going through the same things you are. As we shared our story, each and everyone of us complimented each other. And I felt that’s where the connection was."

"It was incredibly cleansing and empowering."

"Knowing that I am not alone truly made me feel supported. You often don't realize everyone deals with their own battles. Just to feel part of a family. Everyone in that room wants love, freedom prosperity, and that's beautiful."

Join The Growing Tribe 

I also host private circles at your home for those interested in bringing their closest girlfriends in one room for a soul sister night. 

$60 / Per session


What we have been taught to think of as who we are is truly only a small piece of the totality of our true self.
— Maryam Hasnaa